Campaign Staffers and Interns, Assemble!



Weekly Brief: January 14th, 2015
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund


Only A Century Ago...

Hard to believe that 100 years ago Congress denied women the right to vote. For the last time. In honor of this indignant anniversary, we should encourage women in our life to run for office, 'cause nobody can deny your right to ask a woman to run today!

Thank You, Senator Boxer

Last week, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) said she will not run for re-election in 2016. Whether she was writing bills to improve health insurance or writing songs to gain access to the all-male House gym, Boxer was always taking names. I would be sad, but I also know a woman like Barbara Boxer never truly retires.


Just when we thought no good could come from Senator Boxer's retirement, Kamala Harris (CA Attorney General) said she'll be running for the open seat. Campaign staffers and interns, assemble!

We Are Not In Kansas Anymore          

Looking for women leaders in Kansas? Well, you won't find them in any statewide office. For the first time in nearly half a century, no women were elected at that level. I thought you were gonna be different, 2015. 

Golden Girls

The 2015 Golden Globes brought the girl power this year with one feminist moment after the other. We'll miss the irreplaceable Tina and Amy next year, but here's hoping The Honorable Woman and Jane the Virgin consider co-hosting.

These Numbers Ain't Lyin

Nationwide, women still make up less than 24% of legislators—and in Oklahoma and Louisiana, it's a mere 13%. If you're okay with those may be part of the problem.

Less Isn't More 

Research shows that when a woman speaks at work, she's walking on a tightrope. Chances are she's either ignored or she’s too aggressive. Welp, the only option here is to fundamentally shift everyone's mindset, which should be easy. Right?

Walking Into The Patriarchy

"Mansplaining" and "manspreading" found a new friend in "manslamming." If you'd like to try this this new social experiment, simply don't move while walking on a crowded street...and hopefully the patriarchy will side step for you (but don't count on it). 

Where There's A Hack, There's A Raise

If anyone can bring something good out of Sony's cyber attack, it's Charlize Theron. The actress found out she was paid less than her male co-star, and demanded a raise. Now, if only the people who didn't get hacked could get on board with this crazy "equal pay for work" nonsense.


  • ★ 50/50 Representation

    Why should good government depend on only half of the nation’s human capital? WCF commits to 50/50 representation of women and men in elected office by 2028.

  • ★ Common Ground

    Common ground just means problems get solved more collaboratively, for the good of more people. It’s the bedrock of our leadership at home and abroad.

  • ★ Viability for Election

    It takes more than money to make a candidate worth electing. WCF looks for guts, street sense, situational awareness, resilience -- the full range of gifts a woman brings to the race.

  • ★ Non-Partisan

    A woman’s place is in every party, every elected office, at every level. Period.