The Gaffe That Keeps On Gaffing



Weekly Brief: March 19th, 2014
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Fresh Catch
Looking for a middle-of-the-week pick-me-up? Check out our newest batch of endorsed candidates! Congressional candidates Aimee Belgard (NJ-03) and Charniele Herring (VA-8), State Senate candidates Sandra Fluke (CA) and Mary Mancini (TN), and State Assembly candidate Sandra Mendoza (CA-53) are guaranteed to get you over the Wednesday hump.

Cool Runnings
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has been taking a page out of our book—she’s been fundraising for women across the country to help them run for office. We hope she won’t stop her efforts for a New York minute.

Party On!
Are you a Hillary fan and want to let the world know? The people at Ready For Hillary have you covered for all of your rad-Hillary-party-throwing needs.

Word War
Sheryl Sandberg’s Ban Bossy campaign was not even a few days old before people started complaining about it. Their chief argument: it’s not really a gendered word because girls do better than boys in school? Like the diatribes of most sexists, it’s probably too much to expect a cohesive argument.

A horrible New Hampshire state representative (who must have been elected by accident, I’m sure) told a committee hearing that some people “like being in abusive relationships” and posted on social media that he prefers his battered women plain. You know how I like my sexist politicians? Extra un-reelected.

Rocky Rhode
Rhode Island legislators are trying to throw another roadblock in the way of women’s choice. You should be building a path to safe healthcare for all women, Rhode Island, not an obstacle course.

The Truth Isn’t Out There
A congress-guy thinks that Planned Parenthood wants to kill toddlers, because that’s totally a thing that an organization devoted to keeping women healthy would do. Keep on polishing your tin foil hat there, dude.

Don’t Let It Go
This study shows that of the films of 2013, only 15% had female leads. Given the Gravity of the situation, we can’t believe the stats have been Frozen for 50 years. I’ll be Catching Fire if some changes aren’t made.

Huck, Line and Sinker
According to Mike Huckabee, giving women the freedom to control their reproductive choices is basically like killing old people. Oh, Mike, you’re just the gaffe that keeps on gaffe-ing.

The Age-Old Question
Again, the question has been raised: why are there so few women in office? Well, sexism and a few other factors could be to blame, but I think we can all agree the #1 reason is because people don’t give us enough money. Just kidding!... But seriously, though.

Liberty, Equality, Sorority
In a first for Pennsylvania, the majority of Democratic candidates running for the state will be women. If they’re successful, maybe Philadelphia will become the City of Sisterly Love.

Liar, Liar
Anti-choice candidates are now being encouraged to fudge their position on women’s healthcare or even flat-out lie. May their pants forever be on fire.


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