4/7/14 WCF Announces New Game Changer Initiative for Women in Politics, Reveals First Six Game Changers


April 7, 2014

CONTACT: Juan Garcia

WCF Announces New Game Changer Initiative for Women in Politics, Reveals First Six Game Changers

(WASHINGTON, DC) – Today, as part of the celebration of its 40th anniversary, Women’s Campaign Fund (WCF) launched a new initiative aimed at “changing the game” for women in politics. The initiative lays out WCF’s vision for a more representative government that includes more women, minorities, and others from outside the traditional world of politics.

“This year, Women’s Campaign is celebrating 40 years of being the country’s first national organization to support women candidates,” said Clare Bresahan, WCF’s Political and Programs Director. “Over the last four decades, we have stood with thousands of women across the country running for office at levels of government and from both parties. This year, to honor the legacy of the trailblazers we’ve helped along the way, WCF is launching its Game Changers initiative.”

The Game Changers initiative will complement WCF’s existing political endorsement program. The 40 women chosen for the initiative were selected from the pool of WCF’s already impressive roster of endorsed candidates.

“WCF is proud to stand with the 55 women we’ve already endorsed in the 2013-2014 election cycle,” said Bresnahan. “Between now and Election Day 2014, we’ll be adding dozens of qualified women running across the country to that already impressive roster. Our Game Changers initiative is an opportunity to support those women while making a statement about the direction the country needs to go in. In order to better tackle the serious problems facing our nation, we need our government to better reflect the rich diversity of the country. That includes more women, more people of color, more young people, more LGBT people, and more people from outside the traditional world of politics.”

“We were searching for 40 women across the country who are redefining what it means to be a woman in politics. Bold women leaders running at both the federal, state, and local level who are going to have a lasting impact on their communities. Women who will be fierce advocates for the advancement of women, including support for reproductive health. Women with incredible potential that has been overlooked by the traditional political institutions, including first time women candidates and rising stars who can truly benefit from the support of an established organization like WCF.”

Today, WCF revealed the first six women that will be part of the Game Changers initiative. Each week, WCF will add more women to the list, leading up to the organization’s 40th anniversary celebration at the Parties of Your Choice Gala in New York City on May 15th. To candidates announced today include:

Emily Cain, running for U.S. House of Representatives (ME-02): As the granddaughter of two World War II veterans, the niece of a Vietnam veteran, and the cousin of Afghanistan War veterans, Emily knows the sacrifice our nation’s service members and their families make to protect our country. As the youngest woman to ever serve as Maine’s House Minority Leader, Emily knows the importance of breaking down barriers for women and families.

Charniele Herring, running for U.S. House of Representatives (VA-08): As a woman of color, who was born in the Dominican Republic to a U.S. military family, and was homeless as a teenager, Charniele would bring her unique perspective to Capitol Hill. Virginia currently has no women in its Congressional delegation. Together we can make history and send a strong voice for women to Congress.

Eloise Gomez-Reyes, running for U.S. House of Representatives (CA-31): The daughter of immigrants, Eloise comes from a strong working class background. She worked in the onion fields since age 12 to buy clothes for school and worked up to 3 jobs to get through college and law school. She is now a small business owner who has worked hard for the benefit of her clients and her community.

Sandra Fluke, running for California State Senate (CA - 26): Sandra is a first time candidate, but has already racked up an impressive record of advocacy for gender equality and reproductive justice. She came to national attention when she was prohibited from testifying before a House committee on women’s health and has since continued to speak out for social justice across political forums and news outlets. WCF was the first organization to call for Sandra to run for office back in 2012.

Connie Pillich, running for Ohio State Treasurer: Hailing from Cincinnati, a stronghold of conservative southeastern Ohio, Connie has been a strong advocate for women in Ohio, despite the political risk. She has also has been a consistent champion of women’s rights at the Ohio State House, where anti-choice Republicans are the majority.

Nina Turner, running for Ohio Secretary of State: Nina comes from a military family and was born the oldest of seven children to teenage parents. She took her first job at age 14 to help her mother put food on the table. Despite the hardships, she was the first college graduate in her family.

For more information about WCF’s Game Changers, please visit wcfonline.org/game_changers. For more information about the upcoming Parties of Your Choice Gala in New York City on May 15th, please visit wcfonline.org/gala.



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