11/09/11 - Women’s Campaign Fund Appalled by the Efforts of New Jersey State Senators to Demote Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono



November 9, 2011

CONTACT: Juan Garcia      

Women’s Campaign Fund Appalled by the Efforts of New Jersey State Senators to Demote Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono

The Women’s Campaign Fund would like to express outrage with the New Jersey State Senate for its treatment of New Jersey Senate Majority Leader Barbara Buono (D-18). Senator Buono was recently promoted to the Majority Leader position, the first time a woman has held that post. However, party leaders are said to be attempting to dilute Buono's leadership cache by forcing her to share the leadership position with Senator Loretta Weinberg (D-37).

“Time and time again, we see this sort of thing happening all across the nation,” says WCF CEO/President Siobhan “Sam” Bennett. “Women in leadership positions continue to be threatened by the old boys club—whether through unfair scrunity of their credentials, by pitting her against a fellow female candidate, or through this unprecedented power-sharing gimmick. WCF joins the the National Women’s Political Caucus in standing behind Senate Majority Leader Buono."

The New Jersey Assembly Democrats will be voting tomorrow on the restructuring of the party leadership. The Women’s Campaign Fund encourages party leaders to abandon any plans to force the Majority Leader to accept a power sharing agreement and issue an apology to Senator Buono.

“This is a thinly veiled attempt to use one woman politician to derail another's rise in leadership," WCF Political Director Erin Loos Cutraro. "Women see right through these parlor tricks. Senator Buono has a history of challenging the ‘old boys network’ so it is no surprise that they are coming after her ahead of the 2013 gubernatorial election, for which Buono will be a top tier contender."


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