What is WCF?

The Women’s Campaign Fund leverages common ground to build good government at all levels using 100% of America’s talent, wisdom, and skill.

We are people from all political parties who commit to 50/50 representation by women and men in elected offices nationwide by 2028.  Not a quota. Just a common-sense concept.

Why wait?

Our Story

WCF made a bold decision in 2017. We used to choose candidates based on issues. We now choose to strengthen the underlying platform for solving all of them. We set a big goal for getting women into office and set criteria to ensure they have the goods to make better decisions and create lasting change.

#5050x2028 means no one needs to speak for all women, for all men, nor for all topics. WCF champions the ability of more women to speak for themselves, working in roughly equal numbers with men, in every party, every elected office, at every level of government. Period.

Invest with us in that future. Take action now!




Who is WCF?

WCF is driven by the passion of leaders with the talent, wisdom, and experience to guide you – and people of other parties and points of view – to #5050x2028.