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Weekly Brief: November 6, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Election Night: It was the best of times…
Congratulations are in order to the WCF-endorsed women who pulled off some incredible victories last night, including Houston Mayor Annise Parker (re-elected), Nan Whaley (Mayor of Dayton, OH), Kathy Sheehan (Mayor of Albany, NY), Eileen Filler-Corn (VA House of Delegates), Liz Crowley (NYC Council, NY), Melinda Katz (Queens Borough President, NY), Yvette Simpson (Cincinnati City Council, OH), and Stephanie Hausner (Clarkstown City Council, NY)!

It was the worst of times…
It was also a tough night, particularly in Virginia, where some of our candidates came up short in their races, including Barbara Buono (New Jersey Governor), Kathleen Murphy (VA House of Delegates), Jennifer Boysko (VA House of Delegates), Linda Bryant (VA House of Delegates), Freeda Cathcart (VA House of Delegates), Rebecca Feldman (NJ Assembly), Shari Song (King County Council, WA), Martha Good (Cincinnati School Board, OH), Marci Radcliffe (Mercer County Treasurer, PA), and Jenn Black (Loyalsock Township Supervisor, PA). I’ve got mad respect for each and every one of these trailblazing women and I’m pretty sure we haven’t heard the last from them.

New York's New Leaders
E-day was especially epic in New York, with two of its largest cities welcoming their first women mayors! Congrats to Kathy Sheehan in Albany and Lovely Warren in Rochester, as well as re-elected Mayor of Syracuse Stephanie Miner.

Back to the Future
Soon after a federal judge blocked the new Texas law designed to shut down most of the state’s abortion clinics, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the decision with devastating consequences. When Daylight Savings ended last weekend, we thought we’d just turn the clock back an hour – not freakin' time travel.

...And Back to the Past
Speaking of time travel, Senator Lindsey Graham’s turned his clock alllll the way back to pre-Roe v. Wade. This genius plans to sponsor a Senate bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks in all 50 states. Good luck with that, bud.

Big news out of Florida where Jessica Ehrlich has suspended her campaign for the 13th Congressional District. Jessica ran a great campaign from the very beginning and the entire WCF family is proud to have stood with her every step of the way. Incredibly bummed to see her go, but we have nothing but the utmost respect for her motivation: to clear the way for another amazing woman, Alex Sink, to make a run for the seat.

MsRep: It’s Good for You!
Believe it or not, less than half of Americans believe more women in Congress is a good idea. It gets even worse when you break it down by party: Less than a quarter of Republicans agree, and Dems don’t fare much better. Whoever answered this poll obviously hasn't been reading their weekly dose of MsRep...who are you? SHOW YOURSELVES.

Voter IDiocy
That moment when you push really, really hard for a strict voter ID law...and then end up disenfranchised under your own law. You just keep doin' you, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Stand with Wendy...FOREVER
Texas has a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad gubernatorial candidate in Greg Abbott – and from the look of these polls, it seems like voters are catching on. If only there was an amazing, super qualified woman candidate in the race who was kinda famous for just how much she was willing to stand up for women… Oh, hi, Wendy Davis!

Trick or Terrifying
Turns out there is something worse than getting dental floss in your Halloween trick-or-treat bag: How about some anti-choice propaganda?

Fruit of the Gloom
So...“anti-rape” underwear is a thing now. But I’m not entirely convinced it’s a good thing, especially after reading this thoughtful critique. However, I’m totally down for a bra that stops anti-choice politicians from dictating what women do with their bodies. Can we get on that?

Sharing is Caring
Getting through to someone who’s anti-choice can be as difficult as it is for Rand Paul to write a speech without plagiarizing from Wikipedia. But college students are showing how sharing personal stories in public can destigmatize abortion and even bridge political divides.

Quiet, Riot
Thankfully, a federal judge pretty much told Florida anti-choice protesters to STFU: He’s allowing the city of West Palm Beach to enforce a “quiet zone” around its sole abortion clinic, preventing protesters from noisily harassing its patients.

Lucy and Ricky Got Nothin’ On This
This one will hit ya right in the feels: When describing former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords at an award ceremony, her husband said, "I know what it takes to be a Woman of the Year. I see it in her every day." OMG you guys, staaaaaahp. JK, keep being cute forever and ever.

Give Ladies A Chance
All we are saying…is only 15% of Nobel Peace Prize winners are women. You’d think the international peace community would have this whole gender equity thing figured out, no?

Hard Hatted Haters
There are some huge tools in the construction industry...but I’m not talking about the jackhammers. From sexual harassment to threats of violence, women working in construction face serious sexism from their male coworkers.

Portrait of a Lady (Or Four)
The absolute fierceness of the Supreme Court’s women judges is now immortalized in paint. How badass is their official portrait?

Weekly Brief: November 6, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Election Night: It was the best of times…
Congratulations are in order to the WCF-endorsed women who pulled off some incredible victories last night, including Houston Mayor Annise Parker (re-elected), Nan Whaley (Mayor of Dayton, OH), Kathy Sheehan (Mayor of Albany, NY), Eileen Filler-Corn (VA House of Delegates), Liz Crowley (NYC Council, NY), Melinda Katz (Queens Borough President, NY), and Stephanie Hausner (Clarkstown City Council, NY)!

It was the worst of times…
It was also a tough night, particularly in Virginia, where some of our candidates came up short in their races, including Barbara Buono (New Jersey Governor), Kathleen Murphy (VA House of Delegates), Jennifer Boysko (VA House of Delegates), Linda Bryant (VA House of Delegates), Freeda Cathcart (VA House of Delegates), Rebecca Feldman (NJ Assembly), Shari Song (King County Council, WA), Yvette Simpson (Cincinnati City Council, OH), Martha Good (Cincinnati School Board, OH), Marci Radcliffe (Mercer County Treasurer, PA), and Jenn Black (Loyalsock Township Supervisor, PA). I’ve got mad respect for each and every one of these trailblazing women and I’m pretty sure we haven’t heard the last from them.

New York's New Leaders
E-day was especially epic in New York, with two of its largest cities welcoming their first women mayors! Congrats to Kathy Sheehan in Albany and Lovely Warren in Rochester, as well as re-elected Mayor of Syracuse Stephanie Miner.

Back to the Future
Soon after a federal judge blocked the new Texas law designed to shut down most of the state’s abortion clinics, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the decision with devastating consequences. When Daylight Savings ended last weekend, we thought we’d just turn the clock back an hour – not freakin' time travel.

...And Back to the Past
Speaking of time travel, Senator Lindsey Graham’s turned his clock alllll the way back to pre-Roe v. Wade. This genius plans to sponsor a Senate bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks in all 50 states. Good luck with that, bud.

Big news out of Florida where Jessica Ehrlich has suspended her campaign for the 13th Congressional District. Jessica ran a great campaign from the very beginning and the entire WCF family is proud to have stood with her every step of the way. Incredibly bummed to see her go, but we have nothing but the utmost respect for her motivation: to clear the way for another amazing woman, Alex Sink, to make a run for the seat.

MsRep: It’s Good for You!
Believe it or not, less than half of Americans believe more women in Congress is a good idea. It gets even worse when you break it down by party: Less than a quarter of Republicans agree, and Dems don’t fare much better. Whoever answered this poll obviously hasn't been reading their weekly dose of MsRep...who are you? SHOW YOURSELVES.

Voter IDiocy
That moment when you push really, really hard for a strict voter ID law...and then end up disenfranchised under your own law. You just keep doin' you, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Stand with Wendy...FOREVER
Texas has a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad gubernatorial candidate in Greg Abbott – and from the look of these polls, it seems like voters are catching on. If only there was an amazing, super qualified woman candidate in the race who was kinda famous for just how much she was willing to stand up for women… Oh, hi, Wendy Davis!

Trick or Terrifying
Turns out there is something worse than getting dental floss in your Halloween trick-or-treat bag: How about some anti-choice propaganda?

Fruit of the Gloom
So...“anti-rape” underwear is a thing now. But I’m not entirely convinced it’s a good thing, especially after reading this thoughtful critique. However, I’m totally down for a bra that stops anti-choice politicians from dictating what women do with their bodies. Can we get on that?

Sharing is Caring
Getting through to someone who’s anti-choice can be as difficult as it is for Rand Paul to write a speech without plagiarizing from Wikipedia. But college students are showing how sharing personal stories in public can destigmatize abortion and even bridge political divides.

Quiet, Riot
Thankfully, a federal judge pretty much told Florida anti-choice protesters to STFU: He’s allowing the city of West Palm Beach to enforce a “quiet zone” around its sole abortion clinic, preventing protesters from noisily harassing its patients.

Lucy and Ricky Got Nothin’ On This
This one will hit ya right in the feels: When describing former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords at an award ceremony, her husband said, "I know what it takes to be a Woman of the Year. I see it in her every day." OMG you guys, staaaaaahp. JK, keep being cute forever and ever.

Give Ladies A Chance
All we are saying…is only 15% of Nobel Peace Prize winners are women. You’d think the international peace community would have this whole gender equity thing figured out, no?

Hard Hatted Haters
There are some huge tools in the construction industry...but I’m not talking about the jackhammers. From sexual harassment to threats of violence, women working in construction face serious sexism from their male coworkers.

Portrait of a Lady (Or Four)
The absolute fierceness of the Supreme Court’s women judges is now immortalized in paint. How badass is their official portrait?

Weekly Brief: October 30, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Monster Mash
...your hands together, ‘cause WCF has endorsed a new round of candidates! On the federal level, we've got Emily Cain (ME-02) and Alison Lundergan Grimes (KY), and at the local level – say hello to Elizabeth Crowley (New York City Council, NY), Linda Bryant (State Delegate, VA), Jennifer Black (Loyalsock Township Supervisor, PA), Rebecca Feldman (State Assembly, NJ), Martha Good (Cincinnati School Board, OH), Marci Radcliffe (Mercer County Treasurer, PA), and Shari Song (King County Council, WA)!

It’s the Great Election, Charlie Brown
Now that you know about all of our great candidates, don’t forget to vote next Tuesday, November 5th! We may not be able to fix the gender gap at the federal level until 2014, but we can still make some big changes at the state and local level next week.

The Hill Has Eyes
And they’re all on Senator Patty Murray, who’s leading the charge on new budget talks starting this week. Under her leadership, here’s hoping Congress gets its act together ASAP.

The Texas HB2 Massacre
A federal judge struck down statewide abortion restrictions that would've gone into effect yesterday. But the fight ain’t over yet: Parts of the original abortion bill remain, and Attorney General Greg Abbott will appeal the decision. (Yup, now would be a good time to go ahead and support Wendy Davis for Governor!)

Final Emasculation
Oh no he didn’t: Former New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean called Barbara Buono unqualified, reducing her to a “nice lady.” (I mean...she's a current State Senator, former NJ Senate Majority Leader, and the Democratic nominee for New Jersey governor...but yeah, she prob has a pretty blank resume.) Buono slammed the comments, calling them a “disservice to every single woman” interested in running for office.

Invasion of the Body Regulations
Comics aren’t just for kids, y’all. In fact, I think all adults should read this one, which illustrates how abortion restrictions have been sneakily passed over the past year.

Eye of Newt, Hand of Creep
A Pennsylvania man could be charged for harassment after repeatedly touching a pregnant woman's belly without her permission. Since when is it okay to violate someone’s personal space like that? Oh right, since NEVER.

Unconstitutional Activity
As abortion clinics struggle to stay open in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, women are crossing state lines to access abortion services. Some even speculate that abortion access in these states may be worse than it was before Roe v. Wade – how’s that for a scary thought?

Are You Afraid of the Cost?
Some people just love to yammer on about how much funding birth control will cost taxpayers. They might not realize that the cost of unintended pregnancies is $12.5 BILLION per year to federal and state governments – and will actually double if we don’t invest in family planning.

Something Sexist This Way Comes
An elite law firm circulated a memo called “Presentation Tips for Women”, which includes pearls of wisdom like, “Wear your suit, not your party outfit,” and “Don’t giggle.” I’ve got my own memo for this law firm: Quit it with your sexist B.S.

No Toil Or Trouble
In need of a spa day? I hear ya. Here’s your excuse to take one, guilt-free: Self-care helps feminist activists be more energetic and strategic.

Run For Your Lives!
When I say “She should run,” I usually mean for public office. But hey, running in the Marine Corps Marathon is pretty cool too. Congrats to the military women who swept the top three spots in this year’s women’s division!

Don’t Be Caught Dead in That
What’s scarier than Ted Cruz in the Oval Office? Being caught in an un-feminist costume on Halloween! Luckily, we’ve got you covered with this list of badass feminist Halloween costumes. Dibs on the NuvaRing.

Weekly Brief: October 23, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

The Shutdown Got Shut Down
...In case ya missed it. Thanks, women!

To Have And To Not Vote
Goin’ to the chapel? Gonna get married? Gonna change your last name? Better make sure you update your ID or else you won’t be able to vote in Texas. True story.

Working 5 to 9
The record number of women governors holding office at one time is an earth-shattering NINE. Right now, we have five. With some great women gubernatorial candidates running in 2014, maybe we can do a little bit better this time, eh?

It’s Miller Time!
Lorraine C. Miller will serve as the first woman interim president of the NAACP starting next month! She’s also the first woman to fill the president-executive secretary role since 1916. It’s only been like a hundred years, you guys. But we’ll take it!

You Wouldn't Like Me When I’m Angry
When men in charge get angry, they’re perceived to be better bosses. But God forbid a woman leader ever raise her voice, unless she wants to be seen as an irrational, PMS-ing, whiny hag. This double standard makes me want to FEMINIST HULK SMASH something.

DVAM Distraction
With all the shutdown silliness that’s been going on, you might have forgotten it’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month. But 1 in 4 women will never forget.

Invasive Species
Behold, the anti-choice bro in his natural environment: A former Kansas Attorney General had his license indefinitely suspended for a whopping ELEVEN attorney conduct violations, including illegally obtaining women’s medical records from abortion clinics.

Patient Protection
Protection for Planned Parenthood patients in Portland, Maine? Yes, please. The Portland City Council will vote on a bill to set up a 39-foot “Patient Safety Zone” outside its Planned Parenthood clinic, intended to prevent harassment from hostile anti-choice protesters.

Driven Miss Daisy
I so admire Daisy Coleman’s strength. Not only did she bravely share the details of her rape with the world, but she’s also demanding justice – for herself and other survivors of sexual assault.

Slate’s Sober Sally
This week, in brilliant ideas: A Slate columnist is all like, “I’m not victim-blaming, but…” and then proceeds to tell college-aged women to stop getting drunk so they don’t get raped. The resulting takedown across the Internet is pretty incredible.

I’m Feeling Unlucky
Start typing “women shouldn't” into Google and you’ll come up with helpful suggestions like “women shouldn't vote.” UN Women took notice and released a powerful series of ads exposing sexism in popular search results.

Mo’ Men, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems
Women are less likely than their male counterparts to commit corporate fraud. Ladies, this is one situation where we don’t want to lean in.

Weekly Brief: October 16, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Congrats to Clark!
Yesterday marked a big win for Katherine Clark, who surged ahead of the pack in MA-05's Democratic primary. Since she's heavily favored to win on December 10th, it looks like Massachusetts could send another woman to Congress soon!

I've Got That Shutdown Sadness
The government shutdown seriously sucks – especially if you’re a woman. From domestic violence shelters losing access to funding, to college sexual assault investigations being put on hold, women are some of the shutdown's biggest targets. Next time you're at the polls, don't forget to thank the men who got us into this mess by electing more women in their place.

Conscience Flaws
Wondering what Paul Ryan's been up to since the election? Me neither. But he's back in the news for pushing for the shutdown to continue. Why? So the GOP can keep trying to add a “conscience clause” to the ACA, allowing employers to reject birth control coverage for employees. And we thought those gym pics were offensive.

Leave It To The Ladies
Unlike Ryan, most of us are long past tired of this shutdown business. Glad to see Senate women on both sides of the aisle agree – and are actually doing something about it.

Bravo, Brown
We wish we all could be California girls…'cause then our politicians would actually expand our reproductive rights instead of perpetually trying to restrict them. Governor Jerry Brown just approved two laws that will increase women’s access to safe, legal abortions in the state.

Alas, for every Governor Brown, there's a Governor John Kasich. Kasich has turned Ohio into a “laboratory” for pushing the limits of abortion law – and women's bodies are the test subjects.

Third Time’s the Harm
Colorado anti-choice activists just don’t know how to take a hint, do they? Even though their last two personhood bills have been nothing short of epic fails, they've gone ahead and put a personhood measure on the next state ballot anyways.

