Let's Cat Call the Whole Thing Off


Weekly Brief:
May 14, 2014
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

And Then There Were 40
We're here! The final 8 Game Changers have been announced, rounding out WCF's already way-impressive list of women leaders running for office across the country. Say hello to Colleen Hanabusa, Kyrsten Sinema, Wendy Greuel, Brenda Lawrence, Leticia Van de Putte, Rashida Tlaib, Gayle Goldin, and Cyndi Munson—and then check out all 40 Game Changers to see what all the hype is about.

It's My Party, I'll Live-Tweet If I Want To
WCF's Parties of Your Choice Gala is tomorrow and I am PUMPED to get my Pay Equitini on. Between the awesome venue, too-many-to-count political and special guests, and the supes delish fare, you're gonna wanna be a part of it! (You can follow the #WCFgala hashtag on Instagram and Twitter to be there with us in spirit.)

Too Late To Apologize
Alan Simpson, a former Senator who attacked and interrogated Anita Hill when she testified that she had been sexually harassed, admitted that he was “a monster” to her because he didn’t understand the issue. Let’s hope it takes less than TWO DECADES for other monsters to wise up, too.

Myth’d Connection
The Texas GOP candidate for lieutenant governor recently said that the Lone Star State’s Planned Parenthood clinics are closing en masse because it’s “a myth” that they have anything to do with women’s health. Major *phewf* that Leticia Van de Putte's candidacy isn't a myth.

Running On Empty
So this guy thinks that he can heal the survivors of sexual assault with hypnotherapy, as long as the survivors don’t enjoy “getting mileage” out of telling their stories. I'm gonna count to three and snap my fingers...and you will no longer be victim-blamey.

Don't Show Me
A Missouri State Senator recently spoke out on a law that exempts sexual assault survivors from a waiting period for an abortion, comparing the waiting period to his knee surgery. Look, buddy, I know you wanna jump onto the “crappy comparisons to reproductive health” bandwagon, but it’s getting a little crowded.

Holy Hyperbole, Batman!
A dude running for Iowa’s 3rd district Congressional Seat compared abiding by the ACA’s birth control benefits to working for neo-Nazis and the KKK. If you listen carefully, you can hear thousands of Iowa voters face-palming.

Nyet So Smart
Why is Pussy Riot rioting? Well, according to a Russian diplomat, it’s due to their objections to the Russian government’s oppressive attitude towards LGBT people and civil liberties. LOL JK he says it’s because they’re not having enough sex.

Let’s Cat-Call The Whole Thing Off
The mayor of Buenos Aires recently remarked that he believes women like to be cat-called, and then apologized after his daughter scolded him about it. Sexist Dude’s Daughter for mayor 2016!!

Heads up, y'all—I'm going to preemptively call in sick next Wednesday, as I will be sure to have a political hangover from all the awesomeness at tomorrow night's Parties of Your Choice Gala. See ya in two weeks!


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