Game Changer: Lucy Flores

Lucy Flores


Lucy isn’t your typical politician. The daughter of immigrants, Lucy grew up in a challenging community in North Las Vegas. Through hard work and the investment of people who believed in her, she got her GED, enrolled in community college, and eventually earned her bachelor’s degree in political science from USC. From there, she worked her way through UNLV Law School and ran for office to represent the community she grew up in.


Lieutenant Governor – Nevada – Open Seat. This race will have big implications for the 2016 presidential election. In addition to Nevada being a key battleground state, there is a possibility that the Governor may pursue another political opportunity, leaving the Lieutenant Governor to run the state. It's clear from polling that Lucy is effectively connecting with voters.


Lucy Flores is a member of the Nevada State Assembly, representing the 28th district.

She currently serves as Assistant Majority Whip and Vice-Chair of the Nevada Hispanic Legislative Caucus.

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