New Mexico, New Tactics
If they're not getting smarter, they're certainly getting sneakier. Albuquerque anti-choice groups are rolling out a new, local strategy, attempting to pass the first city-level abortion ban in the country through next month's special election.

The Maryville Horror
This might just be the worst thing you'll read all week. A former Missouri state representative's grandson raped a 14-year-old girl and left her unconscious, on her doorstep, in the freezing cold. And then he got away with it – all thanks to granddaddy's political influence. But there's hope that Daisy will get the justice she deserves, with high-ranking Missouri officials asking to reopen the case.

Twitter’s Top Twit
When your company is criticized for having an all-male board, it's probably time to take a good, hard look at yourself and start making some changes. Or, you could be Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and just insult your critics instead. #ThingsThatMakeMeAngryAtLife

Prime Pick
Being a world famous education activist, a Nobel Peace Prize nominee and leaving Jon Stewart speechless just don't cut it these days – not if you're Malala Yousafzai. Malala's got her eye on an even bigger dream: To be Pakistan's Prime Minister one day.

Mothers of Invention
That paper bag your bagel came in this morning? You can thank a woman for inventing the machine that made it, along with every other awesome thing on this list. Of course, some guy saw Margaret Knight’s design and tried to patent it first, but she was all like, “LOL, nice try bud” and won the patent for herself.

What Not to Expect When You're Expecting
October 10, 2013

So, I know it would seem that men in powerful political positions would probably be familiar with the idea of maintaining a level of professionalism and respect in their office, but, surprise!


Daniel Bresnahan (shown left) and Todd McGee (shown right), two City Councilors of Holyoke, Massachusetts, took it upon themselves to compare the attractiveness of two of their pregnant female colleagues before a council meeting--one of which is McGee’s wife. The conversation would have gone on as buddy banter if it wasn’t for the fact that these all-stars forgot to turn off their microphones and their conversation was broadcast on the city’s local cable access channel. Yeah, we heard your bro chat, and we're calling you out.



In the conversation, we get to hear Bresnahan give us his ever-so-valuable opinion on Councilwoman Rebecca Lisi’s attractiveness as a pregnant woman:


“I still don't really see a glow in her face, like most of the pregnant women I'm attracted to. She's just not doing it for me. Now your wife on the other hand - whoa ho, oh boy. When she was pregnant!”


So not only does he totally creep us out, he simultaneously objectifies McGee’s wife.


Now it’s McGee’s turn to stand up for his wife’s integrity as a respected Councilwoman and the mother of his children. Oh wait, instead he just replies, “I'm not gonna lie to you. I was pleasantly surprised.” Husband of the Year award.


Round of applause for these two, really. Not only do we have Bresnahan, who obviously forgot what it means to be a respectful professional, but we have McGee who stands by as his wife becomes a sexualized object for his buddy. Nice job.


Bresnahan and McGee’s comments are just part of the bigger picture of sexism in politics. “She’s just not doing it for me.” Good thing that was exactly what she was aiming for and she chose to become pregnant just for you. As if somehow her value is determined by her sexual attractiveness. Gross.


Women are not defined by what anyone considers “attractive” and everyone better damn well know that EVERY woman who has embraced motherhood is beautiful, amazing, and incredible (as well as those who have not), and the choice to degrade them with sexist comments will not be ignored.


Next time you are talking about your female colleagues (or, I cannot believe I have to say this, wife) you should address them with respect and maybe make comments like: “Damn, entering motherhood AND taking on misogynist men like me. Whatta boss.”


Weekly Brief: October 9, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Silly Women, Gaffes Are For Rick Perry
As a woman, it can be pretty tough understanding my own thoughts and opinions. Rick Perry’s wife knows what I’m talkin’ about! When she called abortion “a woman’s right,” Rick stepped in to let everyone know that she actually just stuck “the wrong word in the wrong place.” Welp, he is certainly the expert on that.

What’s A Girl Like You Doing at a Job Like This?
Instead of answering Carol Costello’s questions about the government shutdown, Congressman Todd Rokita called the CNN anchor “young” and “beautiful” and is officially that gross guy at the bar that won’t take “I’m taken/celibate/the Terminator/all the above” as a hint to please get the hell away.

What the Cluck?
Speaking of ew, buttons were distributed at the California Republican Convention that advertised the “KFC Hillary Special: 2 Fat Thighs, 2 Small Breasts, Left Wing.” Way to go with making substantive arguments, guys!

Imbalanced Equation
I hope you saved the face-palming/head-desking/sky-cursing for this one. This in-depth look into science’s gender bias tells one woman’s story of being graded in her physics class on a lower and less competitive “girl curve.” Her teacher is makin’ like gravity and bringing me DOWN.

Academic Epidemic
More fun facts, minus all the fun: Women scholars are cited in academic articles less than their male counterparts. Recognizing the epicness of this fail, a few professors created a whole essay series discussing higher education’s gender gap last week.

Out With the Young, In With the New
New polling data puts Congressional candidate Jessica Ehrlich (FL-13) ahead of incumbent Bill Young, who, based on his penchant for keeping the government shutdown, should probs make way for some fresh leadership.

Air Force #1
Ohio State Rep. and state treasurer candidate Connie Pillich is flying high this week with her endorsement by the Ohio AFL-CIO. And with her opponent Josh Mandel in hot water for receiving illegal campaign funds, it’s more obvious than ever that the Air Force vet is the woman for the job.

Logic: Impossible
The Nebraska Supreme Court denied a 16 year old an abortion because she’s not “mature enough to make the decision herself.” Although they logically assessed she’s definitely mature enough to RAISE A HUMAN CHILD.

Who Run Norway?
Girls! At least 40% of every public company board there is composed of women, and the country says the companies have become more “professional” and “globally focused.” Can the rest of the world handle this? ‘Cause their boards are too equalitylicious for ya, babe.

How to Call Out Sexism
Even 8-year-olds can name it and change it. One youngster got a series removed from her local bookstore when she pointed out how sexist it is that Boys Only guides feature titles like “How to Survive a Shark Attack,” while the Girls Only guides teach things like “How to Look Your Best for a Party” (we’re guessing they didn't mean how to be most electable for your political party).

I’m Not a Betting Gal, But...
If I was, I’d bet on these WCF-endorsed candidates running in 2014. This list taps incredibly qualified women like California attorney Eloise Gomez Reyes, Hawaii Representative Colleen Hanabusa, and Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley as ones to watch (and vote for).

Come On, Eileen!
Have you heard about Virginia Delegate candidate Eileen Filler-Corn yet? Her resume of all the times she’s been awesome includes, but is not limited to: Being 1 of 19 women in the House of Delegates, having nearly two decades of experience in both the public and private sectors, and consistently fighting for women's issues (remember that whole mandatory transvaginal ultrasound thing that Virginia was so keen on?). Be sure to show her campaign some love!

No Day Like Tuesday
Y’all, Massachusetts Senator Katherine Clark’s special election is next Tuesday. Make sure you get to the polls on the 15th, because you want her reppin’ you in Congress, trust!

Keep On Burnin’
Stop the freakin’ presses! Mary Burke, candidate for Wisconsin Governor, has hair that gets longer and owns more than one shirt, and Right Wisconsin’s Charlie Sykes had the cajones to call her out on that “extreme makeover” of hers!...Omg. It’s like the sexist jackasses aren’t even trying anymore.

Head of the Fed
This afternoon, President Obama will nominate Janet Yellen to be the next Fed chair, making her the first woman to head the Federal Reserve in its 100-year history. This is great news, 'cause we were pretty FED up with the glass ceiling over at our central bank! (Eh? EH?)

Weekly Brief: October 2, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Shutdown Solution
I think we all agree: This government shutdown is NOT okay. While we can’t change the current Congress, we can get it right by electing more women in 2014. How can you help? Join me tonight at Parties of Your Choice DC or give to Women’s Campaign Fund today!

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink Sneakers
Your day just got a little more awesome: Rumor has it, Senator Wendy Davis will announce her bid for Texas governor tomorrow!

Texas Hold Up
More exciting news from Texas: Three major pro-choice groups have filed a lawsuit against the anti-choice bill Davis filibustered last June. They say everything is bigger in Texas – so how ‘bout some big changes?

Golar Richie Goes Out Strong
Although Charlotte Golar Richie didn’t advance in the runoff in Boston, we’re still SO proud of her bid to make history as Beantown’s first woman mayor. We send her our deepest thanks for running a great campaign and paving the way for future women candidates!

Cuccinelli Should Be Jelly
Thanks to women voters, Terry McAuliffe has taken a huge lead over Ken Cuccinelli, his anti-choice opponent in the Virginia governor’s race. To no one’s surprise, women prefer McAuliffe by a whopping 24 points. How are those TRAP laws and personhood bills working out for ya, Ken?

Taking Christie To School
Under Barbara Buono’s watch, New Jersey’s public school system will no longer be a “whipping boy.” The gubernatorial candidate is billing herself as the “Education Governor,” promising to make public schools her first priority.

So A Democrat Walks Into A Tea Party…
How often do you hear of pro-choice politicians and conservative groups working cooperatively? Like, almost never. But Maryland gubernatorial candidate Heather Mizeur was able to work with state Tea Party leaders to pass a family planning bill that still respects reproductive choice.

A No Brainer
Former State Senator Jean Schodorf is running for Kansas secretary of state, hoping to unseat incumbent Kris Kobach. This fella is best known for voter suppression, advocating self-deportation, and telling young folks they don’t have brains. Quite the charmer, this guy.

No Fracking Way
Polluted water? Not my drink of choice. Thankfully, Shaughnessy Naughton, candidate for U.S. Congress in PA-08, is making sure water stays clean in her district, calling for a ban on fracking in the area. (What’s fracking? If ya don’t know, now ya know.)

Small Biz Whiz
Brianne Nadeau is a DC City Council candidate hoping to shake things up in Ward 1. At the top of her list? Encouraging small business and economic growth in the area. With WCF and The Women Under Forty PAC backing her, I can’t wait to see how Ward 1 grows under Nadeau!

Real Stepford Wives of New Jersey
Melissa Gorga – of Real Housewives fame – authored a marriage advice book with some truly atrocious tidbits. Some charming examples: Always have dinner ready, do all the housework, and submit to your husband, or else he’ll cheat. Either Gorga’s stuck in a 50s timewarp or this is a real cry for help.

Eat, Obey, Love?
About that 50s timewarp...Stephanie Smith is now notorious for writing an unfortunate blog detailing her quest to make 300 sandwiches for her fiancé in exchange for a wedding ring. Her sweet fiancé says “Make me a sandwich” to her every day, which has officially made me lose my appetite.

Jane Austen Is Judging You
A University of Toronto professor is “not interested in teaching books by women”, choosing only to teach books written by “serious, heterosexual guys.” Because we don’t pay enough attention to those dudes, right?

Weekly Brief: September 25, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Glass Ceiling Can’t Hold Us
Ever wanted to party with MsRep? Here’s your chance! Join WCF at Parties of Your Choice DC on October 2nd. If rooftop venues and open bars are your thing – and who are you kidding, they totally are – get your tickets today! Not sure? Here’s a handy chart to help you make your decision.


We stood with Wendy before, and we’d do it a million times over. Our next chance might be coming pretty soon – Senator Wendy Davis has hinted that she’ll announce her Texas gubernatorial bid on October 3rd!

Run, Wendy, Run
Abortion restrictions have caused women’s health providers to close across Texas, cutting women off from vital services. And for no good reason, according to people who actually did the research.

Sh*t Male Politicians Say
According to Republican U.S. Senate from New Hampshire candidate Jim Rubens, the increase of women in the workforce has led to more mass shootings. I guess we should just all up and leave our desks then…or we can make sure Senator Jeanne Shaheen wins her re-election so we don’t have to hear Rubens say things anymore.

XOXO, Gossip Guy
Here’s one more dose of dumb: An American Family Association rep fears Hillary Clinton may just become our first lesbian president because she’s "obviously" hooking up with Huma Abedin. Let’s be clear: A lesbian president would be capital-A awesome. But spreading rumors about Hillz’ personal life? Not cool, bro.

Better With Age?
After hearing that AFA comment, who else needs a drink? Clinton Vineyards (no relation to Hill-dawg) has released a wine called “Victory White” to “encourage Hillary to run in 2016.” Cheesy marketing ploy? Definitely. But toasting to Hillary’s victory? Cheers to that!

Watch Representative Jackie Speier school Congress on why food stamps can’t be cut. She even uses props to make it a little easier for her colleagues to understand that not everyone can afford to eat steak and caviar every day. Nonetheless, the bill slashing the food stamp program budget was narrowly passed in the House, and will move on to the Senate.

Wage Gap Woes
Women earn 77 cents to a man’s dollar…where have I heard that one before? Oh, right, in 2007. Good thing nothing’s changed since then. Also great: Women are more likely to be economically insecure than men, with 60% of single women unable to afford their basic needs. But who needs food or medicine anyways?

Contraception Emergency
On that note, who needs emergency contraception either? Native American women living on reservations find their access to EC especially jeopardized, since only 10% of Indian Health Services centers offer it over the counter. And the latest IHS solution to this problem isn’t doing enough.

First Lady
On the bright side, major congrats to Diane J. Humetewa on her nomination to the federal bench in Arizona. If confirmed, she’ll be the first active member of a Native American tribe to serve as a federal judge AND the first Native American woman to do so!

From The Makers of Mandatory Transvaginal Ultrasounds
Coming to a TV near you: A new Republican anti-ACA ad features a mega creepy Uncle Sam mascot wielding a speculum, which is definitely going to haunt my dreams. The ad’s message? Keep the government out of your ladybusiness. If you were looking for the definition of hypocritical, I think you just found it.

Run This Town
Asking for women’s input on policy decisions? What a novel idea! Vienna, Austria calls it “gender mainstreaming,” and their city planners are doing it right.

Ain’t No Party Like a Consensual Party
I’m gonna go ahead and file this under “Things I Wish Were Real.” Last week, a group of seriously brilliant college students/feminist ninjas put up a fake Playboy website featuring a fantastic consent-focused college party guide. And everybody LOVED it.

Naval Academy Nightmare
Horrifying stories like this one are exactly why consent is so important: A rape survivor at the U.S. Naval Academy was subjected to thirty hours of humiliating, victim-blaming questioning during a public hearing. With Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's bill to address sexual assault in the military gaining new support, we hope this kind of treatment never happens again.

Get In Tune With The Times
The next time you head to the symphony, take a good look at who's holding the baton: A mere 20% of U.S. orchestra conductors are women. Who knew there were glass ceilings waiting to be smashed in the orchestra pit?

Weekly Brief: September 18, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

There’s A New Candidate In Town
LOVING this video by Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, who announced her candidacy for governor earlier this week. We’ve only got 5 women governors right now and it’s definitely time for one more (Or two. Or three. Or fifty).

Boston’s Next Boss
You know what else it’s time for? Another woman mayor (hey, it’s always time!). It’s no slam dunk, but Boston could have its first woman mayor if Charlotte Golar Richie wins. Get Golar Richie through her primary on Tuesday and let’s make history!

Empty Seat, Full of Opportunity
With NAACP President Ben Jealous retiring at the end of this year, an empty seat has opened up at the top. Some think it’s time for a Black feminist to take the helm of this historically male-led organization. I’m all about putting women in their place...In charge.

Testing, Testing
I thought we were supposed to be teaching, not just testing students eight hours a day. But that’s what’s happening in Virginia, and Delegate candidate Freeda Cathcart isn’t having it. According to Cathcart, teachers and parents feel students aren’t well cared for, so she’s calling for an examination of Virginia’s Standards of Learning. No doubt she’ll make the grade on this one.

Top Marks for Clark
Cathcart isn’t the only awesome woman in politics standing up for education. Massachusetts State Senator Katherine Clark, candidate for U.S. Congress in MA-05, is calling for increased early education funding and an end to Head Start budget cuts as part of her Pledge to Women and Families. Can someone give her a gold star?

Balancing the Equation
Here’s another trailblazer: Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen may be named the next Chair of the Fed, which would make her the first woman Chair. The most experienced candidate + a shattered glass ceiling = the right answer for the Fed.

Not only do we have to deal with mounting abortion restrictions at every turn, but there’s another big problem on our hands: We’re not training enough medical professionals to perform abortions and fill the shortage left by aging providers. On top of that, stigma around abortion at many med schools puts off students from learning about it in the first place.

Yes, Women Can Find Syria on a Map
“Foreign policy? My, that’s just too much for my delicate lady brain to handle,” said no one ever. Yet, national security continues to be viewed as a “hard” issue saved for the big boys, as evidenced by the dearth of women’s voices taken seriously in the Syria debate.

