This Whole Presidency Thing Is Getting REAL



Weekly Brief: April 8th, 2015
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund 

President Obama just responded to the young trailblazer who asked why women are not on US currency. Sofia, age 9, was deemed "pretty impressive" by POTUS...and we have to agree. Unfortunately, she's too young to run for office—but if you know a woman who should, ask her today!

Empire State of Hillz
Hillary Clinton has yet to announce her candidacy, but apparently a lease was just signed for likely campaign headquarters in Brooklyn. In other words, this whole presidency thing is starting to get REAL.

Wishy Washy
Elizabeth Warren is known for being very transparent, but Seth Meyers called out the Senator and her "wishy-washiness." Seth is right, with response like: "No, I'm not running for president" and "No, I won't run," it's impossible to really know what Warren really means. 

How About No?  
Greek life organizations think that sexual assault survivors should not be able to seek justice through both their colleges and the police. Naturally, badass Senators like Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) and Claire McCaskill (MO) have already slammed the effort—welp, cause it's ridiculous. 

K, Meninists
Andrew Hernann's piece "Let's Talk About the Reality of the 'Men's Rights' Argument" brilliantly defends feminism and challenges the (lame) ideas many men’s rights advocates have. Emphasis on the L.A.M.E. 

Bend It Like Keira 
Where are the female stories? Keira Knightley wants to know. The actress has been expressing her concerns about the lack of women in Hollywood...and she's oh so right. Just watch any movie she's been in and tell me that strong female characters don't freakin' rule.  

You Mad, Bros? 
What do you get when you hire the NFL's first female ref? Lots of sexist and horrible statements, made by sexist and horrible people. Keep on trolling, trolls. Just know Sarah Thomas has mad flags to throw and won't have time for y'all. 

Empowered Ice Cream
Ever wish your ice cream was more...feminist? These Ben and Jerry flavor options don't exist, but damn do I wish they did. I mean, how is Cookie Doughprah Winfrey not a thing?


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