Rated H for Hell Yeah


Weekly Brief: November 13, 2013
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We’re Like, Really Ready for Hillary
44% of all adults are like “C’mon, Hillary, run already!” according to NBC polls comparing Hillary Clinton’s 2016 prospects to those of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The polls put Hillary way ahead, with Christie gaining only 34% of adults’ support.

Rated H for Hell Yeah
Two thumbs up for Sweden, which implemented a new feminist movie rating system based on the Bechdel Test. The test gauges how successfully women characters in film are treated like actual people – and not just props.

Goin’ Cray Over Grey
OMG you guys, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has a few grey hairs! Shield your eyes! Or, you know, just act like a decent human being and quit objectifying the lady (and every lady.)

Let’s Move…Onto Higher Ed
Michelle Obama’s moving on from push-ups to policy by launching a new initiative this week: Encouraging young people – especially low-income students – to pursue higher education after high school.

Holy Smackdown, Shonda
These talented women writers are breaking down TV’s boys’ club – and I like what I’m seeing on the small screen. Case in point: Stop what you’re doing and watch this epic Scandal speech calling out sexism in politics RIGHT NOW. Shonda Rhimes, I bow down.

It’s (Glass Ceiling) Clobberin’ Time
My feminist sense is tingling...probably ‘cause new ground is being broken at Marvel Comics, which will launch a new series about a Muslim teenage girl superhero next year!

Pro-What Now?
Wendy Davis described herself as “pro-life” last week. Before ya do a spit-take with your morning coffee, find out what she really means by it.

You’ve Gotta Be Kidnapping Me
There are people doing awesome things in Texas, like raising money to support women who can’t afford to travel to receive abortions. And then are the OMGWTF-inducing anti-choice activists who pose as clinic escorts and take patients to churches instead. Because abducting women is totally cool, right?!

Rush Against the Machine
No longer content to simply call us “sluts,” precious-gift-to-mankind Rush Limbaugh has decided that women are now “nothing but abortion machines.” MY STUPIDITY PROCESSORS ARE OVERLOADED. CANNOT COMPUTE.

Undocumented Crimes
For women agricultural workers, reporting workplace sexism could mean losing their livelihood – or facing an even worse fate if they’re undocumented. Employers are getting away with sexual assault and harassment as undocumented workers refrain from reporting them for fear of getting deported.

Scram, Graham
Who suffers the most under 20-week abortion bans? Definitely not the dudes who are pushing for them (Hi, Senator Lindsey Graham). A new study shows that young women and women with limited financial resources are most affected by the bans.

Worst. Club. Ever.
I can’t even: A group of teenaged boys from New Zealand formed a “rape club” to gang rape girls and use social media to publicly slutshame their victims. So naturally, local police responded to this horrific phenomenon by doing a whole lot of NOTHING. Aaaand there goes my faith in humanity.

The Political is Personal
Consider this your must-read of the week: 26 women bravely share their diverse abortion stories in this thought-provoking feature.

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