Ding, Dong, The Patriarchy Is Dead
Actually, forget what I just said. Did you hear the good news? Hanna Rosin officially declared the patriarchy dead. Women totally have equal representation in Congress and sexism no longer exists! Guess my funeral invite got lost in the mail?

May He Rest In Peace
Here are 39 things we’ll miss about our dear friend, The Patriarchy.

Meanwhile, Sexism Is Alive and Well
Following Christine Quinn's loss last Tuesday (FYI: I'm still in mourning), a lot of folks are asking: How big a part did sexism and gender play in the way the race played out? The unfortunate answer? A lot.

Be My BFF?
From Malala Yousafzai to Sheryl Sandberg, a new crop of feminist icons is kicking butt, taking names, and pushing us to be smarter, stronger, and a little more awesome every day. Looking for new role model? This list is chock full of them.

In Hollywood, No One Can Hear You Audition
Why are strong female leads so outnumbered on the big screen? It’s pretty clear that ladies kick a considerable amount of ass when they are cast. This list of women-led action movies is proof, which includes the scientifically proven Absolute-Best-Movie-of-All-Time, wherein a woman battles a freakin’ Xenomorph.

Weekly Brief: August 21, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Church and State Rep
A state representative from Missouri is suing the federal government. He wants to opt out of his insurance’s contraception coverage so his daughters can’t access it. You see, they’re a Catholic family—all he wants to do is keep his rosaries on his daughters’ ovaries.

No Means No Hamburgers
Hooters establishments in the San Diego Area have posted signs saying they won’t be serving Mayor Bob Filner until he cleans up his act (i.e., stop sexually assaulting every woman within a five-mile radius). When even Hooters thinks you’re objectifying women, you’ve gotta go.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree
New York Mayor candidate Christine Quinn was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to talk about her campaign. The first question lobbed at her was a real doozy: “If Anthony Weiner were a tree, what kind of tree would he be?” Uhh, if this were a real interview, what kind of questions would you ask?

Madam Professor
Hillary Clinton has been contacted by universities like Harvard, Yale, and NYU to take on an academic role. She’s just studying her options for now, but can you imagine Hillary as your professor? Longest line for office hours ever.

FLOTUS Calls For a Lady POTUS
Michelle Obama says this country is ready for its first woman president. Shame Malia and Sasha are too young, eh? Obama-Obama would be one hell of a ticket!

And To All, A Good Campaign
If Jeb Bush’s niece Barbara was expecting an awesome Christmas present this year, she might wanna lower those expectations. Barbara told People magazine she’d love to see Hillary Clinton run in 2016…even though Jeb might give it a go as well. Hittin’ him where it hurts…

Young Dames of America
Atima Omara was elected President of Young Democrats of America, in an election that was a pretty big deal—it was YDA’s first time electing a black President, as well as their first all-female Pres-VP duo. Also of note, Omara used to work at a little ole place called Women’s Campaign Fund. Don’t be surprised when we run everything.

She's Number (Air Force) One
It’s a bit hard to see the glass ceiling when you’re 5,000 feet above it, leading a squadron of jets. Just ask Lieutenant General Michelle Johnson, the new superintendent of the Air Force Academy. Johnson is the first woman to lead any of the big three academies: Air Force, Navy, and Army.

Going Out With a Ban
Ohio lawmakers are bringing back some old legislation. The bill in question would ban abortions after fetal heartbeat can be detected, at about six weeks. Is it time to revive the glorious hashtag #ThingsThatTakeLongerThan6Weeks? I can think of a few (getting a degree in gynecology, for one?)

Lone Star Hate
Potential Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott is a throwback to southern hospitality. When a supporter tweeted at him calling State Senator Wendy Davis “retard Barbie,” Abbott did the polite thing and thanked the tweeter. That's not exactly my kind of southern charm, cowboy.

You Are My Sunshine
Eloise Gomez Reyes is running for U.S. Congress! Hopefully she can bring some reyes of sunshine from her home state of California; some current Congressmen aren’t the brightest, if you know what I mean.

U.S. of Ann
U.S. Congressional candidate Ann Callis has been a judge for 18 years, bringing some much-needed transparency to the judicial system in her home state of Illinois. We’re proud to endorse a smart lady like her—and if any male politicians need her to explain what transparency actually means, we’re sure she’d oblige.

Graham Slam
Behind every great male politician is his even more talented daughter (ain’t that right, Chelsea?). Gwen Graham, daughter of former Congressman Bob Graham, is running for U.S. Congress herself in Florida’s second district. We’ve got her back all the way.

She's Got a Char-lotte to Offer
Charlotte Golar Richie would make history if she were to become Mayor of Boston; she’d be Bean Town’s first woman mayor and first African-American mayor. She’s also the most qualified, which is, you know, an equally compelling reason to vote for someone.

Make the Right Joyce
New York City Council candidate Joyce Johnson is pro-women and proudly endorsed by Women’s Campaign Fund. But also?! She’s got union endorsements. And you know how much I love unions!

Binomial Legislature
Virginia Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn is running for re-election on a basis of bipartisanship. This makes perfect sense when you think about it; nothing prepares you to handle a two-party system like a two-part surname. She’s double got my vote! #Hyphens2013

Wendy Davis, Jimmy Dean, On the Cover of a Magazine
Texas State Senator Wendy Davis was profiled in Vogue this week, next to a spread of this season’s most fashionable back braces (just kiddin’, but wouldn’t that be priceless?)

Dollars and Nonsense
Next time someone tries to tell you the economy isn’t a women’s issue, kindly remind them that NOPE. A recent study suggests that reproductive healthcare may be too expensive for low-income women. So, about that “justice for all” thing…

Is There a Different Doctor in the House?
Dr. Phil, the least trusted name in television psychology, posted a tweet asking whether it’s okay to have sex with a drunk girl. He then added “reply yes or no,” like it was a middle school love note. “Do you like me? Check yes or no. Do you always need consent before engaging in sexual activity? Check yes or yes.”

Vote of Confidence
This past Sunday was the 19th Amendment’s 93rd birthday! In lieu of birthday gifts, how about making a lil donation?

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Weekly Brief: August 14, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Salad
Elections are cool and all, but they really don’t focus enough on exactly how many calories each candidate consumes. With only three years to go until 2016, the New York Post asks the most important question: is Hillary on a presidential diet? The world may never know (or care).

Wrong Direction
Here’s a fun list: Groups That Have Fewer Women than Congress Does. There’s film protagonists (16% women), Fortune 500 CEOs (4.2%), and of course, members of One Direction (0%). That list is perfectly dismal by itself, but now there’s more. The Hill’s List of 100 People to Watch in DC has seventeen—count ‘em, seventeen—women.

What a Gloria Occasion
Gloria Steinem, one-time undercover Playboy bunny and full-time BAMF, will be awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom for her commitment to women’s liberation.

Putting the COO in Cool
If you’re wondering why your daughter won’t stop talking about portfolios and spreadsheets, Facebook is like, 85% to blame. One writer is suggesting that young women are seeking positions as COOs because Sheryl Sandberg made it cool. If I become a COO, do you think she’ll accept my friend request?

Unfriendly Fire
Two conservative women calling themselves the “Chicks on the Right” are here to tell us all what true feminism is about: driving women you disagree with into the ground. Their redefinition of feminism is super partisan, and more than a little hurtful. What happened to awesome non-partisan coalitions of brilliant ladies? Let’s try that. Could be fun…

Roe v. What Now?
Surprise! Roe v. Wade is still federal law! Apparently some Catholic hospitals in Wisconsin weren’t totally sure whether that was true, so they were all, “Let’s deny admitting privileges to doctors performing abortions!” But then Wisconsin was all, “Uh, LOL no, that’s against federal law.”

Oprah Approves This Message
Oprah has been getting increasingly more political, and it’s more than a little exciting. I can see 2016 now: “You get an endorsement! You get an endorsement! Everybody gets an endorsement!!” Well…maybe not everybody.

Holdin' Out For a Hero
On Friday, Obama signed into law the Helping Heroes Fly Act, introduced by Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. I’m so excited about this that I almost tripped over my cape.

They're Magically Judicious!
The way they’re reported on, you’d think pro-choice Republican women were some kind of mythical creature. Proving she’s an actual person and not some weird government leprechaun or unicorn, North Dakota State Representative Kathy Hawken talks politics with Salon.

Double, Double, Sexist Trouble
Ooh. Now this is interesting. Imagine it’s 2016 (that shouldn’t be hard—most news outlets are pretending it already is) and both Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren are running for president. Apparently, two women candidates means nobody can “just vote for the woman.” Sexists might actually have to read up on women’s platforms! The horror!

Exercise Your Rights
First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign has been fighting childhood obesity for years, but everybody knows it’s not a real campaign until it has theme music. Now, “Let’s Move” has a hip-hop album all its own, with activity-inspiring songs like “U R What U Eat” and “Get Up Sit Up.” Dance party on the South Lawn—you’re invited!

Air Out Your Grievances
U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer wrote an open letter to San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, asking him to resign. She would have written a personal note, but we all know that Filner prefers exposure.

What I Learned on Twitter Today, by MsRepresentation: When frustrated feminists of color create a hashtag to discuss racism among white feminists, it’s the white women who feel discriminated against. This thread sparked thousands of tweets; this isn’t a new discussion so much as a new space for it. Check out the trend yourself—there’s lots of super important learning to be had.

Here Comes Danger
The NYC Mayoral race just got more interesting. The Democratic candidates debated last night, giving Christine Quinn the perfect opportunity to remind us all that we’re supposed to be talking about policy. Remember policy? And actual results? Quinn does!

Secretary of Stating the Truth
When you watch this discussion between Melissa Harris-Perry and Ohio Secretary of State candidate Nina Turner, make sure you have plenty of room around you. You’ll need space to stand up, cheer, wave your arms, and pump your fists—especially when Turner makes the case for women to both run for office and make sure they vote for other women. Check out their talk on women’s rights and privacy.

Queen of the Hil
The Washington Post argues that if Hillary wants to run in 2016, she has to straddle the line between staying low-profile and commenting on important current events. Is her recent speech on voting rights a lil hint that she’s testing that balance?

Chief Executive Obstacle
You were probably too busy being discriminated against in your workplace to notice, but women face hella obstacles to career success. The Harvard Business Review noticed this lil problem and wrote down some words in their September issue about how to overcome the barriers keeping women below the glass ceiling.

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Weekly Brief: August 7, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Just The Woman For The Job
You know what they say, ladies: if you want a job done without egregious sexual harassment, you’ve gotta do it yourself. New York Public Advocate candidate Reshma Saujani has launched the #UpToUs campaign, urging women to think for a minute before they vote. “Do I really want someone who harasses his employees to represent me? No? Awesome, case closed.”

Peas In A Space Pod
Texas knows what goes together. Peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, abortion access and adoption class… yeah, they’ve got pairs down pat. The TX legislature is proposing a new bill that would require women seeking abortions to attend a 3 hour adoption class. Because they assume women don't know what adoption is? Great endorsement of public education there, Lone Star.

Stay Classy, San Diego
That ball of slime you pulled out of your shower drain has come alive, and it’s angry. San Diego Mayor Bob “Creepy Uncle” Filner not only wants San Diegans to pay his legal fees–you know, the ones he incurred for sexually harassing his employees–but he also says all that harassment or whatever was the city’s fault. Apparently, he needed to be taught that non-consensually grabbing an employee is uncool.

Alison Laughter-gan Grimes
Y’all, U.S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes isn’t just qualified; she’s hilarious. Calling Senator Mitch McConnell a dirty little obstructionist, Grimes said that if he had a kidney stone, he wouldn’t even pass that. While I never want to return to that image, the joke’s got a serious point.

Grand Old Parity
The five biggest GOP committees got together to tattle on Democrats, saying Dems claim to be outraged by the War on Women, and yet haven’t spoken out about Weiner, Filner, or Spitzer. Agreed – it’s more than a little infuriating to see Barack and Joe get tight-lipped on this business. But don’t throw stones from your glass House, okay GOP? Nobody’s perfect. Let’s just all elect more women to office. Deal?

Just Walker Away
A federal judge has decided that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s latest abortion restrictions aren’t just awful, they’re actually harmful. U.S. District Judge William Conley has temporarily blocked the WI measures, citing women’s health concerns. What a weird and arbitrary connection for him to make!

Less Angeles
In case you were wondering, L.A. definitely doesn’t stand for “Lady Authorities.” Los Angeles has exactly one woman in elected office. One. But don’t worry, it’s only the second-largest city in the country. How many women could be underrepresented in a city that size? Like, barely any, right?

Where My Ladies At?
If Iowa doesn’t get its act together, it’ll turn from Hawkeye State to HawkGUY State. Iowa has never sent a woman to Congress, but now there are five women running for Congress. Seriously, if there are five women candidates and Iowa can’t even elect one, I give up (okay, no I don’t, but come on).

Three For Three?
Chelsea Clinton may run for office… but she won’t do it soon. For now, Clinton is just transitioning into a more “public life,” but I can’t be the only one envisioning a White House hat trick from this family. Can I?

Not The Sharpest Blade
Keith Burris of the Toledo Blade had a few choice words for Toledo mayoral candidate Anita Lopez. “Lopez is a…very strong woman,” he wrote. “The question is whether this is what the city needs.” Is that really the question? There’s not a single better question you could ask? Because I gotta tell ya, Keith, the answer to a question like that is always yes.

Biden My Time
Vice President Joe Biden is headed up to New Hampshire to fundraise for Governor Maggie Hassan. We all know it’s pretty rare for me to be speechless, but I don’t even think there are words to express how awesome this is.

Wendy On Deck
Wendy Davis has announced that she will either run for re-election as a State Senator, or go for the big leagues and run for Governor of Texas. Either way, she’ll hit a major home run and I’ll be over here trying not to sob with excitement. There’s no crying in politics!

Gravitas Is Just a Theory Anyway
Two separate smear campaigns have said Janet Yellen lacks the “gravitas” (read: maleness) to run the Fed. Tell that to the economists who did some research and found Yellen’s credentials are by far the best. Looks like all those misogynists were too busy playing with their gravitas to crunch a couple numbers.

Meow-rie Claire
It’s a kitten-eat-kitten world out there, and Zooey Deschanel is here to tweet about it. Deschanel is much better known for her cutesy persona than her hidden layer of badassery, but her recent Marie Claire interview will change all that. Special shout-out to her Name It. Change It. moment – she refused to say whether she wants kids because “I don’t think people ask men those questions.”

MsRep's Book Club
Regina Calcaterra, a public corruption investigator for NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, has just released her memoir. Calcaterra grew up homeless, raising her siblings and dodging an abusive mother, but came through it all to a fantastic life in politics. This is definitely one for the book club.

1, 2, 3, 4, I Declare a War on Women
Let’s run some numbers, shall we? 170 anti-choice amendments have been passed since 2010, which is roughly 57 measures a year. Since that equals 57 laws that didn’t address the economy or jobs, some Republicans are pushing back against the abortion focus lately. SOUNDS GOOD TO US, YOU GUYS.

I'm Not Saying We're Better, But...
Anybody else noticed that we really don’t see sex scandals from female politicians? Just sayin’.

Hoist the Anchor
The first female co-anchor team on network news is coming to a television near you. Women may be underrepresented in government, but at least now they can report on that underrepresentation!

Run, Gwen, Run!
If you’re headed out on the campaign trail, it helps to know it like the back of your hand. Gwen Graham, daughter of political veteran Bob Graham, is running for Congress – and proving to be one hell of a fundraiser.

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Weekly Brief: July 31, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Stop Thinking With Your Weiner
It’s precious that some of his supporters have said Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal has nothing to do with how he’d lead New York City. Adorable, really. Meanwhile, over in Reality Land, Christine Quinn has called out Weiner’s “recklessness” to remind us that decision-making isn’t a case-by-case kinda game.

Fine Feathered Enemies
Senate candidate and KY Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes is a lot of things (see: powerhouse), but there’s one thing she’s not: a Kentucky Fried CHICKEN. Mitch McConnell’s aggressive campaign doesn’t scare her one lick.

See Jane Report
Nobody actually noticed it for the first few minutes because the sound was so foreign, but CNN had four women discussing a news segment! On live television! And it wasn’t about how to dress your #NonRoyalBaby, or what new diet will make Kim Kardashian jealous of you! In April of this year, CNN only let women guests grace their news programs 24% of the time, so this is pretty miraculous.

Sutton on the Dock of the Seaway
What’s that saying: when one chamber door closes, a canal opens? Former U.S. Congresswoman Betty Sutton has been slated as the new administrator of the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation.

Reid All About It
Are you sitting down? You probably want to sit down. I’m about to admit that, for probably the first time ever, I totally agree with a Senate Dude. I know, I know, but… look, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that even though Bill did some great things for the economy, Hillary Clinton would be an even better president than her husband. See? Now you agree with a Senate Dude too. Deal with it.

