Minimum Rage



Weekly Brief: April 2, 2014
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Lucky Seven
Can you handle our newest group of endorsed candidates? This week’s bunch includes Congressional candidates Rocky Lara (NM-02), Amanda Renteria (CA-21), Margie Wakefield (KS-02), Gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke (WI), and local candidates Wendy Gabriella (California Assembly) and Gayle Goldin (Rhode Island State Senate). Meet ‘em, know ‘em, love ‘em.

DCision 2014
Did you hear? Two of WCF's endorsed candidates ran and won in DC's city primary yesterday! Muriel Bowser won the mayoral democratic primary against Vincent Gray, and Brianne K. Nadeau won the primary for Ward 1's City Council seat. Huge congrats, ladies. Onward to the general election!

Pregnancy Test On The Rocks, Please
Remember the crazy guy from Alaska who said that birth control is for irresponsible people? Now he’s saying that women should take pregnancy tests before they drink in bars. Sounds like someone’s had a few too many…

Minimum Rage
It looks like the latest front of the War on Women is the fight to raise the minimum wage. Women do make up the vast majority of tipped workers, so that would make sense. Here’s a tip for you, White House— your shift isn't over yet. Seeing y’all fight for women workers might be better than pay day, but we're still waiting for Equal Pay Day.

Hey Mr. Carter
Speaking of Presidents we’re appreciating, Jimmy Carter recently called violence against women “the worst and most pervasive and unaddressed human rights violation on earth” and vowed to make women’s rights his focus from now on. He’s just a peach, isn’t he?

The Wizards Of Ugh
The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Kansas has the right to defund their chapter of Planned Parenthood. Really, Kansas? I’m not so over the rainbow on this one.

Party On!
We have your next excuse for throwing a party right here: throw a Ready For Hillary party! You can socialize with your girlfriends AND educate them about Ready For Hillary in one fell swoop.

War On Comfort
Female students at an Evanston, Illinois school are protesting the school’s decision to ban yoga pants, leggings, and tights. The administration’s reason was that they were “too distracting” for male students. I’m happy that our little sisters are fighting the ban— you’re never too young to fight the patriarchy.

Case Dismissed
A slimy little man who somehow became a federal judge recently wrote a piece advising female lawyers how to dress. What’s his advice, you may ask? Don’t wear anything that will make “the female law clerks” call you “an ignorant slut.” Maybe he shouldn’t dress like a judge— someone might take his nauseating opinions seriously.

Hold Up!
The Supreme Court recently upheld a law barring people convicted of domestic abuse from owning or purchasing guns. Now just don’t mess up the Hobby Lobby suit and we’ll be just fine, okay, SCOTUS?

The Old, Tired Question
Oh, boy, here it comes: people are already concern-trolling Hillary about her age. Well, since we’ve already elected a couple of presidents who were her age or older at inauguration, I think we’ve managed to answer that question for y’all! You’re welcome.

For the first time in its history, Paris has elected a female mayor! The City of Lights just got a little bit brighter.

And Justice For All
Congresswoman Jackie Speier spoke against Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair’s plea deal, saying that “Until these cases are taken out of the chain of command, the reality and perception will continue to be that the military justice system […] is inherently unjust.” ATTEN-TION! Military, you’ve got your marching orders. We agree with Rep. Speier, and you’re in the brig until you fix this problem.

Mountains of Praise
West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin recently smacked down a bill that would ban abortion at 20 weeks in that state, calling it “unconstitutional.” Thanks for being a Ray of light, Governor.

Midwest Reproductive Blues
Turns out Ohio might be the worst state for reproductive rights due to its abortion restriction legislation known as TRAP laws, and no, I’m not making that acronym up. I’m hoping voters can free Ohio from its TRAP come November.


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