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November 2020 Newsletter

In November, 50/50 leadership reached our highest office with the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. WCF believes a 50/50 team will bring outstanding insight to the table as our nation addresses challenges from the pandemic to culture change to economic endurance and recovery.

Americans with a wide range of ideas, from sea to shining sea, showed up and got it done on every level of elected government. A record-breaking number of women and, specifically, Republican women, were elected to Congress. Your neighbors and friends stepped up to run for local office and had an incredible impact on your community. Poll workers around the nation are STILL working hard to count every vote. You, the voter, made your voice heard.

It’s all worth celebrating. Take a lap around the living room and give it your best moves. Then, let’s get back to work – because we have a lot to do. Read on…

In the News

Let’s unpack this historic election! Here are a few highlights:

  • New Mexico elected the first-ever all women of color Congressional delegation in Deb Haaland (D), Yvette Herrell (R), and Teresa Leger Fernandez (D) amid a record-breaking year for Native American women. Read more here.
  • WCF-endorsed Marilyn Strickland (D) is the first Korean American woman elected to Congress and the first Black Member of Congress from Washington State. Read more here.
  • A record number of Republican women will join the U.S. House next year, including Diana Harshbarger (TN), whose win breaks up an all-male delegation in Tennessee. Read more about the movement that swept GOP women into office here.
  • Women of color made history in local races around the country on both sides of the aisle. Meet a few of these barrier-breaking candidates.

The Biden-Harris Administration is also busy building out a diverse cabinet.

Meet Your Board Members

 This month we feature… Diane S. Samuels

Diane S. Samuels models, teaches, supports, and remains committed to a world view of women who are strong, capable, independent, equal, and equally represented.

Diane spent her accounting career strengthening the capacity of women to manage their financial lives. In her personal life, she mentored and volunteered in support of vulnerable women and children.

In retirement, Diane uses her decades of experience as a volunteer and CPA to support causes she believes in, from WCF to the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, the National Council of Jewish Women, and Congregation Beth Shalom.

Diane is passionate about working to create a government that reflects our country in all its diversity. She believes that only by empowering women to bring their perspectives and values to the political arena – and ensuring those voices carry equal weight – will we thrive with the full benefit of the leadership we deserve.

Talk About It

Many families are preparing to gather (however virtually!) around the dinner table this holiday season. With 50/50 at the top of the news, there’s never been a better time to spark great conversations with friends and loved ones about the impact in your life of men and women working together in roughly equal numbers. Where do you see it? Where do you want to? Why?

Try these conversation starters:

  • What if Congress was half women and half men – just roughly. What kind of issues might make it to the table that aren’t there now? What kinds of things do you think women would tackle that men might not? How might your life change if they did?
  • What evidence do you see of qualities that women bring to the table that are missing from our political dialogue?
  • Think about issues where it might be harder for women to understand the perspective of men – and vice versa. What are they?
  • When you look at our elected officials, locally, at the state level, or in national offices, do you see yourself or the women you love fully represented in each?

Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday. Invest today in #5050x2028 with a donation of $50.50 or $20.28.

YOU have the power to make a difference – this day and every day. Your conversation with a neighbor might spark her run for local office. Your vote might ring in 50/50 leadership on your city council. Your donation WILL help WCF harness the wins of 2020 and race all the way to 2028.

No time to lose! Make a Giving Tuesday donation to the Women’s Campaign Fund today.

Until next month…

Thank you for all your hard work this year to move us in such significant ways ever closer to #5050x2028. Have a safe and joyful holiday season, however you celebrate!

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