Best Funds Forever
Texas State Senator Wendy Davis is seriously teasing us. She came to Washington, DC this week on a fundraising tour and had successful sold-out fundraisers…which will cushion her gubernatorial run? Yes? PLEASE?

Class Is In Session
Was Nancy Pelosi a teacher in a past life? Because she just schooled some sexists. Pelosi quipped that NY Mayor candidate Carlos Danger Anthony Weiner and San Diego Mayor Bob Filner need to “get a clue.” BOOM–class dismissed.

MsRep In Memoriam
Who’s going down in history as one of the most influential political women ever? Everyone knows it’s Lindy. Former Congresswoman Lindy Boggs died this weekend at age 97, after a storied career that included positions as the first woman elected in Louisiana and the first woman to chair the DNC.

Witch, Feminist, What's the Difference?
Nina Pillard, Obama’s choice to fill a vacancy on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, is a dirty sex-monger who must be burned at the stake! At least, she is if you listen to the Family Research Council, a super hate-y hate group. They think Pillard is unqualified to be a judge because she believes in like, basic reproductive justice and argued huge women’s rights cases like United States v. Virginia. They also apparently think it’s the year 1679 and women aren’t people.

OMG OMG OMG, just when you thought Orange is the New Black was the best thing to happen to TV in years–IT GOT BETTER. A new miniseries about Hillary Clinton is coming to NBC, and will star Diane Lane as the one and only Hill-dawg. This plus the fact that the Ready for Hillary PAC pulled in a cool 1.25 million in its first full quarter is like Christmas in July. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Albuquerque, You're Grounded
The Albuquerque, New Mexico City Council is considering a 20-week abortion ban because…what, they’re jealous of all the other southern cities getting attention lately? Not a good enough reason. Stop it, Albuquerque. Go to your room and think about what you’re doing.

Gentlewomen, Turn Off Your Engines
Despite hundreds of protestors rallying against it, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed the #motorcyclevagina bill into law Monday night because McCrory knows that politics is about the people. The people and his right to ignore them.

Foursquare and Seven Blocks From Here…
Even though you told your mom a thousand times in middle school that geography doesn’t matter, I’m sorry to say that it does. Apparently, where you live makes a big difference in whether you’ll be slapped with abortion restrictions. Good news for Social Studies teachers… but maybe not so much for the rest of us.

Freakin’ Love What You’re Reading?
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Weekly Brief: July 24, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

I Wish I Mayor, I Wish I Might
It seems like women are making their way to mayoral positions aboard the Little Engine That’s Pretty Sure It Can, Give It a Sec. Only 17% of major cities have woman mayors, and wishing on stars doesn’t achieve parity. Voting for the woman mayor candidates in Tulsa, New York, and Boston would definitely help, though!

Mission: Impossible to Believe
We present to you: The Least-Founded Argument Ever, by Bill Briggs. Apparently, "Throwing a woman in the middle of a [military combat] team like that is just going to make the entire team useless” because people are just libidos with skeletons. Uh, I think we’ll take the risk, Billy.

Whose Turn is it Anyway?
Here’s the New York City political scene boiled way down: men begging for a second chance after their “Little Advisors Downstairs” ruined their careers, and a qualified woman demanding to be given a chance at all. Voting for anyone but Christine Quinn could have some very Dangerous repercussions.

Planning for the Inevitable
UGH, it’s starting, you guys. No matter how many times you tell them, anti-choice jerks won’t listen when you say “Hey, your bill will hurt women and close health clinics!” Three Planned Parenthood branches in Texas are closing now, because the provisions in HB 2 are impossible for them to comply with. How that counts as looking out for women’s health and saving lives is still a mystery.

GoldieBlox and the Engineering Degree
Maybe some kids like it when all their toys look like Pepto Bismol threw up on a bunch of cotton candy. But if you want your daughter to learn badass engineering skills, get excited about GoldieBlox. This toy-and-book series actually encourages young girls to take initiative, which makes my heart warmer than a bowl of porridge.

Red, White, and Blue Scare
We were a little worried the Senate would never get off their honorable butts and confirm Gina McCarthy as the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Luckily, though, they finally got it together and ushered in the kind of McCarthy Era that isn’t terrifying and oppressive. Yay!

Like Clockwork
Maybe the powers that be could ignore military sexual assault before, but not anymore. It’s time to look at the reality here, even if we have to get all Clockwork Orange about it and force people to face it. To that end, bipartisan group of Congress members (3/4 women!) has written an op-ed on why this is super critical.

Yellen from the Rooftops
Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Janet Yellen is being considered to replace Ben Bernanke as Chairman, but uh, the problem is… well, have you noticed she’s a woman? The people who have been running a secret smear campaign based on her gender sure noticed.

Only Have Eyes For Hillary
This just in: there are other women in politics who are qualified to run for President, but aren’t named Hillary! WHAT? NO. Popular opinion refuses to believe that! A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSE AND SENATE. If you’re willing to consider someone else, though, here’s a list of possible contenders in the 2016 Democratic primary.

Lifetime A-Skeeze-Ment Award
Picking a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is super hard. They have to be a good person, contribute to society, sexually harass the most women in the workplace…wait, except that last one. San Diego Mayor Bob Filner was supposed to be recognized at a gala benefitting survivors of military sexual assault, until –whoopsie!– he was caught in a sexual harassment scandal of his own!

Is a Living Wage a Carb?
Sooo turns out that being the breadwinner doesn’t exactly mean you can actually afford to eat the bread. Nancy Pelosi and a group of women Democrats have renewed a push for women’s issues to start getting attention again. Among those issues is minimum wage, because a girl’s gotta eat, y’all. And feed her family. And afford basic life necessities. Or whatever.

The Man-Parts Monologues
Since fewer women are in positions of power than men, the Times has decided it’s super totally okay to not quote anyone with boobs in pieces that aren’t strictly about boob-havers. They quoted almost 3 and a half times as many men as women last year. And yeah, you can quote me on that.

Taylor-Made to be Mayor
Not only is former Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor running an energetic (and pet-friendly!) reelection campaign, but her communications director’s name is America. How do you lose when America is on your team?

Chevy Desperado
Silverado, you sure have come to your senses! While the rest of the auto industry has been off ridin’ fences and thinking women only drive soccer mom mini vans, Chevy noticed that 15% of pick-up truck drivers are women-folk. Now they’ve got this brand-spankin’ new commercial featuring a woman rodeo rider and her trusty truck.

Anything You Can Do, I Can Ask You Not To
In the public eye, personal branding is a huge deal. People need to know what you’re about, what you bring to the table. In the case of the new Stop Hillary PAC, their personal brand is “We don’t like that lady, so she should stop doing stuff that makes us feel sad feelings.”

Clark in Charge
Massachusetts State Senator Katherine Clark has launched her campaign for Congress, and so far so great. She is killin’ it on the priorities front: leave ladies’ bodies alone, focus on things that should actually be legislated – everybody goes home happy. Yeah, I think we can get behind a candidate like this.

Gritty Woman
Uncross those ankles, lady journos. If there’s any legacy that political reporter Helen Thomas left, it was leaving the door open for women to stop worrying about being “ladylike” and start getting real. Thomas didn’t just pave the way for women to be political press members; she paved the way for them to be actual members, who can be comfortable making other people uncomfortable.

Golan for the Gold
Charlotte Golan Richie is the only woman candidate in a 12-person race for mayor of Boston. If she's elected, she’ll be the city’s first woman mayor and first black mayor. Now that’s a win-win-win.

Let’s play a word association game. When you say “human,” the first word that pops in my head is “rights.” If I say “Republican,” I bet the first thing you think isn’t “pro-choice.” But PSYCH, I didn’t tell you we’re playing in 1980! YOU GOT SERVED. Perhaps you’d like to be served a second course: this MSNBC segment on how the GOP flipped its reproductive rights platform on its head in the last 30 years.

Nunn-ber One
Get thee to Senate–Michelle Nunn is running for a seat in Georgia! Opponents have been quick to point out that Nunn’s father was also a Senator, but considering the woman is the CEO of an international non-profit, something tells me she isn’t riding anybody’s habit-tails.

King of Queens
I jammed out to Janelle Monae’s “Q.U.E.E.N.” for days trying to make Kate Middleton birth a lady-heir, but to no avail. She still had a boy. What can you do. With this new baby joining the ranks of male heirs, we’re in for decades on decades of man-archies.

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Weekly Brief: July 17, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

First is the Best
Best. News. Ever. Maryland Delegate Heather Mizeur is officially running for Governor! If (when) elected, Mizeur would be Maryland’s first woman governor, and, oh yeah, the first openly gay person elected Governor in the COUNTRY. Casual.

Dilated to 10 Caliber
Are you pregnant? If you said yes, then make sure to check for guns in your uterus at your next ultrasound, because a real live human person recently said that “if babies had guns, they wouldn’t be aborted.” Read the rest of the stupidest things actual adults have said about reproductive rights lately, and try not to laugh-barf.

V is for Vroom-gina
The weather lately has been so nice; I can’t wait to take my vagina for a ride on the highway! Oh, what’s that? Vaginas aren’t the same as motorcycles? Then how do you explain the North Carolina state legislature trying to tack anti-choice amendments into a bill about motorcycle safety? Oh yeah, YOU CAN’T.#motorcyclevagina

Molto Buono
New Jersey has never sent a woman to the U.S. Senate. They’ve only ever had one woman governor. They’ve never had a Democratic woman run for governor. So we can all agree that it’s probably for the best that Barbara Buono stays out of this one, right? It’s like, really not that important for her to represent strong women in politics and stand up for New Jersey women. It matters way more that we keep up the Boys’ Club status quo and ignore how qualified this woman is.

Know Your Place, Ladies
Cable news coverage of the 20 week abortion ban has been okay but there are way too many women’s health experts providing commentary. 5 whole commentators out of 88 were experts on women’s health? Slow your roll, feminazis. Daddy’s working. Don’t interrupt the men while they’re busy ripping your rights to shreds, okay sweetheart?

This Is Not Okay
We like to joke here, but these issues are serious. This is what happens when abortion is completely banned: an 11-year-old girl in Chile became pregnant when her stepfather raped her, and now she’s being forced to carry the pregnancy to term. Her own government says she’s been very “mature” about it. SHE’S ELEVEN.

Terrible Plan
Plan B has been in the news recently, but it’s another plan we need to be hearing about. Some women in Texas who can’t afford abortion care have been getting miscarriage-inducing black market drugs at open-air flea markets on the Mexican border. Worse, the people who are selling the pills have absolutely no idea how they work. Good thing legislators are hard at work making it even more difficult to get quality care! Go team!

There Are No Stupid Questions
An article in the National Journal asks whether women make better Senators than men. I’ll save you the read; the answer is yes.

When a teenager invokes the great American motto –“YOLO”– they’re usually about to do some sick parkour or sneak out of the house after nine p.m. When Michelle Obama is associated with the term, it’s because she got an Instagram account and posted pictures of herself and Barack in their twenties. The press is looooving this and calling Barry’s second term the First Lady’s “YOLO moment.” Maybe it’s just a “YOFLOTUST” moment – You Only FLOTUS Twice.

Take Me Out to the Gov Game
Ever wonder how the L.A. Dodgers got their name? Maybe it’s paying homage to their history of dodging women in city government. Check out Sandra Fluke and Lindsay Bubar’s piece on how out of control it is that there are exactly zero women in city government in L.A.

Labor of Love
Do you ever just love a story so much it almost makes living through constant anti-woman oppression feel better? This one does the trick: the New York State Chapter of the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) endorsed Christine Quinn for Mayor of New York!

What a Nit-Twitter
When I need to know the latest on feminist news, I go straight to the source: Fox News correspondent Erick Erickson. He always knows exactly what to say! Take his recent tweet leading “liberals” to a site that sells coat hangers for example. After the Texas Senate passed an omnibus abortion ban, Erickson basically suggested that all those “kid killers” fighting for their rights should invest in wire hangers while they’re still cheap.

Safe Space Oddity
Janet Napolitano stepping down as Homeland Security Secretary is one small step for less women in the Cabinet, but one giant leap for women heading the University of California system – she’ll be the first.

Dean of Primary Affairs
Watch your BYAHHH-ck, Hillary; Howard Dean says your potential rise to the Presidency might not be so simple. The screaming banshee of the Democratic Party thinks Hillary Clinton should expect an opponent in the primaries. Why? Not because that’s the democratic process, but because she’s kinda old. Anyone else over this whole "old" thing yet?

Lieutenant, Colonel, and Major Progress
Breaking news: issues of personal safety from abuse and assault aren’t a partisan thing! Who knew? I mean, Kirsten Gillibrand knew when she proposed her overhaul of the military sexual assault adjudication process, but who else knew?! Gillibrand’s proposal is now getting support from across the aisle, as Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul sign on to the idea that maybe there should be some justice for the people who protect our country.

Plan of Attack
National security expert Juliette Kayyem is exploring a run for Massachusetts Governor, so here’s a tip to her potential opponents: never underestimate someone who earns a living keeping enemies off her turf.

Sometimes you wanna run where everybody knows your name. The democratic Senate primary in Hawai’i is already hotly contested, but your friendly neighborhood U.S. Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa is the constituent queen. She’s like that girl who was ridiculously popular in school because she shared her Lisa Frank notebook paper with everyone. Except, you know, exchange “notebook paper” with “legislation that matters to you.”

More Like Lisa DADigan
Bummer alert - another woman’s political ascension held down by The Man. Just, uh, by “The Man” I mean “Her Dad.” Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan won’t seek a gubernatorial bid while her father is still Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives. PS: Madigan’s choice not to run leaves this race all-male. Womp.

Citizen Kane
Dear everyone who thinks that women have trouble winning elections, meet PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane. Girl outperformed every single man on her ticket last fall, and she’s not planning to stop kicking butt or taking names any time soon. In fact, now that she’s said she won’t defend the state’s gay-marriage ban in federal court, you can go ahead and assume she’s fantastically unstoppable.

The Flood Gates are CLOSED, Folks
Any menstruating activists headed to the Texas Capitol last Friday should have remembered to leave their uteruses at home where we could all be safe from them. Tampons and sanitary napkins (and probably even regular napkins because who even knows anymore) were all confiscated by security guards at the Capitol. Guns though? Oh, yeah, no, guns were totally fine. Why wouldn’t they be?

And Millions to Go Before I Sleep
The new question of the century has just arrived: Where were you when Wendy Davis, professional superstar, raised almost $1 million in two weeks? We, along with thousands of other men and women across the country, were right there with her. But we didn’t touch her back brace. Please don’t Point-of-Order us.

No Sexists Need Apply
Clearly Ireland’s parliament needs more seats for women, because, uh, right now male members of Parliament are offering their laps as available seating. A male legislator pulled his female colleague onto his lap during –not even kidding here– an abortion debate. The benefit to this really freakin’ egregious display of sexism, though, is that from his lap, the female MP had a great angle to hit him where it hurts.

Not Great Poets, and They Don't Know It
Pretty cute that supporters of Mitch McConnell have been creating entire websites dedicated to attacking Senate candidate and KY Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, and yet their leading “attack” is that her name rhymes with “Not Ready for Prime Time.” Did they not notice that “Totally Ready for Prime Time” also rhymes? Because that’s a real softball right there.

Please Hold Your Mr. Mom Jokes
You know what’s fun? When you read a blog post about a man discovering how real gender discrimination is, and then realize later that what happened was probably illegal. Kim O’Grady couldn’t get a job for the life of him, until one day he was all, “Hey, what if I told people I’m a dude?” Lo and behold, job offers started smackin’ him right in his chiseled man-face. His discovery of very real sexism in the job market is heartwarming; the illegal sex-based discrimination that was almost definitely happening isn’t so uplifting.

He-Man Woman Haters State
The New Yorker wrote a satirical piece about a bill that would ban women from living in Texas and it’s more than a little scary how willing I am to believe Texas would totally go down that road.

LOL-i-Gag Rule
Knock-knock. Who’s there? Not a joke, because the passing of the 20-week abortion ban in the Texas Senate just, like… ugh, it sapped all the juice out of the joke machine, you guys. This is seriously dangerous for Texas women and families, and it’s exhausting to be constantly reminded how much anti-choice advocates don’t get it.

Annie Get Your Vote
In my completely unbiased opinion, pundit Stu Rothenberg is 1000% right that the Congressional race in Arizona’s 1st district is one to watch. Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick has had plenty of time to watch the district–she’s lived there her whole life and knows it better than anyone. Kirkpatrick is definitely the candidate to beat.

