Common Ground

★ Common Ground is WCF’s overarching principle. When it comes to fighting political gridlock, the single biggest change we can make isn’t red or blue, Republican or Democrat. It’s electing more women who create Common Ground to solve the nation’s complex problems. Further, Common Ground reflects the way women elected officials work best, which also means elected office will be more appealing to women.

It encompasses a set of values and a type of leadership, an alternative to the sharp-elbowed politics that keeps America gridlocked. Common Ground means asking, listening, and hearing what your colleagues and constituents value and need. Common Ground means bringing allies and opponents together through communication, collaboration, and principled negotiation-- then taking action.

Common Ground means governing as leaders instead of following pundits or special interest groups. It recognizes that elected officials who disagree and are able to work together can get more done for our country. Common Ground will be the way we govern when we elect more women to office.

Many people ask us how do we expect elected officials to reach Common Ground?

Common Ground at WCF has five simple suggested strategies:

  1. Avoid demonizing the other party.
  2. Bipartisanship doesn’t mean giving up your principles.
  3. Don’t reject a good idea just because it is offered by someone from the other party.
  4. Take the other side’s concerns seriously.
  5. Keep trying and continue talking.

  • ★ Common Ground

    We support women candidates that believe in working together, building together, and coming to solutions that work for all of us.

  • ★ Bipartisan

    We support women leaders on both sides of the aisle committed to common ground.

  • ★ Early

    We understand the importance of supporting women at the earliest stages of their race, when they most need it.

  • ★ At All Levels

    We support women leaders at all levels of government. From school board to Congress, America needs women to make a positive difference in their communities.

  • ★ Diverse

    We want a truly representative government that reflects the diversity of our country.

  • ★ Bold

    We are not bound by party politics. We are uncompromising in our vision of more women in government and are willing to challenge the status quo to achieve it.