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Weekly Brief:
May 28, 2014
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

MsRep’s Back. Back Again.
Dang, y’all. May 15th’s WCF Parties of Your Choice Gala was the bomb-diggity. If you don’t believe me, check out the pics—from the mind-blowing food to the openest bar ever, to Krystal Ball KILLING it as Emcee and the countless candidates in attendance (OMG fangirl moment), it was an unforgettable night. If you didn’t get to join but still want to make a difference, it’s not too late!

Endorsements. Endorsements Everywhere.
When these ladies aren’t busy making the glass ceiling no longer a thing, they’re getting endorsed by WCF: Congressional candidate Mary Rose Wilcox (AZ-07), State Senate candidate Kay Floyd (OK-46), Secretary of State candidate Nellie Gorbea (RI), State House candidate Tracy McCreery (MI-88), State Assembly candidate Melissa Sargent (WI-48), and candidate for Hawaiian Affairs Trustee Hina Wong-Kalu.

Oh PA-lease
For a state that’s never had a woman Governor, has only had 1 woman in Congress for years (and only 6 ever), and is ranked 38th in the U.S. for number of women in state legislature, it’s pretty bold for Philly Mag to insist that Allyson Schwartz’ loss had NOTHING to do with sexism. And by “bold,” I mean please shut up.

Just GIF Me The Gist
The Washington Post is using a lil animation to break down modern sexism—AKA what it is to be a living person that is a woman. Check it out.

But Wait, There’s More…Sexism.
Last week, Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis was met in Los Angeles with life-sized posters of her as “Abortion Barbie,” complete with all the misogynistic features you’ve come to know and despise!

Le Saira
When I was 17, I was actually NOT defeating a two-term-state lawmaker-incumbent-dude, but apparently I totes could have been.

Every time a feministy hashtag takes the Twitterverse by storm, an angel gets its wings…its trending, retweetable wings.

Lt. Gov. State of Mind
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has named former Congresswoman Kathy Hochul his running mate for New York Lieutenant Governor. New York isn't exactly awesome at having lotsa women in office, so halle-freakin-lujah.

Nunn But The Best
This recent poll has Senate candidate Michelle Nunn slightly ahead of the two dudes, so, woot! I need this win after Pennsylvania’s primaries last week. WE ALL NEED THIS.

Changers Be Changin’
Who “has the spine and the know-how to take on Sacramento”? And is all about “making life easier for families”? Oh, just Game Changer Sandra Fluke, according to her latest endorsements!

Rest In Peace
This morning, it was reported that the legendary Dr. Maya Angelou has passed away at age 86. Her work spanned multiple professions and decades, and her impact on women's empowerment will be missed.

"I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. You've got to go out and kick ass."


  • ★ 50/50 Representation

    Why should good government depend on only half of the nation’s human capital? WCF commits to 50/50 representation of women and men in elected office by 2028.

  • ★ Common Ground

    Common ground just means problems get solved more collaboratively, for the good of more people. It’s the bedrock of our leadership at home and abroad.

  • ★ Viability for Election

    It takes more than money to make a candidate worth electing. WCF looks for guts, street sense, situational awareness, resilience -- the full range of gifts a woman brings to the race.

  • ★ Non-Partisan

    A woman’s place is in every party, every elected office, at every level. Period.