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Summer 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to your mid-summer newsletter from Women’s Campaign Fund!

Since we last talked, men and women across the nation continue to see bold crisis management and courageous responses to historic challenges from women elected leaders. Their decisive leadership gives us just a peek at what a future with women and men in roughly equal numbers at all levels of government will look like.

That’s the beauty of this pivotal moment: you get to move forward with clear intention, through all the uncertainty and upheaval, maintaining your vision of that future, the one you want and deserve.

In this newsletter, we explore ways to continue building the diversity of women running for office, highlighting the voices of Black women and other women of color – part of the promise of WCF’s #5050x2028 mission! Why wait to bring the strength of a wide range of experiences to the table?

What can you do to spark a conversation about these ideas in your home and neighborhood?

In the News

Record number of Black women set to run for U.S. Congress

From state legislatures to Congress, Black women are running for office in historic numbers! The World Economic Forum shines a light on the wide range of skills, talent, and community-based experience these women have under their belt. No question – they're ready to tackle today’s challenges head-on.

Marie Claire’s list of Black candidates running for office connects you to their campaigns so you can support and elevate their voices in elected government.

Many of the leaders highlighted have been stepping up and doing the hard work in their communities and in government for years. Now they're taking their skills to Congress, statehouses, governor’s mansions, city halls, and many more elected offices nationwide! That’s what #5050x2028 is all about. Check out the women running in your area and plan to show your support!

A New Database from the Center for American Women in Politics Shows Why We Have No Time to Lose Getting to #5050x2028!

CAWP at Rutgers University recently rolled out its 2020 database of women in elected offices, with up-to-date numbers from Congress to the local level.

Right now, 127 women serve in Congress (26 in the Senate and 101 in the House). Ninety women lead in statewide executive offices such as governors and lieutenant governors. Women make up 29.2 percent of state legislatures.

We have work to do to move those numbers to 50/50 by 2028! Why wait? What can you do to get after it now, soon, next election cycle? Take the common sense #5050X2028 pledge!

Women Are Running Like Their Lives Depend On It

ForbesWomen features Desiree Tims, running for Congress in Ohio’s 10th district, who captures the conviction of the unprecedented numbers of women running this year: “People are ready for women. People are ready for black women and people are ready for change. We're hungry for it.” If elected, Desiree will become the first African American and the first woman to hold that seat in Congress. The promise of women like Desiree, who are fired up and ready to dig into the work, gives us real hope for action on our most pressing issues.

In other good news, Republican women are making great strides – and history – this year: 221 filed to run for House seats vs. 120 in 2018. A record 490 women filed to run for U.S. House seats altogether, surpassing 2018’s 476!

Read more about the women who are changing the tide! With your help, we can boost this trend!

Female Leaders Shine in the Age of COVID-19

NBC News reports that the leadership skills we see in women responding to the pandemic are the strengths we need to see in our leaders going forward.

Profiles of women governing here and abroad show that traits typically associated with femininity – like compassion, humility, and collaboration – are just what the doctor ordered to navigate the crisis and care for the people they serve.

Let’s bring these skills to bear on all the unknowns ahead – in crisis and every day!

Check Out this Month’s “Talk About It” Topic

While we celebrate the idea that women got the right to vote nearly a hundred years ago, Black women had to wait until 1965 to be guaranteed that privilege.

Educator and political advisor, Mary McLeod Bethune, was among the civil rights leaders who did not sit quietly with that outcome. She formed the National Council of Negro Women in 1935 – and the activism of Black women over the next 30 years played a key role in the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Finally, in 1965, the Voting Rights Act banned the racial discrimination many states had used to rob Black Americans of their vote. Today, Black women fuel history once again, shaping a world strengthened by their voices.

What can you do in your daily actions and conversations to help ensure ours is a good government for all?

Reminder: Register to Vote!

Dozens of elections – from school board to Congressional primaries – call us to participate before Election Day 2020. Make your voice heard! Use Ballotpedia’s 2020 calendar to see what’s coming up in your state!

BTW, you can’t vote by Zoom! Plan the route to the ballot box that works best for you today. Plug your zip code into WCF’s voter tool to find all the voting options and details you'll need!

Meet Your Board Members

This month we feature...

Jamie Covello

Jamie Covello wants women to understand their power. Thirty years ago, she co-founded the most prestigious and coveted women’s industry networking organization in New York. She continues to mentor young women, opening her doors, her dinner table, and her database as they build their careers.

Jamie broke barriers early in her professional life to become one of the first female Principals of one of the largest global commercial real estate firms on the planet, Cushman & Wakefield. Now she is Executive Director at innovative industry pacesetter, Avison Young. Along the way, Jamie built an unparalleled book of strong business and corporate relationships — which she often wields to give back, fundraising and serving on multiple boards of directors — including yours at WCF!

Jamie serves you by lighting up her network to get people and companies onboard with the common-sense concept of #5050x2028. When she picks up the phone or pushes “send,” you can be sure she’s working for you!

Until next month…

May you and your loved ones be well, safe, and always learning.

Question of the Month:

What can you do to build the diversity of women running for office in your community? Who can you ask to run – whether this time or next?

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