It's Hard Out Here For A Man



Weekly Brief: May 7, 2014
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

This week’s group of Game Changers includes six women who are saying "no" to the status quo and challenging the "Old Boys Club" style of politics, whether it’s by being Orlando’s first woman police chief or possibly making history as the first LGBT woman governor. Please welcome Heather Mizeur, Lucy Flores, Muriel Bowser, Val Demings, Sharon Quirk-Silva and Brianne Nadeau as our newest Game Changers, and make sure you tune in next week when the remaining women in this initial round are revealed!

Raking in the Primary Numbers
A few of our candidates had primaries last night—huge congratulations to Alma Adams and Michele Lepore-Hagan, who sailed to victory in North Carolina's 12 Congressional District and Ohio's 58th State District, respectively. Unfortunately, Jill Zimon didn't move forward in her Ohio State House race, but we can't wait to see what she takes on next! 

How 'Bout Them Candidates?
WCF's newest endorsed candidates are a bunch of firecrackers! Meet statewide candidate Leticia van de Putte (Texas Lieutenant Governor), and local candidates Mary Jo Daley (Pennsylvania State House), Claudia Griffith (Oklahoma State House), and Rashida Tlaib (Michigan State Senate).

Party Like It's Our 40th Birthday
It's one week out from the annual Parties of Your Choice Gala… Will you be there to celebrate WCF's 40th anniversary with inspiring guests like Sandra Fluke, Congresswoman Carol Shea Porter, and more endorsed candidates than you can believe? Get your tickets now before they’re gone!

Not KYute
U.S. Senate candidate Matt Bevin is attacking opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes, saying she's running on a platform of being “new [and] a woman” and that she has no "life experience". I mean, she IS Kentucky’s Secretary of State, but okayyyyy, Mr. Never-Held-Elected-Office, whatever you say.

The Massachusetts Government is in trouble after it tweeted that sexual assault is “always avoidable.” Great way to wrap up Sexual Assault Awareness Month, idiots. Me unfollowing your account is also unavoidable.

The White House recently put out a star-studded PSA aimed at increasing awareness of assault and consent among men. It’s nice to know that some people can address such pressing issues with sensitivity…unlike a CERTAIN Commonwealth we know.

May The Schwartz Be With You
A war for women’s votes is raging in Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial race between Governor Tom Corbett and Congresswoman (and WCF endorsed candidate) Allyson Schwartz. If Schwartz wins this war, she would be the first female governor of the Keystone State. 

Virginia Is for Endorsers
Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for President! Don’t forget that Kaine was one of the first people to endorse Barack Obama, so maybe he likes to pick winners early? We ain’t even mad, Senator Kaine—endorse away.

Lady and the Trample
This year’s Kentucky Derby only featured one female jockey, Rosie Napravnik. Napravnik said that she has faced repeated prejudice from her predominately male colleagues, one of whom told her to “go home and have a baby.” It must be terrible having to work with eighth graders.

It's Hard Out Here For A Man
Have you ever heard anyone complain that feminism hasn’t done anything for men? Next time, show them up with this awesome list. Now go and convert the dude masses.

Give Zero Fox
Earlier this week, Fox News wondered if female breadwinners are a problem and if men have an innate need to be “cavemen,” by which they mean… Actually, I’m not sure what they mean. Fox: they ask the tough questions that no one was asking!


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