8/27/2014 Women’s Campaign Fund Endorses Lorie Masters in DC Attorney General Race


August 27, 2014

CONTACT: Juan Garcia


Women’s Campaign Fund Endorses Lorie Masters in DC Attorney General Race


(WASHINGTON, DC) – Citing her impressive qualifications and demonstrated commitment to the advancement of women, Women’s Campaign Fund (WCF) has endorsed Lorie Masters in her race for D.C. Attorney General.


“Women’s Campaign Fund is incredibly proud to endorse Lorie Masters in her race for D.C. Attorney General,” said Betsy Mullins, WCF’s President and CEO. “Lorie’s commitment to the District of Columbia is clear. Through her work with community organizations like DC Vote, DC Appleseed, Legal Aid, and the Bar Foundation, she has been a leading advocate for the kind of smart reforms that are making our city stronger. Lorie is also an accomplished attorney – she is exactly the kind of smart and savvy litigator that the District needs to move forward. As Attorney General, Lorie will be a powerful independent voice in DC government.”


“This race takes on even greater meaning for WCF as it is the first time DC voters will elect an Attorney General. In a city that has struggled with a history of cronyism, this is a unique opportunity to elect a highly-qualified woman who brings a fresh perspective. Electing a highly-qualified woman would also send a powerful signal about the role that women can play in politics in our nation’s capital.”


“For 40 years, WCF has championed women on both sides of the aisle and supported them when they run for office. It is especially gratifying to see one of our former board members embody our mission by making the decision to run.”


Masters expressed her gratitude for the early endorsement.


“I’m incredibly honored to receive WCF’s endorsement,” Masters said. “I know how critical it is to support women when they run for office and I’m glad to have WCF on my side. It is especially meaningful to announce this endorsement the week that we celebrate Women’s Equality Day, the anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment which put women’s right to vote into our Constitution.”


The election will take place on November 4, 2014. For more information about Lorie Masters, and how to volunteer or contribute to the campaign, please visit www.loriemasters.com.


For more information about WCF’s other endorsed candidates, please visit wcfonline.org.

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