The Uncanny SeXist-Men



Weekly Brief: March 26, 2014
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Get ready for another new batch of awesome, accomplished and amazing endorsed candidates! Today, we’ve got Congressional candidates Michelle Nunn (Sen-GA), Kelly Westlund (WI-07), Suzanne Patrick (VA-02), Kathleen Rice (NY-04), Ellen Corbett (CA-15) gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley (MA), and local candidates Susan Rzucidlo (Pennsylvania State House), and Cristina Garcia (California State Assembly).

Science Rules
The STEM fields are known for being notoriously low on ladies. A new study attributes it to women ‘self-selecting’ and choosing not to study science-related subjects. The fear of failure was cited as the main cause, but that ‘institutional sexism’ thing might have something to do with it, too.

Get Ready, Get Set…
Hey, another pro-Hillary Clinton PAC has sprung into existence, bringing the total count up to five! Coincidentally, she’s making noises about a 2016 run. It’s almost as if lots of people want her to run in 2016 because she’d be a super-awesome candidate.

Un-Ban This Law, Say You Love Me Again
Yay, a judge in Arkansas shut down another super-stringent anti-choice law! We would party, but all the bans in other states are really bumming us out.

Disorder In The Court
A woman who just returned from maternity leave wasn’t allowed a place to breastfeed by her employer, and when she complained, her boss ordered her to draft a letter of resignation, telling her that she needed to “go home with [her] babies.” AND she’ll never get her day in court because a judge threw her discrimination suit out. Incidentally, I feel the need to throw things out a window.

The Uncanny SeXist-Men
Even though a Black Widow or a She-Hulk movie would be completely and 100% awesome, Marvel says it has no plans to make a movie with a super-heroine as the main character. I guess they don’t see the point in appealing to that whole ‘half of the population’ demographic.

Ladies’ Law
Social Security and the Pure Food and Drug Act? Yup, you can thank a lady for them! And there’s a bunch more where that came from.

Flip Out
Wendy Davis’ opponent Greg Abbott says that he believes in equal pay for women… Buuuuuuut it turns out he failed to support the Lily Ledbetter Act as attorney general of Texas, and even failed to pay his own employees equally! Flip-flops belong on the beach, Mr. Abbott, not the campaign trail.

State Of Shame
For this week’s edition of Stupid Stuff Anti-Choicers Say, we’re going to the great state of Alaska! State Senator Pete Kelly said that birth control is for “people who don’t… act responsibly.” Thank you for playing, Sen. Kelly! Your prize will arrive by Election Day.

Oral arguments for the Hobby Lobby contraception suit began yesterday; you can get a full rundown on what’s happening here. If you’re all caught up, we were there and have some must-see pics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


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