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"When I needed the money the most… when we were scratching and clawing, they gave me the largest donation I received."

Former Rep. Mary Oakar (D-OH)


WCF has helped nearly 2,000 women from each political party run for office. From household names to small town leaders, women say we were often the earliest to provide support! And we’ve been doing it for more than 40 years.

Today, we celebrate the extraordinary impact of women in office from town councils and state legislatures to the White House. Expectations have changed. More women from both major parties are now running and winning in Congress and in the states. Recent events amplify the call to make sure this trend continues by electing more women with the proven ability to strengthen government with their common ground skills. We need their voices. We must ensure our democracy is fueled by a government for all.

The United States acknowledged the need for women to participate in elected government as the law of the land a century ago when it amended the Constitution to ensure a woman’s right to vote. That was a great start. WCF believes it’s time to finish the job.


"I never could have done it without them… more than the money, it was the emotional support."

Former State Rep. Susan McLane (R-NH)


"I don't have access to these people [Directors of PACs, a major source of fundraising] … If it hadn't been for the Women's Campaign Fund, I wouldn't have come to Washington."

Former Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA)

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