Honor a Woman Who Changed Your History!

Create a lasting tribute to a woman whose actions, beliefs, or dreams changed your life for the better, changing your history. Was she a family member, teacher, friend, mentor, elected official, coworker, or caretaker? Did she simply provide the right words at the right moment? 

Share your story – and hers!

It’s simple.  Post a brief story about it here and tell us how you benefited. Be sure to include her name, her relationship to you, when she changed your history, and where it occurred (in general, not a specific address).

Then, provide a gift of $20.28 in her name to honor her and help ensure our democracy benefits from 100% of the nation’s available talent, wisdom, and skill – roughly half women and half men at the table in all elected offices nationwide.

We’ll confirm when your story is posted in our website’s Women Who Changed Your History library, for all to see and be inspired by! We may contact you to provide a photo or short video to accompany your story.

Let’s go!

Honor a woman who changed your history: