WCF Difference

  • Early

    We understand the importance of supporting women at the earliest stages of their race, when that support is most needed.

    Just ask New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan who credits WCF with playing a game-changing role in her historic election.

  • At All Levels

    We support women leaders at all levels of government - and we do mean all. From school board to Congress, women are needed at all levels to make a positive difference in their communities.

  • Bipartisan

    We support women leaders on both sides of the aisle who support women.

  • Bold

    We are not bound by party politics or conventional thinking. We are uncompromising in our vision of more women in government and are willing to challenge the status quo to achieve it.

  • Diverse

    We want a truly representative government that reflects the diversity of our country, including women of color, LGBT women, and young women.


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