09/29/09 - Women's Campaign Forum Endorses Martha Coakley To Fill The Late Ted Kennedy's Senate Seat


Women's Campaign Forum Endorses Martha Coakley To Fill the Late Ted Kennedy's Senate Seat

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September 29, 2009

Washington, D.C. – Today the Women’s Campaign Forum (WCF) enthusiastically endorsed Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley in her bid to make history as the first female Senator from Massachusetts.

Martha Coakley has a strong record as an advocate—not only for individuals and communities, but also for the best interests of Massachusetts at large. Ms. Coakley has brought a diverse and extensive legal background to the Attorney General’s office. She has a proven track record of bringing people to the table to find effective solutions and a strong commitment to her role as a public servant.

“Martha Coakley has been a trailblazer for women in Massachusetts for twenty years,” said Siobhan “Sam” Bennett, WCF’s President/CEO. “What she has achieved as Massachusetts’ first female Attorney General reaches far above and beyond the glass ceiling. She is the perfect candidate to carry the torch for civil rights and equality that Senator Kennedy fought so hard to advance and preserve. WCF is proud to endorse Martha and has pledged the maximum legal financial contribution to the all-important December 2009 Primary.”  

“I am running for the U.S. Senate because I believe that the toughest issues facing women and the toughest issues facing the nation are one and the same,” Coakley said. “We need strong leadership to provide increased economic opportunity and fair wages. We need to fix our broken healthcare system, and we need to ensure that we truly have civil rights for all. The Women’s Campaign Forum has been at the forefront in bringing more women to the leadership table and I am honored to have their support.”

WCF commends Ms. Coakley for two decades of public service and fully supports her in her bid to become the first woman Senator in the 221 years of Massachusetts' statehood.

About Women’s Campaign Forum:

The Women’s Campaign Forum is dedicated to advancing the political participation and leadership of women who support reproductive health choices for all. Founded in 1974, WCF is a non-partisan national network committed to achieving parity for women at all levels in public office. As political venture capitalists, WCF invests in talented women during their earliest stages of public life, and supports them throughout their political careers. WCF also has an affiliated PAC, which provides direct financial support to its endorsed candidates, and a sister Foundation, which produces original research relevant to women in politics. For more information about WCF’s programs, visit www.WCFonline.org.

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