Sympathy for the Dudebro


Weekly Brief: November 20, 2013
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Get Up, Stand Up
Tired of the lack of women in office? Need a cure for your political hangover? Join me tomorrow morning at the 3rd annual She Should Run National Conversation: Wake Up Call! It’s just like brunch…ya know, if you brunch with senators and political experts on the reg. Get your ticket and let’s get talking about how we’re gonna get a woman in the White House ASAP.

Amen, Albuquerque!
Albuquerque voters have spoken, and they don’t want the 20-week abortion ban in their city. The local-level ballot measure was defeated yesterday with 55% of voters voting against it. Woot woot!

Say Yes to the (Repeat) Dress
Fed chair nominee Janet Yellen wore the same outfit twice this past month, to the dismay of absolutely nobody except this one sexist dude. Not like she has anything better to do than become The Most Important Person On Earth, ya know?

Senatorial Sisterhood
Aww! Senator Barbara Mikulski wrote this super touching tribute to former Senator Nancy Kassebaum, officially making them my fave BFFs (Bipartisan Friends Forever, of course).

Secret Agent Woman
Breaking into the old boys’ club? Mission accomplished, thanks to the superspy women over at the CIA. Women now make up almost half of the CIA, and even hold five of its eight top positions. With badass ladies like these among its ranks, I can’t say I’m surprised.

Charlotte Explains It All
Charlotte Golar Richie’s historic run for mayor of Boston opened huge doors for women of color seeking office. But Golar Richie also faced sexism along the way – and I’m glad to see she’s calling it out.

Like a Wrecking Ball...Into a Glass Ceiling?
Nope, you’re not seeing things: Miley Cyrus actually called herself “one of the biggest feminists in the world” last week. Meanwhile, Lily Allen’s new single is being touted as the new “feminist anthem.” While both singers have been rightfully criticized for their problematic approaches to race and sexuality, it’s pretty cool to see more women jumping on the feminist train.

Misinformation Stations
Did you know that ALL women regret their abortions?! And if you don’t go through with your abortion, you won’t have to pay for college? No? Good, because neither of these things are true. But that doesn’t stop crisis pregnancy centers from telling lies like these to their clients.

Le Cordon Bleh
Women chefs are largely excluded from the restaurant industry’s top honors, which leaves a pretty bad taste in my mouth.

Sympathy for the Dudebro
The world’s tiniest violin ain’t tiny enough for all of the men who feel oppressed by feminism.

Google Plus Feminism
Remember that brilliant UN Women ad campaign exposing popular sexist Google search results? Check out how different the campaign could be if feminists were really respected for the work they do.

Sexism in Sports, Illustrated
Hey there, sports fans! I know who I’m rooting for this season: Women sports journalists, who face ingrained industry sexism and often find themselves shut out from top positions. Time to get these ladies off the bench, don’tcha think?

Dated Advice
OkCupid not workin’ out for ya? Yeah, probs ‘cause you’re not quiet, feminine, or needy enough, according to this idiot’s dating advice. Believe it or not, said idiot is actually PAID to spew this sexist B.S. at high school students around the country. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one.

Davis/Knope 2014?
Reason #49502702 why Leslie Knope is the greatest TV character of all time: In last week’s Parks and Rec, the City Councilwoman filibustered à la Wendy Davis, but ON FREAKIN’ ROLLERSKATES. Sigh, I so wish I could “Vote Knope” IRL.

MsRep's Going on Vacay
Taking a break next week for Thanksgiving, y'all. What am I thankful for? All of you awesome readers, natch. Happy Turkey Day, people!

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