50% of the Population Won't Stand for 82% of Congress
Hey, remember men? Those people who run basically every major business and make up 82% of Congress? Of course you don’t, because they’ve been oppressed out of the picture. FOX writer Suzanne Venker explains in her new article how men are second-class citizens. Have we gone too far? Should I hang up my cape and gloves? Maybe when there are only 20 dudes in the U.S. Senate, but for now, I think they’re doin’ just fine.

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Weekly Brief: July 10, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

MsRep and Rick Perry Sittin' in a Tree
You know who’s dreamy? Rick Perry. He’s really been stealin’ my heart over here lately, first vilifying Wendy Davis and her supporters, and now essentially vetoing the Lilly Ledbetter Act. Ooh, I always get butterflies when men tell me what I want!

Rick & Twisted
Here’s a quick paraphrase of what Rick Perry thinks a compliment sounds like: ‘Since she’s done something with her life, Wendy Davis should be super happy she wasn’t aborted instead! I sure bet Wendy is proud of herself, and glad she’s alive. You never know which fetuses could turn out to be interesting people, so we’d better take away all reproductive choices JUST IN CASE.’ Thank God this guy isn’t running for re-election.

Washington Hits the Web
New York hipsters have “Girls,” serial daters have “How I Met Your Mother,” and now Hill staffers have a show about them, too! “Cap South” is a new webseries that takes the trials and tribulations of working in DC, and makes them, like, 500% zanier. Plus, the story revolves around the staff of a freshman Congresswoman! Yay for representing political women!

Home is Where the Protest Is
Pro-tip for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: “jobs” isn’t code for “assaults on reproductive freedom.” Whoever wrote your campaign speeches and said you’d focus on job creation should be fired. In the meantime, watch out for the angry constituents protesting outside your home–turns out people take it a mite personal when you spend all your time telling them what to do with their uteruses.

Winston-Salem Abortion Trials
North Carolina: birthplace of flight, home of Krispy Kreme, proud owner of terrible laws. The NC State Senate just snuck a tidy little package of anti-choice bills into a piece of legislation that wasn’t even about reproductive health. Unbreak my heart, NC. Say you respect women again.

It's a Tough Job, But Somebody's Gotta Avoid It
Well, we finally found one place where there’s gender parity in politics! Parents who were asked whether they’d want their child to pursue a career in politics were all “LOL NOPE, NO THANKS” whether they were asked about a hypothetical son or daughter. What happened to telling your kids they could be President one day? If we’re gonna get more women elected to office, we’ve gotta start 'em young, y’all.

"Surprise!" Said...No One
The New York Times must know I hate surprises, because their latest couldn’t be more obvious. It isn’t news to anyone who thinks about it that the three female Supreme Court Justices don’t only agree because they’re all ladies. There is no secret chemical in bra straps that links our brain waves. In fact, women are capable of being strong, independent thinkers AND STILL sharing opinions with other women. Shocker!

Mad-dow About You
Wendy Davis is just as eloquent and moving while sitting down as she is standing for 11 hours. Senator Davis visited the Rachel Maddow Show, in an explosion of pro-women perfection that I honestly am not sure whether I dreamed up.

The ZING of Onan
Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and satire is the greatest form of pointing out utter idiocy. To show that many anti-choice arguments are really just a thinly-veiled way of getting misogyny into the mainstream, a savvy blogger turned the tables. He (sarcastically) suggests that instead of attacking women and calling it “pro-choice politics,” we might just as well focus on how masturbation kills thousands of viable sperm every day. Doesn’t feel so good when the shoe is on the other foot, does it, dudes?

In VogueLiterally
Vogue is chock full of extravagance, but it can go simple too, like asking readers this simple question: Is Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard the next Democratic Party star? Yes, and even better, her stellar leadership goes way beyond just party politics. Shine on, Tulsi.

And Now For Something Completely Different
This whole “OMG Hillary is so old. She’s so super old and old, isn’t she? Old.” thing is, well, getting old. Some key advisers have pointed out that it’s kind of hard to be more of the same if you’re THE FIRST EVER FEMALE PRESIDENT.

Cheney Reaction
Who says women don’t make a difference in politics? Some people are saying that if Liz Cheney runs for Senate, it would, I kid you not, “bring about the destruction of the Republican Party of Wyoming.” See? Women totally impact government!

Zero Love
Andy Murray is the first British tennis player to win Wimbledon in 77 years! …That is, if you’re counting in dude years. In actual years that count women as people, it’s only been 36 since Virginia Wade won the women’s singles title. But don’t worry about it–what’s a little blatant misogyny between equals?

Flori-do's and Don'ts
There have been a lot of insults thrown around in this age of political smear campaigns. Somehow, though, nothing makes my skin crawl more than former Florida State Senator Al Lawson calling Congressional candidate Gwen Graham “a nice lady” when asked about her credentials. Is that really all he can say? And if so, can he please never ever say it again?

Chew on Somebody Your Own Size
This just in: there’s a difference between critiquing a female politician’s actual politics and making dog toys that look like her. Enjoy this fun article, discussing the way that misogyny in Australia is like the Hunger Games with only one tribute.

Face the Nation
In the past few weeks, reproductive rights have gotten a very public face in Wendy Davis. But one Opinion writer says the fight needs more–the faces of choice are our mothers’ faces, our sisters’ faces, our neighbors’ and teachers’ and doctors’ faces, and not talking about that might be keeping us from seeing just how critical this battle is.

Women From On High
With the appointment of Judge Mary Ellen Barbera to the Court of Appeals in the state, Maryland’s highest court will be–drum roll please–majority women! *kazoo noise*

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Weekly Brief: July 3, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Independent Women
It’s been a rough few weeks in American politics, but everyone deserves to be in a party mood for the summer holidays! Here’s a few excellent reasons we’re proud to be Americans this Independence Day.

Hut, Hut, PSYCH.
Tammy Duckworth is really sorry some dude twisted his ankle playing football for a military prep school, but don’t come in her house claiming that makes him a service-disabled veteran. Let me remind you that you’re talking to one of the most hardcore service-disabled veterans, um…ever. Check yourself before you actually wreck yourself, pal.

Turner the Beat Around
Ohio is totally setting a shining example for the rest of the country, and all its political leaders are on our A-list… LOL JK NOPE, Ohio needs some serious help. Thank goodness State Senator Nina Turner rolled up her sleeves and announced her candidacy for Ohio Secretary of State, and Connie Pillich is running for Treasurer.

Deception: The Wendy Davis Story
Hold the phone, Internet. Drop everything you’re doing. This is serious. Wendy Davis is good-looking, even though she had an awkward phase in her 20s. Obviously, this is a conspiracy and Davis has something to hide. Proceed with caution, and just to be safe, assume attractive female politicians’ opinions can be disregarded if they’ve ever dyed their hair.

Ladies (and Gentlemen) Who Lunch
Organizers who are really, really Ready for Hillary have been holding breakfast and lunch meetings to convince key backers to be Ready, too. Let’s just hope the PAC picked up the tab so supporters have more moolah to donate, know what I mean?

Claire-ly You're Mistaken
Senator Claire McCaskill has no time for your victim-blaming shenanigans. WSJ contributor Joe Taranto thought it would be a stellar idea to claim that legislative efforts to stem military sexual assault were akin to a “war on men.” McCaskill pretty much suggested that he shut up forever (though she was slightly more eloquent and nuanced than that).

This Is How We Do It
Is this seriously who we’re putting in charge of reproductive rights? Texas State Senator Bob Deuell saved everyone from a close call of the intimate kind when he explained that pregnancy only occurs during “accurate intercourse.” Looks like some of us might need a refresher course on the specific ins and outs here.

Grime Time Television
KY Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes has announced she’ll run against Senator Mitch McConnell in 2014. You guys know this one; it’s the seat we all desperately wanted a woman to run for... Well, thanks to Alison, consider that wish granted!

The Loan Ranger
Elizabeth Warren is mad as hell about student loan rates and she’s not gonna take this anymore! Pro-tip for any finance types looking to pass one over on her: Don’t.

Don't Call Her "Commander in Chic"
At the First Annual African First Ladies Summit, Michelle Obama and Laura Bush (the stars of the buddy cop movie of my dreams) highlighted the political side of First Lady-ship that often goes unnoticed. They also discussed how freakin’ annoying it is to deal with the media fashion police. Preach.

Rubi-Oh No
Remember that 20-week abortion ban that passed in the U.S. House? Have you even had five minutes to forget about it? Senator Marco Rubio sure hasn’t, and word on the street is he’ll sponsor the bill in Senate. It’ll probably still die on the floor, but now it’ll die in the arms of someone who might want to be president, and wouldn’t veto this if it came to his desk. Excuse me while I cry over that thought.

Mitts Full of Women
Life imitates art: the nation’s Congresswomen truly have a league of their own, and showed off their skills at the 5th annual Congressional Women’s Softball Game. …Unfortunately, they lost to the press corps, so maybe our lady reps should stick to their day jobs–and recruit more women for office!

If At First You Don't Succeed, Leave Women Alone
Texas Governor Rick Perry cares about women’s health a lot. So much, in fact, that he’s called a second special session of the state Senate just to wipe reproductive health off the map. Logic isn’t exactly winning out here (alliteration is), but it’s the thought that counts.

I Need a Drink
The best part of waking up is a man’s unfounded opinion in your cup, am I right, ladies? On Monday, Ohio Governor John Kasich served his constituents up a nice steaming cup of anti-choice budget cuts, with a heaping side of forced ultrasound amendments. Barf.

North Caro-liars
North Carolina is 100% on the ball when it comes to education and sexual health. Just ignore the fact that they’re rolling said ball off a cliff and into a pit where teachers are required to lie to children and tell them that abortion causes pre-term birth.

Thank You For Being a Fiend
Some Republicans who need to brush up on their own candidate history (cough John McCain cough) have decided to argue that Hillary is a terrible presidential candidate because she’s too brittle and ancient. Senator Mitch McConnell even called the current Democratic options a “rerun of The Golden Girls,” a show whose main characters were in their 50s, by the way. McConnell himself is 71, so we totally trust him when he says Hillary would be too old to run at 69. Crystal clear reasoning.

Everything's Bigger and Worse in Texas
Good thing the people legislating reproductive rights in Texas know SO MUCH about the topic. We really are exactly what they say: a mob-rule feminazi “pro-death” overhaul. Yeesh. Check out the top 10 most ridiculous things Texas Extremists said about abortion this year – you won’t (well, you kinda will) be disappointed.

All About the Benjamins
Cracking a glass ceiling is extremely difficult, but it’s even harder when you’re trying to cut through with a one dollar bill. What are you gonna do, give the glass ceiling a paper cut? Women’s low levels of political giving is getting our interests nowhere fast, so put your money where your loyalty is – and then mentor another woman on how to do the same. (PS, thanks for the WCF shout-out, Politico!)

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Weekly Brief: June 26, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Stand (And Stand, And Stand) With Wendy
Remember that summer blockbuster superhero movie you’ve been waiting for? Well it premiered last night, and it had one hell of a female lead. Wendy Davis’ filibuster made viewers laugh, cry, protest, feel a sudden urge to buy a lot of orange clothing… oh, yeah, and saved 37 abortion providers from closing and held up women’s rights in front of the entire nation. To keep standing with Wendy after she finally gets to sit down, make a difference here.

The Political Move Bold Women Are Trying!
This month’s issue of Cosmopolitan has something a little different. Between collecting scandalous confessions and 986 Things To Do In Your Bra, Cosmo editor-in-chief Joanna Coles is entering the political sphere and trying to educate readers on government goings-on.

Rebel Hell
Looks like some state legislatures have a plan B of their own. Despite the recent federal decision that women of all ages can access emergency contraception, these Rebels with a Terrible Cause want to create age restrictions at the state level. Crafty buggers.

Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Gendered Masses
Expecting immigrants to assimilate is dangerous enough on its own, but do we really have to make it harder for immigrant women to get ahead in their new country? Really? Senator Mazie Hirono says no, and I say YOU TELL EM MAZIE.

Rosie the Revolver
Finally some good news for women in the military–the Pentagon is beginning to open combat roles to female service members. In a few years’ time, “you shoot like a girl” will be the highest compliment ever.

A Girl Worth Spying For
The NSA scandal has been pretty divisive, but I think we can all agree we wish we’d been able to tap into this phone call: U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill says Hillary gave her a call after the endorsement heard ‘round the world last Tuesday.

No v. Wade
The case wasn’t strong enough before, but now it’s clear that Planned Parenthood is destroying America. First providing access to reproductive healthcare, and now regular healthcare? How depraved. What kind of organization thinks it can get away with helping women get condoms and health coverage?

Because "Women for Weiner" Sounds Awful
Behind every politician trying to make you forget he sexted, like, a couple people OR WHATEVER, GOSH, is a saving grace who knows how to get things done. In Anthony Weiner’s case, his wife, Huma Abedin, has been workin’ some magic to get key backers on a “Women for Anthony” committee and influence the NY mayoral race. We’ll be over here on Team Quinn if you need us, though.

Full of Fertilizer
Lest you think the Washington Post doesn’t know what women want to read, check out this article about how joyfully fertile our country’s female politicians are! Feel free to ignore the idea that maybe, just maybe, motherhood is a statement of reproductive choice for some women, because LOL THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE.

Truly Sick
We can all call in sick today, ladies; we’ve come down with a case of the latest gender-based epidemic. According to the World Health Organization, violence against women has broken the worst kind of glass ceiling and risen to epidemic status. PS: this is your hint that female legislators are super duper important and we need to vote in more of them to fight for us, okay? Okay.

Lies Over Laws
Planned Parenthood ain’t got time for none of this, Kansas. PP filed a lawsuit saying it’s unconstitutional to tell Kansas women seeking abortions that they’re about to become a merry mistress of Murderer’s Row. Kansas' law defining life as beginning at fertilization could, PP says, violate the First Amendment, which is totally one of the most important amendments.

A Woman's Place
Yeah, sure, infamous Twitter King Cory Booker is running in the New Jersey special election, but don’t forget Sheila Oliver. This dogged underdog would be the first African-American senator from NJ, and right now she’s the first African-American woman National Assembly Speaker in her state. Move over, Cory; this woman’s place just might be in the Senate.

Home Sweet House
If you want to play House, you’re going to need a woman to play Representative–right? US House Republicans have heard through the grapevine that they don’t seem to play nice with ladies–they even lost 5 House women in the last election cycle. Naturally, now they’re scampering to recruit female talent for 2014.

Rezoning Project
Excuse the Supreme Court if they’re a bit misty-eyed; revisiting old cases always makes them nostalgic. SCOTUS will be reconsidering the constitutionality of buffer zones outside abortion clinics, because they’re really not that busy right now and this is a great use of their time. SCOTUS has been harder to read than 4 pt. font this week, doing the right thing on DOMA and the wrong thing on the VRA, so we won't be putting any money on the buffer business.

UNder Control
Angelina Jolie: actress, mother, humanitarian, total game-changer. Jolie had a chat with the UN Security Council about sexual assault in war zones, and, you know, casually convinced them to adopt the broadest resolution regarding sexual assault in the council’s history. All in a day’s work, amirite Angie?

Crisis? What Crisis?
Sure am grateful that my tax dollars are funding “crisis pregnancy centers” and not actual reproductive healthcare! Watch this video where a crisis pregnancy center straight-up lies to a pregnant woman. But it's okay, it's because she cares.

Gif-Fords Tough
Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords might not have gotten Washington to take her stance on background checks to heart, but I think it’s pretty clear she isn’t one to give up. On anything. Like, literally anything. So she and her husband are going to specific states to tell lawmaker’s what’s what. You go, girl.

Rolled Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose
Grown adult Justice Samuel Alito reacted like a complete child when Ruth Bader Ginsburg didn’t make him the happiest camper he’s ever been.

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Weekly Brief: June 19, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

This Ultra-Sounds Terrible
Ughhhhhh, we’ve been over this, you guys! Mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds, bad. Reproductive rights, good. Which part is difficult? The part where men shouldn’t mandate what happens to women’s bodies, or the part where … wait, there isn’t even another part. It should just be clear by now.

That's Senator Soccer Mom to You
According to a new study, stereotypes about women in politics are different from stereotypes about women in general. It’s less “get back in the kitchen” and more “get back on the education subcommittee.”

Pinky and the Man Brain
Men are from Mars, women are from someplace with like, way inferior brains. Luckily, Maine House Minority Leader Ken Fredette has a man’s brain that can mansplain political economics to all us dumb-dumbs.

The Running of the Blues
In a speech that called for, among other things, more opportunities for women and girls, Hillary Clinton gave us the next hint in the round of Blue’s Clues she started on her new Twitter account. Will she run in 2016? Will she not? I think I see a clue!

