We Can't Be Ruthless


Weekly Brief: October 1, 2014
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund


Southerner Lt. Governors
Floridians and Georgians rejoice, we have two very impressive women who are changing the game in your states. We welcome two Lieutenant Governor candidates, Annette Taddeo (FL) and Connie Stokes (GA) as our newest Game Changers!

We Can’t Be Ruthless
I don’t wanna live in a world where Ruth Bader Ginsburg isn’t a Supreme Court Justice. Thankfully, RGB recently said she will not step down because the Prez would not be able to appoint an acceptable replacement. I definitely can’t argue with her on that one (or anything else).

Little Shop of Horrible
A t-shirt that read, “It’s not rape-It’s a snuggle with a struggle,” has been pulled from shelves after it caused a very justified outrage. But GREAT news for any lowlife who wants to be and look terrible: it can still be purchased online.

Husky Hero
The late John Toner advocated for women’s athletics at UConn throughout his career. He added women’s varsity sports there in 1974 and today the basketball team holds the longest winning streak in history. Mr. Toner, my life size Maya Moore poster and I sincerely thank you.

Joseph Gordon-Loveit
A lot of people think feminism should not exist, but JGL is not one of them. Last week, he posted a viral video saying feminism is very necessary. Somebody, PLEASE call up his mother and thank her already. 

Shower Power
Congressman Steve Southerland (FL-02) was criticized last week for hosting an all-male fundraiserbut defended his actions by saying women host exclusive "lingerie showers." He obviously gets that nothing says, "I respect and understand women" quite like a lingerie joke. 

Not Good, Hollywood
Actress Geena Davis recently gave a speech about gender inequity in movies. According to new research, women only account for 10% of politicians on screen. Davis believes that more fictional women in power will lead to more real women running for office. That woman is in a league of her own.

***Feminist (featuring Beyonce)
Why is it so hard for famous women to call themselves feminists? Apparently, many think the label will isolate them from fans. All I’m gonna say is, Beyonce wrote a song about itand she seems to be doing fine. 

Sorry You’re Not Sorry
A Fox News host recently referred to a female pilot as “boobs on the ground.” He gave two forced apologies, saying “some people didn’t think it was funny.” I feel like no one laughed at this overtly sexist joke—but he’s clearly the comedy expert here.  


  • ★ 50/50 Representation

    Why should good government depend on only half of the nation’s human capital? WCF commits to 50/50 representation of women and men in elected office by 2028.

  • ★ Common Ground

    Common ground just means problems get solved more collaboratively, for the good of more people. It’s the bedrock of our leadership at home and abroad.

  • ★ Viability for Election

    It takes more than money to make a candidate worth electing. WCF looks for guts, street sense, situational awareness, resilience -- the full range of gifts a woman brings to the race.

  • ★ Non-Partisan

    A woman’s place is in every party, every elected office, at every level. Period.