Posted by Jennifer Scheulen on August 10, 2021 at 11:15 AM

July 2021 Newsletter

#5050x2028 isn't about politics.

It’s about culture. 

We can argue left or right, whose done what to whom, issues and policies… til the cows come home.  While too little changes in our expectations.

We are feeling creatures who think.  We think we are rational people first.  We aren’t.  Research shows that emotions get our attention and then we figure out what to do about it.  Once we get used to something, it doesn’t arouse much emotion.  That’s the idea.

Women at the big table about 50/50 with men?  Are you “Wow, that’d be cool!” or “Whoa! That’s a bit radical!”  Neither is our best answer.  The one that will really speed things up?  “Well, duh.”

That’s why the Women’s Campaign Fund…

  • talks about more than races and politics.
  • proposes radical partnership with men.
  • directs our attention to the 96% of elected offices in the U.S. that are at the local level.
  • loves Wally Funk.
  • woo hoo’s the first all-women broadcast team to handle a major league baseball game.
  • and shouts out the thunder of the National Women’s Soccer League.

WCF loves every example and opportunity we have to show how normal it is for women to lead, win, excel, persist, and simply be as good as or better than anyone at what they do.

So here’s what you can do.

Stand outside one of these long summer evenings. Look up at the world around you.  And give this little item a Brando-worthy roar:  “Why WAAIIITTTT?!?!?! 

Heck, host a party and get your whole crew to do it!  We’re talkin neighbors hanging out their windows, dogs howling, the whole shebang.

Unleash everything you’ve got to challenge our patience with getting there on some far off, magical day. 

As my relatives might say:  “We should live so long!”  Exactly!!  We should live til 2028.

Whyyyy waaaiitttt!!!



Talk About It!

The days are still long in July!  Plenty of time to raise a glass, or a fist, or a topic – and talk about it!

Start here.  Talk about… stories like these:

  • Pure Dolly

The money could have come from a lot of places. The heart and the smart? Pure Dolly. Perhaps she asked herself what WCF asks us all: Why wait? Read more…


  • World Leaders Commit $40 Billion to Advancing Gender Equality

“One-quarter isn’t equality. Equality is one-half.” –Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Executive Director of U.N. Women. Read more...


  • "This July, we declare independence from the divisions that keep us apart." Read more...


  • Tea for Tomorrow

July 19 is the beginning of the end.


  • Pushing the Boundaries

    Wally Funk waited 60 years for a seat in the cabin. Read more…


Now is the time we...

Make up a new dance (must by LOL funny)!

Steps, arms, eyes, props – use what you’ve got.  It’s your very own dance party.

But only do that dance on Fridays.  Every Friday for a month.  No soup for you if we find out you did it on a Wednesday.  Take a selfie.  Teach your friends. Repeat!

Give your body a little joy for the journey…

And, as we say each month, from that place, make your heart sing by making a difference… to women who have what it takes to shape the world we’re feeling our way into, connecting solutions to jobs, people to solutions, heart to hardships, opportunity to our scariest dreads.   

How can we possibly afford to wait?

No time to lose! #5050x2028. Click "Let's DANCE" to donate!




Until Next Month...

Be safe, be smart, and keep your eye on the future: #5050x2028!


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