Over The Counter, Under Expectations



Weekly Brief: April 16, 2014
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Game Changers We Can Believe In
Meet our next round of Game Changers! Congressional candidates Rocky Lara (NM-02), Alma Adams (NC-12), and Alison Lundergan Grimes (KY-SEN), gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis (TX), and local candidates Erin Molchany (Pennsylvania State House) and Betty Yee (California State Controller) are women we know will change the game, and we know you'll dig them as much as we do.

Candidates On Parade
Are you ready to meet our newest group of endorsed candidates? This week we're pleased to endorse congressional candidates April Freeman (FL-19) and Lenda Sherrell (TN-04), statewide candidates Maura Healey (Massachusetts Attorney General) and Connie Stokes (Georgia Lieutenant Governor), and local candidates Mary Sosa (Oklahoma State House) and Carrie Woerner (New York State Assembly). 

Shut Up And Drive
Missouri State Representative Chuck Gatschenberger compared getting an abortion to—wait for it!—buying a car, because you have to “put research in” to make the right decision. It doesn’t take much research to see that Rep. Gatschenberger doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

Seconds, Anyone?
US Senator Mitch McConnell is getting majorly out-fundraised by his opponent and aforementioned Game Changer Alison Lundergan Grimes, who beat McConnell for the third quarter in a row. I hope you're getting used to coming in second, Mitch—it'll get you ready for Election Day.

Rocky Mountain Rights
Holy crap, is it true? Colorado is attempting to pass a bill that protects reproductive rights. This is certainly a high point for their state government, isn’t it?

Putting The Pieces Together
The director of the Lego Movie’s sequel actually name-dropped the Bechdel test and vowed that his movie would include more strong female characters, and we all know we could use more of those! Sounds like Hollywood is finally catching our "we need more characters like us" drift. Only took 'em since film was invented.

A Fair Rage
After the Paycheck Fairness Act was blocked in the Senate, Senator Barbara Mikulski told her colleagues that women want fair wages “in our lawbooks and our checkbooks.” Hurry up, Congress—it sounds like you owe us one. Actually, you owe us a lot.

Over The Counter, Under Expectations
Yet another country now allows its citizens to buy birth control over the counter, leaving America in the dust as one of only 45 countries in the world that require women to have a prescription. America, this isn’t slow and steady wins the race. Catch up.

Listen First, Talk Never
I don’t really know where to begin with this one: talk show host Neal Boortz implied that women are “easily fooled and manipulated,” don’t want to be informed, and that equal pay is a “scam.” You're right, Neal—I don't want to be informed of sexist drivel like this.

It’s Not Unusual (But It Should Be)
Well, here’s your depressing story for today: studies show that women and girls often view misogynistic violence as completely ordinary. I'm accepting suggestions for how to turn this around, because this is a major bummer.

An Appointment To Keep
Bad news for women’s representation: Kathleen Sebelius is leaving her post as Health and Human Services Secretary. Good news: it’s to make room for another lady, OBM director Sylvia Mathews Burwell! But don't count Sibelius out yet—rumor has it that she might run for Kansas' Senate seat. She knows there's no place like home—in the Senate, of course.

Life Of The Party
Our 40th annual Parties of Your Choice NYC Gala is less than a month away! We’re going to have fabulous guests, a wonderful chef, an exciting new venue, and a new way to celebrate our 40th anniversary! It’s not too late to buy a ticket or table and see what we’ve been planning for you.

Badass In Chief
The new mayor of Lice, Turkey, is the youngest mayor in the country’s history, and a woman. 25-year-old Rezan Zugurli was elected following her time as a political prisoner, possibly making her the most interesting mayor in the world? She doesn't always run for office, but when she does, she wins.


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