Life Has a Funny Way...


Bi-weekly Brief: December 17, 2016
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Life has a funny way…

Not gonna lie, I was in a bit of a funk after the election. You know what snapped me out of it? Young women like Mia Hernández, Alexandra Melnick, and Lindsay Fletcher, who, after seeing their hopes for a female president dashed, decided to take running for office into their own hands. As Alexandra puts it, “It’s incredibly ironic” that Clinton’s loss could be an even greater mobilizing force than victory, but after reading their stories, I’m ready to crank the Alanis Morissette and get back to work.

Clear face, full hearts, can’t lose

I guess after the 2016 election I shouldn’t be surprised that pretty much all the media coverage about the woman who lost to Donald Trump is about her appearance, but it still feels like adding insult to injury. That said, though, it is heartening that so many people are digging Hillary Clinton’s new make-up-free look

BTW, women also know stuff

If you read this list of 19 lessons for political scientists after the 2016 election, you might think that no women had anything smart to say, since not one of the dozens of pundits and political scientists cited were female. But as Vox’s Julia Azari points out, Women Also Know Stuff about politics, and cites tons of them who wrote smart, relevant things about this year’s election. A lot of them have books out, which just made my holiday shopping way easier.

Sitting down with the women of Standing Rock

For all the Facebook live streams and TV coverage I watched about Standing Rock, I didn’t feel significantly more informed. Sure, the basic issues were covered, but I’m a details kinda gal. Enter Shannon Kring, who didn’t shy away from a deeper narrative in her documentary End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock. Whatever you think about the protests in Standing Rock, the stories of the indigenous women who live there are an inspiration.

Who really tamed the Wild West

If you look the 2016 Electoral College map, things weren’t great for the first female major party candidate out in the Wild West. But as this hilarious video explains, those states actually have a long history of strong, empowered women. The first female settlers were “working girls,” but they soon became an economic and political force. For example, Wyoming was the first territory to give women the right to vote (50 years before the rest of the country!) and refused to become a state unless women kept that right. They also elected the first female governor in 1924. The video is from a show called Adam Ruins Everything, but I dunno, he makes Wyoming sound pretty great. 

The best medicine

After a year like 2016, I definitely needed a laugh, and this list of the year’s 50 funniest tweets from women delivered. Number 46 is pretty great (we revolt at dawn), but my personal favorite is still Hillary Clinton’s meme-savvy response to Donald Trump’s criticisms after she won the nomination: “Delete your account.” If only he’d listened… 



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