Slow Clap for Twitter


Weekly Brief: December 11, 2013
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Seventy-Nine is Mighty Fine
Congratulations to Katherine Clark, who won her special election in MA-05 yesterday! Once she’s sworn in, 79 women will serve in the U.S. House – the highest number of women to date. That’s only 18.2%, so we’ve still got a long way to go. But I’m proud of Clark for bringing us one step closer!

Get Buzzed
Hate sexism? Love GIFs? Then I’ve got just the thing for you: She Should Run’s new Buzzfeed post has everything you’ve wanted to know about how women candidates dealt with sexism on the campaign trail this year, as explained by Tina Fey, Kanye, and Taylor Swift.

A Little Birdie Told Me Some Big News...
Slow clap for Twitter, who finally added their first woman member to their board. Or maybe no clap for Twitter, since that move shoulda been pretty self-evident a long time ago. Major congrats to Marjorie Scardino nonetheless!

Next Stop: Sexist City
Ladies, isn’t it just sooooo hard to talk about things that aren’t SHOES?! No? Oh. Well someone better tell whoever made this sexist DC subway ad.

Having It All...Or Having Squat
The 1950s called, and they want Suzanne Venker back. Venker, founder of an actual website called “Women for Men,” recently wrote a Fox News op-ed to kindly let women know that if they want a better work/life balance, they should probably quit their jobs and just depend on their husbands. Okay, will do.

Super Satire
Whenever I read something as atrocious as Venker’s piece, I cross my fingers and hope I’m actually just reading an article from The Onion. Thankfully, this one actually is an Onion piece -- though its resemblance to reality is a little unnerving.

Uh, Thanks, Anti-Choice Dude
Anti-choice politicians are up in arms about the fact that 9 in 10 health care plans for members of Congress and their staff include abortion coverage. And who do they have to thank for that? An anti-choice politician. Awkward...

Required Reading
Melissa Harris-Perry was one of the loudest voices calling out Michelle Cottle’s misguided analysis of race in her now infamous Politico piece describing Michelle Obama as a “feminist nightmare.” Now, MHP has done one better, compiling a syllabus of must-read books on black feminism for Cottle to peruse. I know what I’ll be busy reading all winter long!

Reporting Live From the Front Lines...of the Office?
When a natural disaster strikes or war breaks out, women journalists are often the first on the scene. But the most hostile environment these women face may actually be the office: In a recent survey, over 64% of women journalists said they faced sexual harassment in the workplace, mostly from male colleagues. Someone needs to do an exposé on this ASAP.

Media’s Mess Ups
It mostly sucked to be a woman in media in 2013…tell me something I don’t know. Sexism is super apparent on the silver screen, but thank goodness for events like the Athena Film Festival that demand better from the film industry.

Jonesin’ For A Better Critique
Oh, Rashida Jones. Didn’t hanging out with Leslie Knope ever teach you that calling women “whores” is pretty much just never okay?! While I get that Jones is concerned about women being oversexualized in pop culture (see above), she’s gotta understand that the problem is not as simple as telling women to put on more clothes.

Giving Up the Gaffes
The National Republican Congressional Committee wants to make sure Todd Akin-level stupidity isn’t a thing anymore, and hey, I’m down with that. But ya know what would be better than teaching male politicians how to not totally goof when talking to women voters? Stop pushing policies that are so gosh darn anti-women for a change, and start electing more GOP ladies!

Wintry Mixtape
‘Tis the season for lighting up the fireplace, sipping hot toddies, and gettin’ down with your bad self to these winter weather-appropriate feminist jamz.

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