Creepers, No Creeping!



Weekly Brief: March 12th, 2014
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Sick of women and girls being called something that boys are never called? So is Facebook COO and Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg, who's on a mish to ban the word “bossy.”  Queen Bey and Michelle Obama are on board, too, and they’re shutting down double-standards LIKE A BO—I mean, like an assertive authority figure.

Grande Problems
This report examines the real-life impact of SB 5 (the Texas bill that Wendy Davis famously filibustered the hell out of) with a focus on the Rio Grande River Valley. Add closing women’s health clinics to rapidly shrinking access to safe abortions...and you’ve got trouble making its home on the range.

Creepers, No Creeping!
For one nauseating second, upskirt photos were a legal expression of free speech in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Luckily, a bill quickly passed through the state house making it a misdemeanor. I guess they double-checked the Constitution and saw that “being an egregious creeper” is not, in fact, a protected right.

Close The Windows
Microsoft released an ad implying that women only use their products to do girly stuff— you know, like plan weddings and check Pinterest! Hmm… Maybe I’ll do any Pinterest-checking and wedding-planning on a Mac from now on.

We Hate These “Blurred Lines”
We already knew Robin Thicke’s disgusting hit from last year had it wrong, but now there’s evidence to back us up. A new study basically shows that alcohol still isn’t a good reason to be aggressive when it comes to women’s boundaries. Turns out if you do that, you’re still just a premium-grade dirtbag.

Let’s Hope “Nothing” Lasts Forever
What’s Hillary Clinton’s biggest negative career issue, in the eyes of voters? According to this poll, the majority said “nothing.” Sounds like the Hillary 2016 Express just got a little more fuel. Choo choo!

Life In Plastic, It’s Fantastic
Meet Lammily! She was created by Nikolay Lamm as a body-conscious answer to Barbie, created using the actual measurements of an average 19-year-old woman. If she can also educate my other dolls on the best ways to subvert the patriarchy at our tea parties, I’m sold.

An Industry Is Born
Women’s History Month is March-ing on, so here’s a quick rundown of eleven women pioneers, actresses, writers, directors, and producers who made significant contributions to early film. Let’s get their close-ups ready, because they’re past due for some recognition.

Laying Down The Law
Looking for your “empowering yet adorable” story of the day? These two friends campaigned together for judgeships while both juggling work and motherhood, and they both won. Don’t judge them for their success.

They’ll Go Down In Herstory
Wanna learn about women who are making history right now? WCF has just endorsed a bunch of new candidates for office. Come see why they earned our seal of approval.

Putte Her There!
Want to reacquaint yourself with female candidates from Texas? Let’s take the opportunity to get to know Leticia Van Putte, who’s currently a nominee for lieutenant governor. Hopefully, she’ll be Texas Two-Steppin’ her way into the LG’s office this November.

That Sinking Feeling
Major bummer incoming, y'all: Alex Sink lost her special election to David Jolly last night. When we look at his record, we're feeling less than jolly.


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