Use the Tools

Let's seed the terrain women run on. Congress is 1/10th of one percent of elected offices in the U.S.  State offices are 3.5% more.  Roughly 96% of the nearly 520,000 elected offices in the U.S. are at the local level. 

That means the road to elected office runs right through our neighborhoods, with half a million onramps to service and influence.

In 2020, WCF launched the All Politics is Local initiative with the YWCA and market innovators Datastory to map every one of the those local elected offices, delivering the rich layers of data and information a woman candidate needs to do a deep dive on local priorities, then choose, file, run for, and govern well in elected office. 

WCF’s five umbrella programs further support candidates in myriad ways, changing public expectations, telling stories with data, building networks among public, corporate, and  nonprofit partners – clearing a broad path on which women run, win, and govern. 

So many great groups now do a terrific job supporting, training, and encouraging women who want to run for office. That’s why WCF also shares, in simple Action Toolkits, information about their resources along with general tips to help women consider a run for office.

We also give you the tools to inspire a woman to run.

Then WCF’s 50/50 PAC supports a strategic group of women candidates with proven common ground skill sets at all levels of elected office.