What Big Nonsense You Have!
Today in “Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone,” Fox News correspondent Laura Ingraham is clutching her pearls in the unnecessary fear that Plan B access for all ages will empower pedophiles. At least she was half right: this is an empowering decision, but uh… yeah, not for rapists.

Commode, Come All
Now that women comprise a historic 20% of the U.S. Senate, ladies be gettin’ a swanky new loo. Of course, the line will probably magically extend for miles like every other women’s bathroom, but at least the new room will have a window!

Don't Mess With Mikulski
Here’s a fun tip for tech-savvy political ladies: when the world is watching, follow Senator Barbara Mikulski’s lead and just speak to the camera instead of tweeting your haters back.

Thanks, Franks!
In a brilliant display of Science™, Congressman from Arizona Trent Franks explained that allowing abortion access to survivors of rape and incest isn’t necessary, because rape rarely results in pregnancy anyway. This sure is a relief for the thousands of women who thought they became pregnant after rape, but now see that couldn’t be statistically possible based on Franks’ Data™.

Early Bird Gets the World
Senator Claire McCaskill has burst onto the 2016 stage, announcing that she’s Ready for Hillary’s potential presidential run. I smell Thelma-and-Louise-campaign-movie potential!

Haines to the Chief
Because one historic appointment just wasn’t baller enough, Avril Haines went from being slated as a new legal adviser at the State Department to being chosen as the first woman CIA Deputy Director. Fittingly, the organization has changed its acronym to stand for “Commander in Avril” (okay, fine, no it hasn’t, but it should).

Quinn it to Win It
Christine Quinn is putting up her dukes and fighting back against combative opponents in her mayoral race. Sock it to ‘em!

Here Comes the Bride-bassador
In a totally justified attempt to keep her swearing in from becoming another Benghzai hearing, new U.S. Ambassador to Libya Deborah Jones likened the event to a wedding. Do you think the toaster I got her will ship to the embassy?

Progress is Overrated Anyway
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand proposed to take sexual assault out of the chain of command, aaaand… it was blocked. But don’t worry; Senate Dude Number 17 added a different proposal that does virtually nothing, so it’s all good.

Color Me Bipartisan
Coloring outside party lines stops being a problem when some other moron is drawing on the walls in Sharpie. Fellow Republicans are coming out in opposition to Congressman Trent Franks’ impressively idiotic comments about rape and pregnancy, because it’s not about conservatism; it’s about women’s health.

Putting the Men (and Pause) in Menopause
A bunch of male scientists have been arguing over (admittedly fascinating) evolutionary debates regarding the cause of menopause in human females. Either way, though, scientists agree male behavior patterns are to blame. The moral of the story here is that men are ruining our lives, and THEY CAN’T BE STOPPED RUN FOR THE MENOPAUSAL HILLS

Queen of the Hill
That little voice in your head telling you “you can do this, girl” just got a name – and that name is Hillary.

MSNB-She Should Run
The Melissa Harris-Perry show had a discussion, including rockstar panelist and NYC Public Advocate candidate Reshma Saujani, about how to urge more women to run for critical positions in government. We might have an idea or two about that…

We Are Never Ever Getting Tired of This
The Feminist Taylor Swift Twitter account is only a few days old, but it’s already more popular than making fun of Taylor Swift on Twitter. The infusion of feminist commentary in existing Swift lyrics makes for the perfect summer treat.

No Take-Backs
Even though everybody pinky-promised they wouldn’t dabble in that “war on women” business anymore, House Republicans passed a late-term abortion ban they know won’t pass in the Senate. Apparently, the sacred bond of the pinky-promise doesn’t hold against the wants of a vocal voter base.

There's Just Something in My Eye, Okay?
This video from the Rachel Maddow Show will have you feeling all the feels: from compassion for WI state Rep. Mandy Wright’s survivor story, to feeling like you need to vom when you hear about the anti-choice legislation being championed there, and just about everything in between.

Nirvana, Thy Name is Woman
The Dalai Lama isn’t dilly-dalai-ing one bit on getting a pro-woman platform out there. The leader has been saying for a few years now that he thinks (and maybe hopes?) his successor could be a woman. He miiiight be a smidge stereotypical about it, but either way it seems like reception to a Lady Lama would be positive.

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Weekly Brief: June 12, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Being possessed by the devil through evil yoga sounds pretty awful, but don’t worry; VA Lt. Gov. candidate E.W. Jackson has also compared Planned Parenthood to the KKK. Sooooo maybe he won’t be our go-to guy for advice on social policy. Or personal fitness.

Calculated Risk
Of the 24 total U.S. Senate committees, there's only 6 on which women comprise more than a quarter of all members. Given that women are 50% of our population, that’s pretty paltry, y’all. At least I think so, but we all know gentle lady-brains aren't so stellar at math, so you might want to double check with a man–rumor has it there's plenty on the Senate Finance Committee!

Quit Playin’ Games With My Health
Ladies of all ages are now able to get legal access to emergency contraception over the counter, ending the game of Red Rover the government had been playing with age restrictions. "Red Rover, Red Rover, send 17 and over!"

Ladies Is Politicians, Too
Go on and brush your shoulders off, MsRep readers; our gospel is spreading! HuffPo’s latest on why electing women is, you know, kind of a big deal is like very familiar music to our ears.

Rhetoric From the Black Lagoon
Just when you thought it was safe to walk the streets of the blogosphere again, the “war on women” rears its ugly, apparently immortal head. Dun dun dun!

Warren Peace
Elizabeth Warren’s consumer protection amendment passed unanimously among Senate Banking Committee members, because the social justice fairy came down and sprinkled glitter dust on all their heads… nah, I’m just kiddin'; it’s because Warren is smart and capable, and women in government are in it for the cause.

Got Catcalls?
The Everyday Sexism Project compiles stories from contributors around the globe who have dealt with misogyny, and it turns out that nobody likes being told to smile by a creepy stranger!

A Woman’s Worth
In case you’ve been living under a rock—which, cool, no judgment—it’s probably not a real shocker to hear that women don’t take credit for their work in group projects. Time to pull up those bootstraps everybody loves chattin’ about and prove Beyonce right.

10/10, Would Recommend
NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is winning all kinds of ally brownie points this week for introducing a 10-point Women’s Equality Act including …wait for it… federal abortion rights. Looks like Cuomo understands that girls just want to have funding for their reproductive health.

Minne-So Not Gonna Happen
Michele Bachmann is hinting that her political career may not end with the US House. Her approval rating is singing another tune, though, and it ain’t “Happy Days.” Bachmann might not be saying no to another office, but 34% favorability is saying it for her. Maybe supporting women’s rights and trying again later would work…?

Happy Anni-birth-ary!
This past Friday was the 48th anniversary of Griswold v. Connecticut, the Supreme Court decision that permitted married couples to use birth control. Estelle Griswold got her political activism on and made some real change that affects both our bodies and our politics to this day. Unfortunately, she’s been tragically overshadowed by the bumbling Griswolds of National Lampoon Vacation fame.

Workforce of Nature
You’d think maybe the working dudes of the world would throw us a bone or two in 50 years’ time, but nope! White women still make 77 cents to every white man’s dollar (it’s even less for women of color). Maybe that extra 33 cents is a tax on Adam’s rib or something? Anyway, if you want to do something about the wage gap, Marie Claire wants to help.

Sister, Sister
Unpacking the way Western feminism has been treating the bodies of women of color can lead to some not-so-fun realizations. Or, looking a smidge more toward the bright side, it can be an opportunity for solidarity and sisterhood. The enemy here is patriarchy, not booty-shaking or burqas.

Woodward and Upward
The Air Force has named Maj. Gen. Margaret H. Woodward head of their Sexual Assault Prevention Program. You know, it’s actually not that surprising that it took so long for them to think of hiring a woman. After all, the Air Force’s job is literally to be over everyone’s heads.

Oh(io) No They Didn’t
The Ohio State Senate passed a budget that defunds family planning and gives the money to “crisis pregnancy centers” instead, because that’s really helpful. In totally unrelated news (hint: it’s not unrelated at all) only 8 of Ohio’s 33 state senators are women, but that probably has no impact on the reproductive rights decisions in that state.

Boy Oh Boysko
More like House of Dele-GET IT GIRL. Jennifer Boysko killed it in the primary for the Virginia House of Delegates, winning by more than fifty percentage points over Herb Kemp.

Digging for Treasurer
3-term State Legislator, lawyer, and Woman Veteran of the Year in 2011 Connie Pillich is running for Ohio Treasurer. Considering she’d only be the fourth woman treasurer in Ohio history, and the first since 2007, we’ve definitely got our fingers crossed on this one.

Driving Us Wild
WCF is pumped to announce our endorsement of PA’s Lehigh County Commissioner candidate Susan Ellis Wild. As the only woman candidate for this seat in a state that, uh, isn’t exactly known for gender parity in its politics, Wild deserves some serious props. And votes, too. Votes help.

Freakin’ Love What You’re Reading?
Of course you do. If you’ve read this far, we’re guessing it’s not ‘cause you hate it. So how ‘bout throwing some donations our way? MsRep stays employed—and you still get your weekly dose of essench women-in-politics updates. Everybody wins.

Weekly Brief:
June 5
, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Foxy Lady
Erick Erickson and Lou Dobbs went on Fox commentator Megyn Kelly’s show to tell her all the reasons why working mothers are the source of every problem in life, but didn’t really expect her to come back at them with, like, facts and logic and stuff. They ended up with an interview that probably isn’t going in their highlight reel.

Here She Is, Rep. America
Miss America 2003 Erika Harris is running for a seat in the US House of Representatives, but her anti-choice, abstinence-only education platform won't win her any points from MsRep in the talent portion.

¡Que Bueno!
Let’s hear it for Latina women for giving this year’s Forbes “Most Powerful Women” list a super strong Hispanic presence. Dale!

Boys Will Be...Rapists?
During an emergency meeting to put a stop to the perpetual-sexual-assaulting problem the military has, Senator-guy from Georgia blamed those childish rape shenanigans on “young folks” having lots of “hormones created by nature,” which apparently turn boys into unaccountable wind-up rape machines that women will just have to watch out for.

Super X-citing
One of the first ever all-women superhero teams has kicked off in the first issue of the new X-men. Now if we could only reboot Congress...

You’re Making Me Mad, Men
Swiffer’s new ad campaign has none other than feminist icon Rosie the Riveter as their new mop-wielding mascot, because ladies—We can do it! And by “it,” I mean housework. Because who else is gonna? Men!? Don’t be silly, they’re too busy making sexist ads. Also, they’ve publically apologized for it, because duh.

Best Wishes
We’d like to send our best wishes to New York Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. The 16-year veteran of Congress is no stranger to hard-fought battles and has called it a “treatable form of cancer,” so we’re definitely hoping for the best.

This may come as a shock to you, but a male elected official has said something 0% true and 100% offensive about women. So good going, working mothers: you’ve officially upset the governor of Mississippi.

Got That Power
Longtime Obama adviser and head of the White House’s human rights office Samantha Power will be named U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, while Susan Rice will be appointed National Security Adviser. The appointed positions are lady-rific this week, and we’re diggin’ it.

Aww, Yee!
Current California treasurer Bill Lockyer has announced he will retire, poising Betty Yee to become the next State Controller!

The Nation Thanks You
Who’s the woman in DC fighting on your behalf on a daily basis? Check out this awesome profile on U.S. Senator Patty Murray—healthcare, domestic violence, and reproductive rights advocate extraordinaire—who probably doesn’t get nearly as much cred as she deserves.

Annapolis A Day
Different male candidates are being pretty wishy-washy about their plans to run for governor of Maryland, but the one who’s been in it to win it from the beginning is State Delegate Heather Mizeur. As the sole woman in the race and LGBT advocate/person/badass, MsRep is rooting for her pretty hard.

Name the Pantsuit. Change the Pantsuit.
No one knows better than Secretary of Bucking the System Hillary Clinton that discussing a female candidate’s appearance is hurtful to her career. At the CFDAs this week, Hill-dawg pitched a lil niche project she calls “Project Pantsuit,” and… uh… I would totally watch. Would you watch? I’d watch.

Freakin’ Love What You’re Reading?
Of course you do. If you’ve read this far, we’re guessing it’s not ‘cause you hate it. So how ‘bout throwing some donations our way? MsRep stays employed—and you still get your weekly dose of essench women-in-politics updates. Everybody wins.

Weekly Brief: May 29, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

A Few Good Women
New cases of sexual assault in the military shouldn’t be a weekly thing (or an “ever” thing), so a group of Congresswomen are cracking down on the ridiculousness and pressing the Defense Department to, hey, maybe put a stop to the never-ending number of sex crimes.

Go Focus Yourself
Oh, sweet! More expert analysis on women as observed by men. Billionaire Bro and Know-Everything-Person Paul Tudor Jones says the trading industry will continue to be dominated by men because when women have children, it’s a focus “killer…as soon as that baby’s lips touch that girl’s bosom.” It’s true. Studies show that 90% of lady-focus is stored in the bosom glands.

Look At Me Now
Somehow, in the face of Paul Tudor Jones’ irrefutable science-facts, studies now show that nearly 40% of mothers are the sole or primary breadwinners for their family. So, they can raise children WHILE making money. But will they have enough focus to spare to tell Jones he’s a moron?

Scout’s Dishonor
The Boy Scouts have finally decided OK FINE they’ll include gay kids or whatever…but not gay Scout Leaders, because that’s apparently crossing the line. Y’know, I bet if girls were in charge, their troops would have less bigotry. And better cookies. They could even call themselves the “Girl Scouts.”

Ain’t No Senator’s Son
Would you have guessed that one of the City Council members in Providence, Rhode Island is a hotel housekeeper? Check out Carmen Castillo’s story and take a look at the documentary that needs your support to become a real thing, and then let’s all imagine a world where more women and low-income workers are elected to office.

Equality in the Workplace, Eh?
In an effort to up the number of women on corporate boards, Ontario is about to try the “comply or explain” approach used in the EU and UK. While it’s a bit soon to be too excited, there’s still props to be had for trying anything at all, as opposed to the previous method of having absolutely no quotas for women and no requirement for explanation (oh, Canada).

Senator Dude Doesn’t Understand Women, Anything
Brace yourself for this shocker, but anti-choice lawmakers clearly know nothing about women. Also, the sky is blue.

Wouldn’t Read That With A 10 Foot Pole
Instead of making the world not a worse place, author Nick Ross has written a book that claims “rape isn’t always rape” and we need to “take account of provocation…factors” because “we have come to acknowledge it is foolish to leave laptops on the back seat of the car.” Because when laptops get stolen, the law puts some of the blame on the owner? Note to idiot misogyonists: When sympathizing with rapists, make sure your offensive metaphors make sense.

Fearce Work Ethic
Here’s some inspiration that should last you the rest of the week: 17-year-old Chelesa Fearce graduated Valedictorian last Thursday with a 4.46 GPA and enough advanced courses to start college as a Junior. Oh and one more thing—she achieved all this while homeless.

Who Needs A Time Machine?
When we have Virginia.

FYI For New York Post
A sexist play-on-words does not good political commentary make.

Rumor has it (actually, her Press person has it) that Hillary Clinton is starting up a Twitter account! So if you wanna get updates on all things great and amazing, go ahead and follow @HillaryClinton (and @WCFonline while you’re at it)!

Freakin’ Love What You’re Reading?
Of course you do. If you’ve read this far, we’re guessing it’s not ‘cause you hate it. So how ‘bout throwing some donations our way? MsRep stays employed—and you still get your weekly dose of essench women-in-politics updates. Everybody wins.

Weekly Brief:
May 22
, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

That Gloom Isn’t Just Smog
Sad times in Los Angeles today, guys. The second largest city in the country could have had Wendy Greuel as its first woman mayor, but alas, a dude shall be running things instead (IF I HAD A NICKEL). It’s not looking good for City Council candidate Ana Cubas’ race, either, which means there might be NO women on the LA Council come July 1st (I would be makin’ it rain with nickels).

One Weiner Too Many
Former Congressman Anthony Weiner just announced his bid for Mayor of New York City, so he’ll be running against Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Let’s see what you got, Anthony! But not literally, though. Since we’ve already seen a little too much of what you’ve got.

Hide Your Kids. Hide Your Wife.
‘Cause they takin’ away EVERY woman’s rights up in here. Not only has Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-08) tried restricting women’s options in Washington DC (which, last time MsRep checked, is NOT Arizona), he’s now trying to expand the reach of the legislation to the whole country. Go big or go home, I guess? But mostly, just go home, Trent.

Lucky Number 13
Judge Ann Callis resigned from the bench last Friday, freeing her up to run to represent Illinois’ 13th Congressional District (a pretty big deal, since it’s a swing district that’s currently being held by a man). Motion sustained!

