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January 2021 Newsletter

We got a glimpse of our #5050x2028 future this month with the arrival of a 50/50 team at the very top of the United States government.

And the future looks pretty good!

Of course, we expect 2028 to be different than now – but how? Current struggles and crises can forge opportunities we might never have imagined otherwise. What’s your role in choosing our best options?

As we celebrate this 50/50 moment, we are also reflecting on a moment of transformation – the opportunity to find the space between unyielding division and another place, where so many millions simply live and work and do their best to thrive.

We don’t meet this moment by reducing all our ideas and inspiration to the two or three things everyone can happily and peacefully agree on. We meet this moment by recognizing the abundance of options and goodwill available to us. We meet it by looking for more great ideas and ways to improve on those options.

You can make it your legacy to recognize that a world of potential is in our hands. You may not always know how to do things better. Yet you’ll find things work better when you move like the ocean: “flexible, transparent, open, yielding — and unstoppable."*

Each of us has the power to become a rich resource through which a whole world of different forces and ways can live with enough common ground to thrive.

Think about that as we engage with the new year and the wave that’s building toward the promise of #5050x2028!

* Martha Beck, Steering by Starlight

In the News

First but not last. 50/50 in the highest office in the land is one enormous step forward.

We’re pushing on an open door that admits women who want to serve at all levels of elected government. It now welcomes them, even. More and more women, across the country, are walking into their offices with their own experiences, talents, and ideas to strengthen the underlying platforms on which all our most critical issues are decided.

No time to lose getting roughly half women and men into all our elected offices as we embrace these opportunities to create the new normal!

You’ve heard it said that the U.S. is now in a “shecession” – an economic downturn where job and income losses are affecting women more than men.

As we dig in to build our economy quickly and equitably, fair pay, child care, and paid family leave can become a normal expectation in the workplace. Men and women are living the impacts. Many elected women are leading the charge. Imagine how we’ll speed the pace of progress when 100% of America’s available talent, wisdom, and skill are at the table!

Just a few weeks into the new year, news of women appointed to posts of significant leadership is already becoming more of a simple fact than an earth-shaking event. Recent Senate confirmations shine a light on a new level of public confidence in the competence of women in the nation's vital roles.

In a roughly 50-50, Republican and Democrat, Senate, Avril Haines was confirmed – by a vote of 84-10 – as the first woman Director of National Intelligence! That’s a job that oversees our most critical intelligence agencies and units, 18 organizations including the CIA and the NSA. Together they employ hundreds of thousands of federal workers and contractors.

Janet Yellen was confirmed – with few ripples – as the first female Secretary of the Treasury. She will work to stabilize the American economy amid its worst crisis in decades and manage a large international portfolio of sanctions and trade agreements. Adds a whole new connotation to the idea of the money that women make.

Can you feel a shift in attitudes and expectations? Talk it up! Ask your friends about it…

Meet Your Board Members

 This month we feature… Betsy Wright Hawkings.

Betsy Hawkings believes in our democracy. She served as chief of staff to four Republican House members, working across the aisle to create the 9-11 Commission and Congressional Accountability Act (and the legislation to make them work), among 25 years of groundbreaking projects. She now works to reduce incentives for hyper-partisanship and gridlock, deepening leadership among members of Congress and their staff, while fostering new ways to do their jobs that get better results.

Hawkings helps steer WCF on several fronts, including how it uses resources and how it talks about its intentions, ensuring that the most people get behind the simple idea of #5050x2028.

Talk About It

Curious about what the world will look like in a few short years? Wondering what women and men, working together in roughly equal numbers, will be challenged to legislate, referee, and make into new policy?

Check out our list and then talk about probabilities and your own predictions with people you know. What ideas can you add? Where, specifically, will women in elected offices, from local to national levels, have the greatest impact?

Now We Ask For Your Support

We can see a 50/50 future. Can you? Do you feel the urgency of #5050x2028?

Together, we can harness this historic moment and take on problems big and small with 100% of America’s wisdom, talent, and skill.

Donate to the Women’s Campaign Fund today and be a part of the race to the future.

Until Next Month…

Be safe, be smart, and keep your eye on the future: #5050x2028!

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