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December 2020 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

What word do you use to describe 2020? Yup. It was all that and more. Let’s break down our favorite moments and lessons learned – and we invite you to share yours with us below.

We head into 2021 clear-eyed about the work ahead, and with a hopeful heart. 2020 was a challenging year for our nation and our communities, but it has never been more obvious that #5050x2028 is an urgent goal. It meets this critical moment and sets us up for a different – a better – future for this generation and the next.

Thank you for helping move us in such significant ways so much closer to #5050x2028. We’ll have all sorts of adventures in the new year, but first, read on to celebrate and reflect on what we’ve done together this year.

Year in Review

It is impossible to list all the ups and downs of this year. No one newsletter can adequately cover the good and the bad. The inspirational and the devastating. The joyful and the distressing. 2020 brought us a full spectrum of moments to celebrate and mourn.

Among our most notable are a few stories of the rise and success of women in leadership positions this year. This is an incomplete list at best, and we invite you to add to the list with your moments below.


Men and women across the globe saw bold crisis management and courageous responses to historic challenges from women elected leaders this year. Their decisive leadership gives us just a peek at what a future with women and men in roughly equal numbers at all levels of government will look like.

No time to lose getting women into elected office as we create the new normal! Traits typically associated with femininity – like compassion, humility, and collaboration – are exactly the skills needed to shepherd COVID-19’s sudden common ground beyond the wolves of political rancor so leaders can care for the people they serve.


This summer, we celebrated 100 years of women’s right to participate in elected office – aka THE VOTE! Decades of unceasing work led to the ratification of the 19th Amendment – and decades more were needed to make sure states couldn’t keep that right from Black women.

That was a great start. Now it’s time to finish the job we started way back then and get to #5050x2028!

We’re doubling down on our work to make good on the guarantee of a women’s right to participate in elected office. We will settle for nothing less than making it a normal expectation for women and men to work together in roughly equal numbers.


Women and men in communities large and small took to the streets this year to make their voices heard.

It was so often women who led their communities through the pain and protest. We watched mothers, faith leaders, and teachers push forward with the courage, command, and compassion such complex matters demand. We saw women elected leaders – Democrats, Republicans, and nonpartisans – mobilize to find common ground solutions that serve us all.

Together, the people – leaders and everyday Americans alike – demanded our nation do more to ensure we treat all humans with the dignity and respect we deserve.


A woman’s place is once again in the house – the White House! WCF was thrilled to welcome a 50/50 ticket and the strength it lends to Presidential campaigns in the years ahead.

Kamala Harris’ very right to vote was sealed in her lifetime with the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Now she’s in the main event as the first Black and South Asian woman to serve as Vice President!

#5050x2028 starts with a 50/50 ticket, and the expectation it sets for the future. Here’s to 50/50 at every level of elected government!


Women in 2020 broke the records women broke in 2018! More women registered to run for office than ever before. When all was said and done, double the number of GOP women and history-making Black, LGBTQ, Native American, and Asian American women are headed to Congress.

Of course, Congress is only 1/10th of 1% of elected offices. The good news is that a record number of women will serve in statehouses around the country as well.

We still have work to do, but we are glad to see Democratic and Republican women stepping up to run – and win! This is how #5050x2028 becomes a reality NOW, not 50 years from now.

Talk About It

Agree? Disagree? We want to hear your top moments of 2020! What inspired you?

Thrilled about a big win for women in your community? Or did you score a victory on your PTA? Maybe you’re proud to have led your kids successfully through Zoom school for the past few months – or you earned a promotion – or survived the whole dang experience.

Big or small, national or local: We want to hear your top moments of 2020! Submit your thoughts here.

Meet Your Board Members

 This month we feature… Jennifer Atkinson, P.E.

Jennifer Atkinson believes in the ability of women to create the solutions that make things work. She worked her way through college, rose into senior positions at the Missouri Department of Transportation, and up the ladder at one of the world’s leading contracting companies.

She’s seen women become roughly half the students at the engineering school where she earned her degree. In a field dominated by men, she leads a dynamic team of men and women crafting lifesaving tech and practices at the leading edge of transportation.

At WCF, she focuses on attracting women under 50 as well as corporations — to help get #5050x2028 done.

A Gift to Close Out the Year

This movement is being built at kitchen tables, on Zoom happy hours, in community centers… and with your investment.

We have big things planned for the new year, and we can’t wait to share them with you! But first: Can you make an end-of-year gift to the Women’s Campaign Fund and invest in the promise of #5050x2028?

Until Next Month…

You survived 2020! That in itself is something to celebrate. In 2021, let’s thrive together. Let’s build a future that works for all communities. #5050x2028 brings each and every one of us to the table – we’ll see you there!

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