Warning! Graphic Inequality Ahead



Weekly Brief: April 9, 2014
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Get Your Change In The Game
WCF just released its very first round of Game Changers, the first initiative of its kind! This week, they're featuring Emily Cain, Eloise Gomez Reyes, Charniele Herring, Sandra Fluke, Connie Pillich, and Nina Turner—come meet them and find out how they’re changing the game.

Springing Into Action
April showers bring new endorsements! This week’s bunch includes Federal candidate Wendy Greuel (CA-33) and local candidates Rep. Val Hoyle (Oregon State House), Cheryl Kagan (Maryland State Senate), Dawn Lesley (West Lane County Commissioner), Jennifer Marsden (Alabama State House), Lynn Mason (Michigan State House), and Sharon Quirk-Silva (California State Assembly). Now bloom, ladies!

You Gotta Fight For Your Right
It’s that time of the year again! Women’s Campaign Fund's annual Parties of Your Choice Gala will be held May 15th in New York City. Come celebrate WCF's 40th anniversary of breaking barriers, defending choice, and electing women.

Needs Some Polish
Two of the biggest jewelers in the country, Jared and Kay, are getting called out for discrimination and pay inequality. You know what they say: every kiss begins with a call to HR and sensitivity training.

Be Aggressive
In a response to a suit brought by two NFL cheerleading teams, the Labor Department recently decided that cheerleaders are only “seasonal amusement” and don’t deserve minimum wage. I guess they’re completely unlike the “seasonal amusement” that the football players provide.

One Strike, You’re Out
A sports talk show host ranted about a baseball player’s paternity leave, saying that you don’t need to be with your wife after having a baby because “she doesn’t need help.” Well, you’re in luck, Mr. Sports Talk Radio—with that attitude, I don’t think ANYONE would want you around.

Feminism: It’s Totally Gnarly
After being fed up with Track Magazine’s sexist depiction of women surfers, a 13-year-old girl wrote an eviscerating letter to the surfing mag, writing that she was sick of seeing them treat female surfers less than professionally. When it comes to taking female athletes seriously, Track isn’t exactly staying afloat.

‘Til Jobs Do Us Part
A Heritage Foundation panel announced that women are better off seeking wealthy husbands than good jobs— and just in time for the end of Women’s History Month, too! All the honeys making money won't be happy when they hear this.

She’s Primarily Awesome
With Muriel Bowser’s victory in the DC mayoral primary last week, the WaPo wonders how her gender hurts or helps her chances of becoming mayor. I’d like to think that her chances have everything to do with her qualifications, but maybe that’s just me.

Not So Sweet
Fun fact: Mississippi's sex education is terrible. How terrible, you might ask? They teach kids that women who are sexually active before marriage are like unwrapped pieces of chocolate. This brand of slut-shaming ‘education’ definitely leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

On The Border Of Decency
Thanks to all the restrictions on abortion in Texas, conditions are ripe for the return of back-alley abortions, as examined here. For a state that doesn’t like to be messed with, Texas sure likes messing with reproductive rights.

CIAin’t So Smart
The former head of the CIA, Michael Hayden, suggested that Senator Dianne Feinstein is “too emotional” to be objective when it came to reports on torture. Too bad Mr. Hayden’s sexism is compromising his objectivity.

Vote On
In Afghanistan’s general election last weekend, the ballot included 3 female candidates. In spite of the threats of violence against them, we applaud these brave women and hope Afghanistan will elect its first female Veep.

Warning: Graphic Inequality Ahead
Need a bunch of stats on the lack of women in government? Do you want those stats compiled into one awesome-looking infographic? Luckily, She Should Run’s got ya covered.


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