10 Points to Gryffindor



Weekly Brief: September 24, 2014
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund


Fall for Endorsements
Summer is out and fall is in—but WCF is still bringing the heat with an amazing new candidate from Florida. Definitely look out for Annette Taddeo, because she could be the Sunshine State’s next Lt. Governor! 

Mischief Managed
Now that she's done mastering potions class, Emma Watson has been named the U.N.’s Women Goodwill Ambassador. Last week, she gave a speech at their headquarters in New York, telling men that gender inequality is their issue too. 10 points to Gryffindor. 

The Hills is Alive
Last Thursday, Hillary Clinton told voters they need to turn pay inequity and women's economic security into a movement. Could this movement also spark the movement of Hills into…a big, white house?

Legislative Literature
U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis both have new memoirs? I know you ladies are busy breaking the glass ceiling, but please consider doing a joint book tour!

National Treasurer
Some time ago, Nevada Treasurer Kate Marshall (and Game Changer, woot woot!) made a promise to recover investments lost in the 2008 financial crash. Marshall recently announced that her office recovered $50 million since then. If you’re only as good as your word, that kind of recoupment means she’s pretty darn good. 

Sign the Pledge
The White House just issued a sexual assault PSA, “It’s On Us,” featuring all types of celebrities and even POTUS himself. Still, the biggest star of the video was the overall message: It’s on us to be a part of the solution.

Break the Golf Ceiling
Results are in. Scotland's St. Andrews, the most well known golf course in the world, voted to allow women members. 85% of the members voted yes, which means 15% believe there is no place for witchcraft on the golf course.

Storm to be Reckoned With
Hannah Storm has had it with the NFL’s reaction to domestic violence. Last week on air, the ESPN Sports Anchor looked into the camera and asked: “What exactly does the NFL stand for?” This is the best NFL call out I’ve seen, although I wish there didn’t have to be any to begin with.

Lousy Louisiana 
The Census Bureau revealed last week that the pay gap still exists. It is especially alive in Louisiana, where women are paid two thirds of what men are paid. So, if you want equal pay for work, definitely don’t move to Louisiana…or be a woman anywhere in the U.S., really.

No California Love
New research shows California women are outnumbered 3:1 on every level of government. Sure, that is incredibly low, but it is actually one of the most balanced ratios in the country. Yikes.


  • ★ 50/50 Representation

    Why should good government depend on only half of the nation’s human capital? WCF commits to 50/50 representation of women and men in elected office by 2028.

  • ★ Common Ground

    Common ground just means problems get solved more collaboratively, for the good of more people. It’s the bedrock of our leadership at home and abroad.

  • ★ Viability for Election

    It takes more than money to make a candidate worth electing. WCF looks for guts, street sense, situational awareness, resilience -- the full range of gifts a woman brings to the race.

  • ★ Non-Partisan

    A woman’s place is in every party, every elected office, at every level. Period.