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October 2020 Newsletter

As a historic election cycle comes to a close, we are grateful to all the Americans who stepped up to make their communities a better place, and to all the barrier-breakers who showed us what leadership can and should look like.

From the voters and the poll watchers to the marchers and the courageous people who keep the conversation going across the aisle no matter how tough it gets, all the way up to one big 50/50 ticket, it’s everyday women and men – you! – who influence the forward vision of this nation!

Now, let’s get out and vote! And if you’re one of the millions of Americans who already cast their ballot, read on to check out what else caught our eye this month…

In the News

Did you know that before a new group of women was elected to Congress years ago, breast cancer research by the NIH used only male test subjects?

Differences in the quality of healthcare women and men receive persist today – and, especially with early evidence that men were more vulnerable, COVID-19 is only exacerbating them. Women can find their symptoms dismissed more frequently than men’s complaints and the lack of gender-based research is a long-standing problem in health care. Without robust COVID-19 testing and with a lack of understanding around the disease's "long-haul" symptoms, women are finding it harder to prove that their coronavirus symptoms are real.

Learn more in this interview with author Maya Dusenbery.

Sure, the presidential race is getting all the attention these days – yet state legislature races are really heating up!

Data from our friends at the National Women’s Law Center shows that women’s representation in state legislatures increased in 2018, jumping from 25.4% to 28.9% of all state legislative seats. And look at what happened next…

Women state legislators achieved more victories than men. They introduced more bills and saw more of their policies enacted than their male counterparts.

Check out more data from the National Women’s Law Center here!

And the good news doesn’t stop there: This year, the number of women running for state legislature seats rose in both political parties!

Of course, we still have a long way to go before women make up roughly 50% of the more than 500,000 elected offices in this country. Watch this space for more on the big show: Local elected office is where the rubber meets the road on #5050x2028.

Meanwhile, read more analysis on the impact of state legislature races here.

Talk About It

Your story matters. Your voice matters. Your vote matters.

What is on your mind as you vote this year? Your family? Our planet? Education?

Your vote is a personal choice, with personal values and stories behind it. Not party stories or news stories. Your values. Your stories.

Take some time over the next few days to share why you are voting this year. Is it for a person in your life, like a child or parent? Is it for a change in your local community or a value on a larger scale?

These personal stories have an impact on others who are considering if they are going to vote at all. Share your story with 5 friends and neighbors today. Open a door in the conversation and ask with a real interest about their stories. Show them the impact of their story, their voice, and their vote.

Get! Out! The! Vote!

We said it at the top and we'll say it again… Election Day is nearly here! This weekend is one of your last chances to make a plan to vote and share resources with everyone in your life to ensure they have the information to do the same.

Don’t delay! Return your ballot or familiarize yourself with your local Election Day policies, including the times polls open and close and any social distancing and mask requirements to ensure you stay safe.

What’s Next?

As November 3rd approaches, our team will not get the chance to stop! Our race to #5050x2028 is still on and heating up because we can’t wait for 50/50 – we have to sprint and get it done in less than 10 years. Will you grab a water bottle and run with us toward 2028? Women are set to make historic gains in elected office this year. That's just the beginning. We have to grab that momentum – and we can't let up.

Will you consider a donation to the Women’s Campaign Fund today to propel our work forward at this critical moment? With October coming to a close, we are working hard to hit our monthly fundraising goals to prepare for the work ahead!

Until next month…

Stay safe, be smart (even if spooky) out there, and have a fun Halloween evening! We’ll talk to you soon.

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