Snowe Baller
Former Senator Olympia Snowe’s new book, Fighting for Common Ground: How We Can Fix the Stalemate in Congress, hit the shelves last week, and trust us, you need it in your life. As does Congress.

Forecast: Cloudy with A Chance of Sexism
Some bloggers were being Bitter Bettys when President Obama asked a marine to hold his umbrella at an outdoors news conference. And why were they bitter? Because the Marine Corps Code, you see, only allows women in uniform to hold umbrellas since they're so "effeminate." Yep, because being soggy is so manly.

It Takes A Pillich
Some sweet stuff is going down in Ohio! MsRep fave State Senator Nina Turner could be running for Secretary of State (you may remember her for her amazing appearance at Parties of Your Choice DC). Also, State Rep. Connie Pillich will be running for Treasurer—meaning we could have an Air Force veteran, lawyer, 3-term state legislator, business owner, and mother Treasurer-ing Ohio in 2014.

Put Me In, Coach!
After Tim Pernetti was forced to resign abruptly and pretty disgracefully, Rutgers University was in need of a new Athletic Director that was less down with verbally and physically abusing the school’s athletes. That’s when Julie Hermann—who’s been involved in college athletics as a player, coach, or administrator for more than 30 years—came along and was like “Chill, guys. I got this.”

Y’all, have you heard about Virginia’s new GOP nominee for Lt. Gov., E.W. Jackson? The guy says things like Planned Parenthood is more lethal than the KKK, and is 100% serious. This race needs to up the number of women and dial down the crazy.

Big Insurance Sucks, Big Surprise
Congrats to Western & Southern Insurance Group, who was finally able to force Anna Louise, a nonprofit home for struggling women, to sell their property! Of course, the women of Cincinnati who are trying to escape abusive relationships will just have to find someone else who cares, but pat yourselves on the back, guys! Or just pay someone else to do it since you clearly have no shame.

I Bet They Hate Puppies, Too
Check out this breakdown of the Susan B. Anthony List. The organization describes themselves as “pro-women” (LOL), yet pours tons o’ money into candidates who “not only oppose abortion even in cases of rape and incest but also have disturbing records on everything from [pay equity and reproductive health] to LGBT rights.” Yay for every kind of discrimination!

Paint By Gender
Take a look at everything you’ve wanted to know about the women of the 113th Congress in all of their watercolor-infographic glory!

Freakin’ Love What You’re Reading?
Of course you do. If you’ve read this far, we’re guessing it’s not ‘cause you hate it. So how ‘bout throwing some donations our way? MsRep stays employed—and you still get your weekly dose of essench women-in-politics updates. Everybody wins.

Weekly Brief:
May 15
, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

Don’t Mind Me—I’m Just a Woman!
Women undervalue their work in comparison to male coworkers, according to a new study. Even when both sexes worked together on a project (and it was successful), women evaluated their work as less valuable than the men’s. The fact that they’re paid fairly and equally should boost their confidence, right?!...Oh wait.

The T Team
Congresswomen Tammy Duckworth and Tulsi Gabbard, the first-ever female combat veterans in Congress, have teamed up to address sexual assault in the military—arguing that independent investigators, instead of commanding officers, should be in charge of taking on sexual assault charges. I pity the fool that messes with our servicewomen.

Props to Chris
We want to applaud NYC Mayoral candidate Christine Quinn for bravely talking about her past struggle with eating disorders. Wouldn’t it be great to get more candidates like this in office who understand the unique challenges that women can face?

Work? Who Can Afford That These Days?
Here’s a confusing conundrum: mothers who earn lower wages literally can’t afford to work. Yup, for moms who earn less than $11 an hour, the cost of childcare would actually exceed their income—forcing them out of work and into the home while their partners act as the breadwinners. Hm, if I didn’t know any better, I woulda thought the workforce was trying to get women to stay in the kitchen.

PA is ranked 39th in America in terms of women legislators. The state has never had a female governor in its history and women make up only 17.8% of the state’s general assembly. But there is light at the end of the tunnel: Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz could be the first woman governor (Katie McGinty, former PA environmental protection secretary, is in the race as well!) and Valerie Arkoosh could take her place in the U.S. House (and former Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky is also rumored to be considering a run!).

No More Plan B.S.
U.S. District Judge Edward Korman (where has this awesome man been hiding?) is taking on the Department of Justice for the restrictions the agency is trying to impose on Plan B One-Step, or the “morning after” emergency contraception pill, despite the FDA’s announcement that the medication should be available to women and girls above age 12 without prescription. He called the DOJ’s attempt to restrict young women’s access “intellectual dishonesty” and said that it would “impose an impossible burden” on the young and poor. Layin’ down the law, Korman, we like it.

Baby, She Was Born To Run
New Jersey’s Middletown High School South held an annual workshop to encourage young women interested in running for office, successfully inspiring many of them to consider running one day! For now, let’s hope these young women help turn out voters on election day for gubernotorial candidate Barbara Buono (the first woman to serve as Chair of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, the first woman to be elected Majority Leader of the New Jersey State Senate, the author of the New Jersey Anti-Bullying Law...should I go on?)!

Repeat In Mirror: “You Are Qualified”
How many times do we have to say this? Women are just as qualified as men to run for office. Yet, women are less likely to consider running for office because they are 60% less likely to perceive themselves as “very qualified” as compared with men. If we’re not gonna tell ourselves this then can we at least tell each other? If you know a qualified woman, tell her to run by asking her to join the 150,000+ women already in the She Should Run movement!

A Mighty Heart
In addition to her humanitarian work that gives Mother Theresa a run for her money, juggling like 10 kids, and being one of the most successful and outspoken movie stars of our time, Angelina Jolie has announced that she underwent a preventative double mastectomy. No surprise here: She plans to provide support and be an advocate for other women who may have the same genetic mutation that put her at risk for breast and ovarian cancer.

Prince Eric Couldn’t Handle This
Scenario: A 16 year old girl leaves her family behind to try to win the affection of an older man by making painful alterations to her body with the help of fairly dubious octopus. Do you let you daughter idolize said girl? Well, lots of kids love The Little Mermaid, but this mother would rather have her kid look up to Susan B. Anthony and Jane Goodall instead.

Students Are People Too
Are you an in-debt student who wishes interest rates weren’t ripping through your life savings like Freddie Kruger in a federally-subsidized-loan nightmare? You’re in luck, because Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced her first stand-alone piece of legislation this week, which aims to cap the student loan interest rate at the same rate as big banks—proving yet again that she’s totally got your back.

As the “Ready For Hillary” PAC picks up steam, a bunch of Hill’s former aides are super skeptical, since the PAC is basically making big moves without their approval. On one hand it’s like, “Yeah former aides, I get you,” but on the other hand it’s like “Um chill out please, there’s enough love for Hillary for everyone here.”

Dakota Disappointment
We had high hopes, but it looks like former Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin won’t be running for the seat that will be vacated by Senator Tim Johnson. This leaves only a dude candidate in the race, and leaves MsRep saying UGHH.

50% of the Population, 18% of Congress
...28% of movies? You’re killin’ me, Hollywood.

Freakin’ Love What You’re Reading?
Of course you do. If you’ve read this far, we’re guessing it’s not ‘cause you hate it. So how ‘bout throwing some donations our way? MsRep stays employed—and you still get your weekly dose of essench women-in-politics updates. Everybody wins.

Weekly Brief:
May 8
, 2013
Brought to you by Women's Campaign Fund

This Is Not A Joke
Last night, South Carolina’s 1st District decided that they’d rather have a guy who uses taxpayer money to cheat on his wife and then leave his wife for his mistress and then trespass on aforementioned wife’s property (I can’t. I can’t even right now.) represent them in Congress rather than Elizabeth Colbert Busch (who has somehow managed to avoid doing any of those things). Elizabeth, you would have been amazing, and we’re proud to have stood with you every step of the way. Can’t wait for you to run again.

Girls Rule, Boys Are OK Too I Guess
The results are in: Venture capital firms that invest in women-led businesses outperform those that invest in male-led businesses. This seems like a pretty decent argument for breaking up the old boys club attitude that infamously dominates the business world.

NBC=Not a Boys Club!
Maria Shriver will join NBC as a women’s issues correspondent and will be the editor-at-large for all women’s issue-focused online content. She’s a serious journalism veteran and we’re pumped that a mainstream outlet like NBC will be looking at women’s issues a little more objectively (aka actually having a woman chime in on women’s issues).

A Buffett of Knowledge
Warren Buffett says American economy suffers when it doesn’t value half of its workforce (i.e., women). He’s also, like, one of the richest people in the world so I guess he knows a couple of things about value and business and stuff.

Out Of Bill’s Shadow
It’s about damn time, too. Is it possible that a biopic on Hillary Clinton will actually be about Hillary Clinton? Y’know like, the successful woman that she is/was, even (gasp!) before she married Bill.

Get Blitzed
#MA05 is about to get cray. With Congressman Markey expected to win a seat in the Senate, candidates are blitzing his soon-to-be open seat in the House. 2 of the 5 potential candidates for his seat are women (including State Sen. Katherine Clark, who is outraising everybody up in here!), so you can see why we’re stoked about this race.

Sweet '16
Having a woman president isn’t a pipe dream. 2016 is looking like it could be the year that America finally elects a woman president—and EMILY’s List and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand have launched campaigns to make sure that happens. Diggin’ this sooo hard.

Isn’t It Ironic?
That awkward moment when the man in charge of preventing sexual violence in the Air Force is accused of sexually assaulting a woman and you start to question humanity a little bit.

17-Year-Old Girl Wins Hack-a-thon, Is Smarter And Cooler Than Most People
17-year-old Jennie Lamere won the prestigious TVnext Hack Hack-a-thon by creating an app that would allow you to block tweets about your favorite TV show if you hadn’t seen it yet. Which is awesome and amazing and how do we buy it?

Happy Almost Mother’s Day!
Seriously, folks—Mom deserves all kinds of thanks on Mother’s Day. Why? Because being a mother is super tough, as indicated in this here picture. Check out our facebook to see the other reasons and make sure you give Mom some love next Sunday!


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Councilman Eric SCARcetti...GET IT?
May 2, 2013

When Name It. Change It. released groundbreaking research that revealed the importance of calling out sexism because of the severe damage it inflicts on a political campaign, we’re pretty sure they didn’t mean you should just make up false allegations willy-nilly. One need not grasp at sexist straws, if you will.

That’s what happened in Councilman Eric Garcetti's mayoral race against Wendy Greuel (who would be the first woman mayor of Los Angeles if elected...holla!), where groups are accusing an EMILY’s List mailer of being sexist because...there’s a woman on it? And she’s in a gown and that’s, uh, bad, or something.

No. Just no. Putting a glamorous-looking woman in an ad isn’t sexist. In fact, it’s arguable that labeling a mailer sexist just because there’s an image of woman on it is sexist in and of itself...but that’s some Inception-type craziness and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Wanna know what is sexist? How about this YouTube video that compares Wendy Greuel to the Wicked Witch, Cruella de Vil, and Leona Hemsley, all before even reaching the minute mark. Yes, of course—the YouTuber’s Photoshop skills are clearly a feat to behold (just look at that copy-and-paste job!), but this type of baseless attack that ridicules a candidate solely because of their gender is a primary reason for the depressing number of women in office.

Greuel said it best when she denounced the tasteless video, calling it “inappropriate and offensive...This is why so many women oftentimes take a deep breath before they decide to run for office." Think about that the next time you superimpose a woman’s face on an oversexualized villainess’ body (and maybe also take a moment to reflect on your choices).

Weekly Brief: May 1, 2013

A Night To Remember
Thank you so much for joining us at our 33rd Annual Parties of Your Choice Gala in NYC last week. We had a great time and it was all thanks to our amazing attendees, hosts, candidates, and supporters. Check out the pictures here, and maybe get a new profile pic out of it! #lookingood

What A Weenie
The only thing more offensive than New Hampshire State Rep. Peter Hansen referring to women as “vaginas” is his egregious misuse of punctuation.

Take A Hike, Buddy
Which of the following is true of Mark Sanford? A) Disappeared for a week when he was Governor B) Said he was “hiking the Appalachian Trail” C) Which ended up being gross code for “having sexy-time with my mistress” D) Is endorsed by Hustler mogul Larry Flynt E) Shows up unannounced on his ex-wife’s property F) Is somehow still in the running for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District G) ALL THE ABOVE AH WHYY
If you chose G), congratulations kinda—you are correct. At least the NRCC pulled their support from that hot mess and next Tuesday’s election will give Elizabeth Colbert Busch the chance to send this guy (back)packing.

Love It When You Call Me Big Mama
The Baltimore Sun was mulling over Maryland’s possible gubernatorial candidates, but oddly only gave mentions to the ones with man parts. What about, I dunno, Heather freakin’ Mizeur? She just came in second place in a gubernatorial straw poll, and...ew, did they seriously just call the governor’s seat the “big-daddy chair?” Filing this under “GROSS.” 

And This Too
In a perfect of example of what NOT do on Twitter as a politician, New Mexico GOP leader Steve Kush called a 19-year-old a “radical bitch” after she testified before the county commission to get legislators to raise the minimum wage. But fret not, it’s totally fine because he later tweeted “she was hot enough to almost make me register democrat.” Well, at least he’s a bipartisan pig.

An Irreplaceable Woman
Feminism lost one of its greatest champions over the weekend. Mary Thom passed away this weekend as a result of a motorcycle accident. Thom was a heavy hitter in the feminist movement. She founded Ms. Magazine and more recently served as editor-in-chief of the features department with our friends, the Women’s Media Center. She will be greatly, greatly missed.

The Next Big Thing
As Senator Kirsten Gillibrand builds up those presidential-worthy credentials, we couldn’t be more pumped to watch such a serious contender getting the credit her hard work deserves.

Real Life Barbie…Would Probably Die
Really, though. Barbie’s physical measurements are so warped that if she were a real life human, she would have to “crawl around on all fours.” Now there’s a beauty aspiration!

Size Matters
Check out this article that gives an interesting take on the feminist movement, using...jeans. Basically, men live in a world that’s literally tailored for them while women continuously to struggle to fit into it.

You’ve Come A Long Way, Lady
Remember when Meet the Press asked Geraldine Ferraro if “the Soviets might be tempted to try to take advantage of you simply because you are a woman?” While sexism is far from a thing of the past, studies are now showing that women candidates are perceived as stronger, honest, and more compassionate than their male counterparts. And, bonus: They can totally figure out how to press buttons...

Buttons Are Hard
A funny little men-in-office tidbit to end today’s brief: Check out the super anti-gay French politician who accidentally voted pro-gay. Le oops! 

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Weekly Brief:
April 17
, 2013

Our Best To Beantown

MsRep would like to acknowledge the tragic events that occurred in Boston on Monday. We’re deeply saddened by the senseless violence and send our sincerest condolences to everyone affected by the tragedy. In spite of all the awfulness, MsRep will do her best to deliver your weekly women-in-office updates, and maybe even make you laugh once or twice along the way.

To Have And To Hold Against You
It was rumored that Jenny Sanford, now ex-wife of affair-prone Mark Sanford (Congressional candidate SC-01), was gonna endorse Marky Mark’s opponent—Elizabeth Colbert Busch. Probably because he keeps showing up at her property and is totally that person at the party that no one wants there, but also probably because Elizabeth is the woman for the job. 

Insufficient Funds
A bank in Switzerland awesomely punked male ATM customers on Equal Pay Day by doling out only 80% of their requested cash withdrawals. Shoot, it’d sure suck to only make a percentage of your deserved earnings. We cannot imagine.

Keep Calm And Gala On
Y’all, the 33rd Annual Parties of Your Choice Gala is in five days. Why not dine with your favorite Congresswomen, grab a cocktail with a celebrity guest, and bid on these exclusive items at a world-famous auction house? 'Cause that sounds like a pretty sweet Monday to us.

“We’re Toast.”
That was literally the response when Republican leaders were asked what would happen if Hillary Clinton were to run for president in 2016. Yo, we’d be nervous to go up against her, too.

Holy Fundraising, Batman
Valerie Arkoosh, the Congressional candidate hoping to fill Allyson Schwartz’s seat (PA-13) in 2014, didn’t even get in the race ‘til March but has somehow raised an outrageous 218,000. As in dollars. That much in just a few weeks makes her one of the top fundraisers in the country! Adding an extra layer of awesome: She did all this with the support of only one PAC. Extra dollup of excellent: That PAC was none other than WCF's.

Dream Small
Even at elite schools like Philips Academy, girls don’t feel qualified enough to be leaders, and only four of them have ever served as school president. It’s almost like the “boys are better-fit for leadership positions” mentality affects kids at an early age. But it’s okay because children aren’t the future or anything.

