02/26/10 - WCF Honors Women Leaders Wendy Mackenzie, Barbara Lee and Ambassador Swanee Hunt with WCF “Wendy” Shattered Glass Award at New York City Gala


WCF Honors Women Leaders Wendy Mackenzie, Barbara Lee and Ambassador Swanee Hunt

February 26, 2010

WCF Honors Women Leaders Wendy Mackenzie, Barbara Lee and Ambassador Swanee Hunt with WCF “Wendy” Shattered Glass Award at New York City Gala

Washington, D.C. – The Women’s Campaign Forum (WCF), founded in 1974, is the only non-partisan political venture capitalist organization supporting women leaders at all levels of office, during the earliest stages of their public life. WCF is dedicated to advancing the political participation and leadership of women who support reproductive health choices for all.

Amidst the glitz and glam of their 30th Annual Parties of Your Choice Gala on March 11, 2010, WCF will recognize Wendy Mackenzie, Barbara Lee and Ambassador Swanee Hunt for their exemplary leadership in increasing women’s political participation. The awards will be presented during the Gala’s reception at Christie’s Auction House in New York City at 6:00pm.

You’ve heard of the Oscars? Well, these are the Wendys. The WCF “Wendy” Shattered Glass Award is named after longtime WCF Board Member, Wendy Mackenzie. Wendy’s extensive involvement in supporting female candidates who advocate for reproductive health choices is unparalleled. Wendy headed the WCF New York office for 10 years and has also worked with Planned Parenthood, Family Planning Advocates, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and New York ChoicePAC. Her commitment, deep dedication, and use of personal resources have impacted countless female candidates throughout her career.

Award recipient Barbara Lee is the Founder & Chair of the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, which supports progressive initiatives in two program areas: Women in politics and contemporary arts. Barbara is a proven leader in the effort to promote women's political leadership and powerful participation in our democracy. A former school teacher and social worker, Lee has committed herself to helping women gain and use political power as elected officials, activists, and voters. She has leveraged her belief in empowering young women by endowing the Barbara Lee Political Intern Fellowship Program at Simmons College as part of her overall mission to promote women’s full political participation. She is also the driving force behind the groundbreaking "Governors Guidebook" series that combines original research with a nationally-distributed practical guide for women candidates seeking executive office.

Award recipient Ambassador Swanee Hunt has worked tirelessly to achieve gender parity, especially as a means to end war and rebuild societies, as well as to alleviate poverty and other human suffering. She is currently working to dramatically increase the number of women holding highest levels of government beginning in 2010 through The Political Parity Project. In 1997, she founded Harvard’s Women and Public Policy Program, a research center concerned with domestic and foreign policy, which she directed for more than a decade. During Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, she co-chaired “Serious Women, Serious Issues, Serious Money,” which is widely considered the first time such diverse women came together to provide major financial backing for a national political campaign. Most recently she convened Unconventional Women, a six-hour program featuring more than 20 female political leaders for an audience of 3000 in Denver, concurrent with the Democratic National Convention. Following that, she created (with Katherine Archuleta) Women’s Voting Circles, a program that engaged more than 1,200 activists who brought 10,000 of the least likely to vote women to the polls to vote for President Obama.

The WCF “Wendy” Shattered Glass Award continues WCF’s rich tradition of fostering women’s empowerment and leadership.

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