Call Of The Reviled



Weekly Brief: April 23, 2014
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Change It Up
It’s time to meet our third round of Game Changers! Val Arkoosh, Amanda Renteria, Maura Healey, Suja Lowenthal, Allyson Schwartz, and Mary Sosa are phenomenal women candidates who bring new and exciting perspectives to their races. We want you to find out why we think they can change the game.

If you didn't catch it last night, The Daily Show did an awesomely scathing report on some of the gendered double standards in politics. It’s funny, sad, and dead on.

Fantastic Four
If that Daily Show segment made you happysad, we know our newest endorsed candidates will brighten up your day again! We’ve got local candidates Stephanie Chang and Rebecca Thompson (Michigan State House), Liz Forrest (Pennsylvania State House), and statewide candidate Maggie Toulouse Oliver (New Mexico Secretary of State). There! Now don’t you feel more awesome?

Life Of The Party
Time is running out and WCF’s Parties of Your Choice Gala is getting closer! You have to be there so you can brag to all your friends about how you downed Pay Equitinis in a beautiful venue with awesome political and special guests. Make your friends jealous and buy your tickets today!

Technical Issues
The Wall Street Journal is having a media tech conference—sounds sweet, right? The speaking list is filled with “global CEOs, leading thinkers and sought-after entrepreneurs,” but includes no women. I’m sure that’s just a mistake, right? RIGHT?!

Technically, She’s The Best
The CEO of Locket, Yunha Kim, wrote a neat little rundown of the best (and worst) parts of being a woman in the tech startup industry. Maybe those Wall Street Journal guys should give her a call, hm?

Call Of The Reviled
An Alaskan State Senator has apologized after a press release about breastfeeding called it "smart and sexy."An attitude like that is neither, Bro.

One Strike, You’re Out
Halle-freakin’-lujah! A North Dakota judge struck down a ban that stopped all abortions beyond 6 weeks. Could it really be that the tide is turning against the abortion restrictions that I reported on all winter? Will spring finally bloom with laws protecting reproductive rights? Tune in next week to find out!

Ruining Marriage One Paycheck At A Time
Anti-feminist poster woman Phyllis Schlafly says that we can't have fair pay. What's her argument? If men can't earn more than women, then that will ruin the institution of marriage. For the price of one backwards argument, you can have sexist, heteronormative nonsense thrown in for free!

Running On Empty
What is it with Missouri politicians comparing women to cars? This past week, State Rep. Kurt Bahr compared pregnancy crisis centers and abortion facilities to model car shops. You might want to take your analogies to the shop, Rep. Bahr; they’re soundin’ rusty.

How About Boats ‘n NO?
Texas State Senator Dan Patrick was forced to disband a PAC supporting his bid for lieutenant governor because of the name: Boats ‘n Hoes. If only he’d had some wit ‘n class.

Sweet Seventeen
Here’s a quick rundown of 17 countries who currently have a woman leader! C’mon, America, let’s be the next country! “We’re #18!” kind of has a nice ring to it, right?

Done Shopping
Two Congresswomen have introduced a bill designed to stop extreme use of Photoshop in ads and magazines. I definitely subscribe to this.

Following Chelsea Clinton’s recent announcement, people want to know: can Hillary Clinton be President AND a grandparent? How can she President if her kid has a kid all the way in New York?!? I wonder how President Romney would’ve managed.

Mitch’s Glitch
Mitch McConnell said that he’s always stood up for women who have been harassed, but the truth of the matter is that—how does one say it?—he’s lying like a rug. Seems like the Senator’s having some memory issues, maybe his Senate seat needs a reboot


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