11/15/10 - WCF Letter of Support for Speaker Nancy Pelosi's candidate for Minority Leader


WCF Letter of Support for Speaker Nancy Pelosi's candidacy for Minority Leader

November 15, 2010

Dear WCF Supporter,

I urge you to lend your support to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s candidacy for Minority Leader of the US House in the 112th Congress. Speaker Pelosi served as the first female Speaker of the House and she is an indispensible role model to many women in politics. During her tenure, she faced major challenges and a tumultuous political climate. Through it all, she was able to unite Congress and pass historic Healthcare Reform legislation when others had tried and failed for decades. Speaker Pelosi has been a remarkably effective leader, and her tenure as Speaker will be remembered for the record amount of legislation the House was able to pass.
With only 17% of U.S. Congressional Representatives being women, and the likely Republican leadership being all male, the continued leadership of Speaker Pelosi is greatly needed to support women’s voices in the House. It is not enough to simply elect more women to Congress: we must also join together to ensure they are duly represented in crucial leadership positions. I encourage you to support her bid for the House Minority Leader.
The Women’s Campaign Forum (WCF), founded in 1974, is the oldest organization financially supporting women candidates and is only non-partisan political venture capitalist organization supporting women leaders at all levels of office, during the earliest stages of their public life. WCF is proud to have endorsed Speaker Pelosi in the past and looks forward to continuing to support her in this leadership position. Without question, Speaker Pelosi’s effective leadership and ability to collaborate is critically needed in Congress.

With the U.S. currently ranked 90th in the world for women’s political representation at the national level, our task is critical.  As a decision maker on this nomination you have the opportunity to support women’s leadership and move our country in a positive direction. Please support Speaker Nancy Pelosi for House Minority Leader.
We sincerely thank you for your consideration. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions, 484-560-2810.

Warm Regards,

Siobhan Sam” Bennett
WCF President/CEO

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