Huffington Post made an attempt to list some of the "amazing" things about the first ever woman Prime Minister of Denmark, but instead wound up with a list of every double standard that women politicians face ever. Whoopsie! Let's take a look at where they went wrong, which is basically everywhere.


I'm not precisely sure what they mean here. If it's Yay! Cool! Women in office!, then that's nice. If it's more along the lines of What? A woman somehow made her way here?, then that's lame. But since it's unclear, I'll give them a pass here.


Oh. It's AMAZING that she's attractive, is it? Why might one ever be amazed by such a thing? And why hasn't one ever seen an article about David Cameron being amazing because he's such a steaming hunk-o-love? One can't even right now.


Sure, it is pretty cool that she's a powerful woman. But again, I say to you: Have we ever read an article that is amazed because a male Prime Minister is powerful?


Uh, I think we're kinda playing fast and loose with the term "amazing" here. Us Magazine's segment is Stars--They're Just Like Us! and not Stars--THEY'RE AMAZING for a reason. But this is one of their less egregious points on the list, so I'll give this another pass.


And I care...why?? I mean, I care approximately just as much as I care about any other Prime Ministers' partner. Which is not at all, and thank goodness, because I never have to read about it.

Also: Why are woman politicians always framed as the spouses of *insert brodudeguy's name here*? Was anyone ever like "Yo, that George Bush is hella cool 'cause he's married to Laura."

Also also: Why is it cool that she is married to the son of a political figure? SHE IS A POLITICAL FIGURE HERSELF. LET'S TALK ABOUT THAT INSTEAD.

In conclusion, y'all...you'd think a list of reasons why a Prime Minister is amazing would include at least one accomplishment or statement of substance. Like, for instance, that Helle Thorning-Schimidt is the first-ever-effing female Prime Minister of Denmark. Or, y'know, that she's a woman who's got a nice face and takes pictures of things and is married to a person. That's amaaazing too.


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