Game Changer: Sandra Mendoza

Sandra Mendoza


Sandra has dedicated her career to community service and organizing. Her commitment is a testament to the idea that women often cite wanting to help their communities as their primary reason for getting involved in politics.


California State Assembly – California’s 53rd District – Open Seat. Sandra has been endorsed by Dolores Huerta, a prominent civil rights and labor leader.


Sandra is currently a Program Manager for the City of Los Angeles.

She has volunteered her time and talents to many causes that include education, the environment, and labor.

Sandra is a founding member of the Crown Jewel Club, an organization that teaches at-risk young women about basic skills and etiquette.

She currently serves on the board of the Youth Policy Institute’s (YPI) charter schools.

Sandra is a former board member of the Pico Union Neighborhood Council, as well as the East LA Boys and Girls Club, and the local Advisory Police Board.

She is a current board member of the Monsignor Romero School in Pico Union, the Youth Policy Institute’s schools, and the State Bar’s Committee of Bar Examiners.

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