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August 2020 Newsletter

Last month, we took a little time to CELEBRATE! August marked the historic centennial of the 19th Amendment AND Women’s Equality Day! We’re doing a little dance celebrating 100 years of women’s right to vote – but we can’t forget that it’s been less than 60 years since states could no longer keep that right from Black women.

We’re doubling down on our work to make good on the promise to guarantee women’s right to participate in elected office – and make it a normal expectation for women and men to work in roughly equal numbers at all levels of elected government! Let’s finish the job the 19th Amendment started and get to #5050x2028!

In this newsletter, we celebrate how far we’ve come and commit to the work ahead. No time to lose! Ready? Let’s get started!

In the News

The Women's Campaign Fund welcomes a 50/50 ticket in the race for the White House and numerous 50/50 male/female races across the aisle and across the country.

Kamala Harris’ very right to vote was sealed in her lifetime with the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Now she’s in the main event as the first Black and South Asian woman to become the vice presidential nominee for a major party.

#5050x2028 starts with a 50/50 ticket, and the expectation it sets for the future. Here’s to 50/50 at every level of elected government!

A new study from the World Economic Forum shows that countries led by women are faring better in the COVID-19 crisis.

New Zealand and Taiwan continue to be examples of what women get done in elected office. New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern and Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen took immediate action to manage the COVID-19 outbreak in their countries.

This is the vision of the future we at WCF are striving for: Women with the skills to get to common ground, working in roughly equal numbers to men in elected offices, getting things done. Imagine what crisis management will look like in America when we get to #5050x2028!

We know that Black women have led movements for equality and justice throughout our nation’s history. Today is no exception. This tireless and dedicated leadership is exactly what we need in elected offices nationwide. Why wait to bring the strength of a wide range of experiences to the table?

Check out these 10 incredible leaders and the experience and knowledge they bring to the table.

New data from YWomenVote2020 shows that women across demographic groups and across the aisle defy conventional wisdom in their alignment on key issues.

Women across age, race, ethnicity, education, and political affiliation agree that government should address key priorities like economic security and health.

Dive into YWomenVote2020's data here.

Doubling down on investments toward #5050x2028...

First: We’ve had a lot to celebrate this month. 100 years since the 19th Amendment, a 50/50 ticket in the race for the White House, numerous 50/50 male/female races across the aisle and across the country, and more women running for office than ever before at every level of elected government!

Now: Ready to help WCF sprint the last mile to #5050x2028? For this moment and what’s ahead. For your loved ones, your friends, your country, and your future.

There’s no time to lose getting to #5050x2028! But we will need your support to get it done. Turn this month’s celebration into action by investing in the promise of #5050x2028 with a donation to the Women's Campaign Fund today!


Check Out this Month’s “Talk About It” Topic

Here’s something to talk about: The historical ties between the fight for women’s right to vote and this moment in our history!

  • Suffragists were rallying amidst the Spanish flu of 1918. After the success of that movement and the ratification of the 19th Amendment, the United States had to rebuild its economy AND reimagine the role of women in elected government. Sound familiar? Today, we see women leaders managing pandemic responses boldly and effectively.

→ How would the U.S. response to COVID-19 differ if we had roughly 50/50 women and men in positions of leadership in elected government?

  • Black women are once again leading the charge towards a future where it’s normal to see roughly 50/50 women and men in elected office getting things done. From the Underground Railroad to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, to today’s reckoning with racism in our society, we owe so much of our country’s progress to Black women leaders.

→ What can we do to support Black women leaders and build the diversity of women running for elected office in your community? Who can you ask to run, whether this time or next?

Meet Your Board Members

This month we feature... Carla Reed!

A native of Little Rock, Arkansas, Carla Reed is passionate about making life better for people — at work, in government, and in their ability to thrive in the world around them. In addition to serving on the WCF board, Carla supports the grassroots leaders at Community Change who organize and fight for low-income people, especially low-income people of color, helping them change the policies and institutions that impact their lives. Carla is passionate about leadership development as well as women’s advocacy. Over the course of her career, she has worked for women, for young people – recruiting students to boost diversity and inclusion in higher ed – and for the rights of the vulnerable.

Reed knows you have to be it to see it — and see it to be it. She helps WCF strengthen the platform on which we, the people, make decisions, bringing the experience of women to bear, 50/50, at every level of elected office from the schoolhouse to the White House.

Until next month…

The November election is just 9 weeks away! Every day between now and then is an opportunity to start conversations with your friends and neighbors about moving #5050x2028 forward.

Can you start a new conversation each week until the election with someone in your neighborhood about sprinting the final mile to #5050x2028?

Can you ask your friends and family if they’re registered to vote and have a plan to do so?

Oh, and don’t forget to make YOUR voting plan ASAP! Plug your zip code into WCF’s voter tool to find all the voting options and details you’ll need! You may have only days to act – or encourage others to do so!

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