Running for office — and governing, once you have the job — is a challenge made all the more complex by the diversity of our experiences and identities in a nation like ours. Learning to navigate and work across differences — whether of ideology, identity, or philosophy — is the cornerstone of effective governance, and profoundly enriches our lives. 

We know that working across differences can be difficult — and believe that you are up to the challenge, especially when provided with resources to help you reach common understanding!

We love this piece from the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, “10 Tips for Getting People to Talk Across Political Differences,” which offers impactful advice for how to bridge divides to have productive conversations. For a deeper dive, explore the rest of the series, “Bridging Differences.” We particularly like this piece on finding common ground.

We also love this keynote address by Caroline Smith, an entrepreneur and community organizer in New Haven, Connecticut, delivered at the Student and Alumni of Yale Leadership Forum. Smith shares some of the lessons she’s learned through her experiences as a community organizer and entrepreneur, with a focus on building trust, working across differences, and leading effectively through it all.