About Game Changers

About Game Changers

For 40 years, WCF has been supporting women running for office at all levels of government and from both sides of the aisle who share our values. Along the way, we’ve always made a point about the kind of women we support.

Being a WCF woman is not just about an unwavering support for a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions (although that’s a given). It’s also about the change we want to see reflected in our government. We know we need more women’s voices in government, but we also need more people of color, more LGBT individuals, more young people, and more people from outside the traditional world of politics.

We need our leaders to more accurately reflect the rich diversity of our country. We need leaders with diverse backgrounds and perspectives because study after study has confirmed that it yields better outcomes for everyone.

And that’s what our new Game Changers initiative is all about. It’s a vision of the future we want to see for our government. And a roadmap of how we’re going to get there. It starts with 40 women.

40 women, hand-selected by WCF, because we feel they embody the direction the country needs to go in. 40 women running all across the country and at all levels of office. Some are household names and some are women you may not have heard of. But together, they represent the ideals and values that WCF has championed for 40 years.

And if our government looked a little more like they do…well, it would truly change everything.

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The Game Changers initiative will complement WCF’s existing political endorsement program. To learn more about our entire slate of endorsed candidates, click here.

  • ★ 50/50 Representation

    Why should good government depend on only half of the nation’s human capital? WCF commits to 50/50 representation of women and men in elected office by 2028.

  • ★ Common Ground

    Common ground just means problems get solved more collaboratively, for the good of more people. It’s the bedrock of our leadership at home and abroad.

  • ★ Viability for Election

    It takes more than money to make a candidate worth electing. WCF looks for guts, street sense, situational awareness, resilience -- the full range of gifts a woman brings to the race.

  • ★ Non-Partisan

    A woman’s place is in every party, every elected office, at every level. Period.