Nightmare on Choiceless Street
Guess what happens when you take away every reproductive choice a woman has? Death-and-disease filled nightmare clinics. We’re looking at you, KansaMississiplahoma.

Fetus Guns, Because That’s Appropriate
According to Congressman Steve Stockman’s new campaign bumper sticker (TX-36), “babies wouldn’t be aborted if they had guns.” Is putting such wildly idiotic malarkey on your car a traffic violation of some kind? It should be.

Mee Moua, Tell ‘Em
“The political campaign machine is designed by men for men, using the male model. Then they mold women to fit their model,” said panelist Mee Moua whilst blowing everyone’s mind via profound amazingness. The “Politics And Sexism: Don’t Turn the Other Cheek” event was a packed house! Did you miss it? Not to worry, check it out here.

Taking A Breather
MsRep will be on a lil break next week to go to the Parties of Your Choice Gala (which still has a few tickets for sale...get 'em quick!). See ya in a few Wednesdays!

Freakin’ Love What You’re Reading?
Of course you do. If you’ve read this far, we’re guessing it’s not ‘cause you hate it. So how ‘bout throwing some donations our way? MsRep stays employed—and you still get your weekly dose of essench women-in-politics updates. Everybody wins.


Weekly Brief:
April 10
, 2013

It’s Gala Season!
The weather is heating up and y'know what that means? It’s almost time for the 33rd Annual Parties of Your Choice Gala in NYC. In addition to nearly a zillion Congresswomen who will be in attendence, there's gonna be a killer auction (for real, you gotta check this out). Did you get your tickets yet?

Sexism Sucks
But we can do something about it. Be sure to join She Should Run, Women’s Media Center, Name It. Change It., and Center for American Progress Action Fund on April 16th in DC for an essential discussion on how news coverage of a woman (and that’s women of every racial and ethnic background!) candidate’s appearance hurts her campaign—and more importantly, what we can do about it.

You’re Looking Very Qualified Today
News coverage of a female candidate’s appearance (good or bad) hurts that woman’s campaign, according to new research from our affiliated foundation. But here’s the groundbreaking/excellent news: When women explicitly confront the sexism in the media, voters on all sides of the aisle approve of her at a higher rate. The moral: Stick to her qualifications. No matter how good-looking you think she is.

Marco, Paul, Jeb, Chris, and Rand
That’s the list of possible GOP candidates for the 2016 presidential election according to a recent straw poll. Not a single woman? Seriously guys, if you’d just crack open your binder full of women, you’d find 4 Republican women governors you could choose from (I mean, Jan Brewer isn’t necessarily on the top of MsRep’s ballot, but still).

“75 Cents Instead Of A Dollar? Yes, Please!”
Said no one ever. Equal Pay Day—an entire day dedicated to drawing attention to the male-female wage gap—was yesterday. And let’s be real, it’s ridiculous that we still have to talk about this in 2013.

Plan B For Me!
Plan B is now over-the-counter. But not birth control-shaming women really shoulda been Plan A.

Dishonorable Discharge
Terri Proud, a former State Rep. from Arizona, was fired from her position as director of a female veterans’ conference after she said that female soldiers’ menstrual cycles could affect their ability to serve in combat. Did someone attend the Todd Akin School of Science?

Here’s the least infuriating news to come out of Ohio in a while: two female legislators have introduced a bill that would eliminate the statute of limitations on rape and sexual battery in the state. As it stands right now, the statute of limitations is 20 years in the state.

Kelly For The Win
Congresswoman-elect Robin Kelly pulled out a win in Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District last night! She's the first African American chief of staff to a constitutional officer in state history, she's replacing disgraced former Congressman Jesse Jackson, and she'll officially be bumping up the number of women in Congress. Basically, her district has a whole list of things to cheers to tonight.

Getting That MRS Degree
Who needs an actual Princeton education when you can just marry a Princeton-educated man? This is not a trick question. Susan Patton, a Princeton graduate herself, wrote an open letter to the university’s student paper urging other Princeton women to hurry up and find a man already: “the cornerstone of your future and happiness will be inextricably linked to the man you marry.” Gag. Vom. Blargh.

The Great Contenders
Gwen Graham and Sona Mehring in Florida’s 2nd Congressional District and Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District (respectively) will challenge the male incumbents in their districts in the 2014 election cycle. Boys, ye be warned.

Mind The Gap
Only 53 percent of qualified women consider politics a viable career path, compared to 66 percent of qualified men. This gap is crap.

Nothing Says Qualified Like Facial Hair
Dudes are SO empowered by the political process that they actually created a PAC—for bearded candidates. The founder was quoted saying that his inspiration for the PAC stemmed from the fact that: “We haven’t had a bearded major party candidate run for president since…1916.” It must just be so tough for those underrepresented bearded men. It’s like they make up 51% population and only 18% of Congress or something.

A Goodbye To The Original Iron Lady
RIP, Margaret Thatcher, Britain's only female prime minister. Here’s a slideshow of some of her most badass moments (and there were many).

Freakin’ Love What You’re Reading?
Of course you do. If you’ve read this far, we’re guessing it’s not ‘cause you hate it. So how ‘bout throwing some donations our way? MsRep stays employed—and you still get your weekly dose of essench women-in-politics updates. Everybody wins.


Weekly Brief:
April 3
, 2013

Don’t Cry For Sanford, South Carolina
It’s official! Elizabeth Colbert Busch has her opponent for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District: Mark Sanford, who won the GOP runoff last night. Just to be clear, when I say “runoff,” I’m referring to the runoff after finishing top 2 in the GOP primary. Not “runoff” like running off with Argentine women. Oh...too soon?

Listen All Y'all, It's A Sabotage!
Well, Ashley Judd is officially not running for Senate. What makes the whole thing worse is the reason behind it all: some good old-fashioned political sabotage. Le sigh.

I Can’t Take This, Kentucky
Ashley Judd might be out of the run for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, but it looks like Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes might step up to take her place. Everyone in KY is talking about Lundergan Grimes’ possible bid…except for her. C’mon, Grimes. We can’t take anymore heartbreak.

¡Ella Debe Ser Elegida!
Yeah, MsRep spoke Italian a few weeks ago and now she speaks Spanish. Jealous? Anyway, Mayor Alicia Aguirre, the first Latina mayor of Redwood City, CA has credited Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE) with some of her career successes. The nonprofit organization works to empower Latinas to be leaders and advocates in their field, which is super essential since out of the 97 current Congresswomen, only nine are Latina. Qué lástima.

Camelot Goes East
Caroline Kennedy is being vetted to serve as the U.S. ambassador to Japan! The U.S. and the tiny-but-mighty island country are pretty serious allies, so this would be a huge deal. Congrats, Caroline!

Spring Has Truly Sprung
Forget Punxsutawney Phil. The true indication that a new season is upon us? All eyes are on Hillary Clinton's first paid public speaking event and what she's doing in Virginia.

That’s So Racist
Congressman Don Young (AK At-large) recently referred to Mexican migrant workers on his father’s farm as “wetbacks.” Yes, this happened. UGH. All we're saying is...if there were more women in office, there would be fewer goobers like this. It's just math.

I Wanna Be A Billionaire So Freakin’ Bad
Millions are for kids—Madge is officially a billionaire, y’all. The world’s fave material girl raked in $300 million in 2012 alone, making her the first female billionaire pop star ever.

As American As Appel Pie
What's more American than running for office? We have our fingers crossed that former State Senator Staci Appel will challenge Congressman Tom Latham in Iowa's 3rd Congressional District. She's thinking about it, but isn't completely sold yet.

You Gotta Fight For Your Right
To Gala! The Women’s Campaign Fund 33rd Annual Parties of Your Choice Gala is only 19 days away. Bought your tickets yet? Don’t be the last one.

Freakin’ Love What You’re Reading?
Of course you do. If you’ve read this far, we’re guessing it’s not ‘cause you hate it. So how ‘bout throwing some donations our way? MsRep stays employed—and you still get your weekly dose of essench women-in-politics updates. Everybody wins.


Weekly Brief:
March 27
, 2013

Slow Your Roll, Bros
Political consultant and professional not-so-smart person Jeremy Jensen thought it’d be nifty to call Nebraska state senator Danielle Conrad the “c-word” on Facebook (since no one checks that thing). What a shame that he got fired...what are we going to do without his insightful commentary?

What Glass Ceiling?
The Secret Service will have its first female director ever! Julia Pierson will take on the role as head of the guys in shades. What we should all take away from this is that Obama trusts a woman with his life, because duh.

No More Ms. Nice Lady
After North Dakota put on the table the most restrictive abortion laws in the entire freakin’ country last week, Republican state Rep. Kathy Hawken organized a “Stand Up for Women” rally, saying, “We have stepped over the line...You can’t make that decision for anyone else. You just can’t." But before you let that restore your faith in humanity and stuff, just remember that the governor signed the gross restrictions into law yesterday.

Simple Equation
Voters love Elizabeth Colbert Busch! But not-so-much with that Mark Sanford guy. Okay, okay, the race isn’t over yet, but Colbert Busch is up by TWO POINTS in South Carolina’s special election. Sanford has yet to secure the Republican nomination, but we’re hoping he does if the polls are any indication of this election's outcome.

Abercrombie & Schatz Are, Like, So Last Year
Please, please Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa—run for Senate…or Governor?! Polls show that Hanabusa could defeat U.S. Senator Brian Schatz AND Governor Neil Abercrombie, if she wanted to run for either of those spots. Hirono, Hanabusa, and Gabbard? Can’t even handle the awesomeness of this possibility.

Things Just Got Real
U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin will be at the U.S. Supreme Court hearing on the Defense of Marriage Act today. Good luck standing up to Tammy, anti-gay activists.

Small Number, Big Power
Let’s start with the less-than-great news: There are only 20 women in the Senate. But here’s the good stuff: Nine of those 20 women are the chairs for important Senate committees. Which works out perfectly since women Senators have the capability of collaborating across party lines to get little things like the Violence Against Women Act passed.

Have Some Sherry!
If you’re gonna ask anyone for advice, why not have it be from the first woman mayor of Covington, Ohio? The state ranks 38th in the country in terms of women’s representation, so she probably knows a thing or two about what it takes to make it in life.

The Real Stars Of The Lone Star State
Despite the rage-inducing fact that there are only 30 female members across the 150-seat House and 27-person Senate (ARGHH!), women lawmakers in Texas have been lauded as “trendsetters” and “champions of veterans.” We’ve been saying that for a while…

Putting the “Miss” in Mississippi
Jackson Mayoral candidate Regina Quinn and city council candidates June Hardwick and Fran Bridges hit up the Women For Progress meeting last Friday in Jackson, Mississippi. What did they discuss? Encouraging more women to run for office! Mississippi comes in a face-palming 43rd place in the women-in-office rankings, so the pep talk was much needed.

How Was This Not Yet A Thing??
Congresswoman Lois Capps introduced a bill to protect unmarried women from domestic violence. We’re going to try to ignore the fact that this was somehow not already a law and instead focus on Lois and how she never lets us down!

“Girls Just Wanna Not Run”
Well that’s definitely a phrase we’d like to put to rest. American University just published a report on the gender gap in political ambition among young men and women. The solution? Ask more women and girls to run for office. Yup, that easy. Get the deets on this stuff at Running Start’s website!

The Glitz, The Glamour, The Best Party Of The Year
And your time to get tickets is running out. Whatcha waiting for?  

Freakin’ Love What You’re Reading?
Of course you do. If you’ve read this far, we’re guessing it’s not ‘cause you hate it. So how ‘bout throwing some donations our way? MsRep stays employed—and you still get your weekly dose of essench women-in-politics updates. Everybody wins.


Weekly Brief:
March 20
, 2013

OMG, Omaha
Today in disgusting: Misogyny Incarnate Chris Jerram posed with a t-shirt depicting fellow Councilwoman (and Omaha mayoral race opponent) Jean Stothert on a stripper pole (breathe, guys...breathe), with the shirt reading “Suck My Private Sector.” Keep it classy, Jerram.

Stripping Away At My Soul
What is going on this week?? In addition to gross mayoral races in Nebraska—North Dakota and Arkansas legislators proposed the most ridic abortion restrictions this country has EVER seen. Is there something in the water out there? Get it fixed, ASAP.

Preaching To The Terrified Choir
Commenting on her Republican brethren's last election cycle, Laura Bush observed that “some GOP candidates ‘frightened’ women.” Um, yeah they did. But not so much in a “jeepers” way, but more in a “if you keep telling me that rape is no big deal, I’m not coming out of my room” way.

She Understands Just Fein(stein)
Chivalrous-as-hell Senator Ted Cruz was so kind as to break down something called a “Second Amendment (spelling?)” into easy-to-understand, lady-friendly terms for Senator Dianne Feinstein earlier this week. Jk, Feinstein wasn’t really in the mood to be patronized by some goober, so she was all, “Thank you for your lecture” but “I am not a sixth-grader.” Ouch.

Ready To Rumble, SC-01?
In one corner, we’ve got Charleston businesswoman and South Carolina energy field leader, Elizabeth Colbert-Busch. And in the other, disgraced former South Carolina Governor and extramarital affair extraordinaire, Mark Sanford! All eyes are on the May 7th general election, so get to those polls if you want someone legit representing your 1st Congressional District, guys.

A Greueling Race
The L.A. mayor race has dwindled down to just two candidates and Wendy Greuel is one of them. Right now she’s serving as City Controller and is basically qualified for the job in every way. I think you know what to do here, L.A.

Aw Yeah, Buono Yeah!
The New Jersey Education Association (NJ’s largest teacher’s union) has thrown its support behind Barbara Buono’s gubernatorial bid. Newark Mayor Cory Booker is also a fan, saying it's "going to be a horserace between these two candidates.” Snap!

H1-Boys Visa
So, turns out that the H1-B visa everyone’s been hyping up for immigration reform totally discriminates against women. The visa is for temporary, highly-skilled workers in high-tech fields. Guess where women don’t appear in huge numbers? The high-tech field. Guess who gets the most H1-B visas? Men. Booo.

No Woman, Lots of Cry
In the self-critique they published after CPAC, the GOP blames their ass-kicking in 2012 on several factors: voter turnout operations, messaging, other tactical failures, etc. Minor detail they forgot to mention: ANYTHING ABOUT WOMEN. Like, AT ALL.

Please, Tell Me More About What You’re Pretending To Do
It’s been an issue for years and years… and years, yet no one seems to be doing anything about sexual assault in the military. We’re fed up with it, you’re fed up with it, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is real fed up with it. Watch her lay into these U.S. Army Generals for their apathy about sexual assault in the military.

Not The Ladies’ Man
Congrats, Paul Ryan. You just might just be one of the most anti-woman politicians of all time. In addition to these comments and these comments, Homeboy has now proposed a budget that will destroy safety nets for low-income women and their children, wipe out millions of jobs currently held by women, and give big breaks to large companies competing with smaller, women-owned businesses. Didn't realize P90x worked out your women-hating muscles.

Rape Culture For The Win
Hm, how does that saying go?... "There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help women.” Is there a special place in hell for media outlets that sympathize with men who rape women and then just disregard the rape victims entirely? 

The Final Countdown
The 33rd Annual WCF Parties of Your Choice Gala is only 33 days away. Is this a sign? I think so. Get your tickets before they're all gone!

Freakin’ Love What You’re Reading?
Of course you do. If you’ve read this far, we’re guessing it’s not ‘cause you hate it. So how ‘bout throwing some donations our way? MsRep stays employed—and you still get your weekly dose of essench women-in-politics updates. Everybody wins.


Weekly Brief:
March 13
, 2013

Opposites Attract…
…Or at least collaborate. While some politicians on both sides of the aisle are busy talking over each other, filibustering for 13 hours, and just destroying the democratic process in general—Republican former Secretary of State Condi Rice and Democratic Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett are sitting around laughing at them, agreeing on issues, and being besties.

Don’t Put The Cart Before The Horse
Here’s a scary thought: If Hillary doesn’t run in 2016, is there another viable female candidate? We can’t place all our eggs in one basket…but it looks like if we want a female president, we need to start electing more female governors first. Uh, maybe we could start by electing Barbara Buono (NJ) this year, and Allyson Schwartz (PA), Lisa Madigan (IL), and a woman for each of the additional 34 gubernatorial elections next year?

Why Don't You Come On Over, Valerie?
Pennsylvanian doctor/health care activist/politician extraordinaire Valerie Arkoosh will run for Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz’s open Congressional seat. That is, when Schwartz leaves to win the PA governorship.

Half the Sky, All the Awesome
Half the Sky is now a Facebook game based on the bestselling book that calls out international gender oppression. Now you can look busy on the bus to avoid talking to anyone AND fight global gender oppression!

“Like” a Boss
Sheryl Sandberg’s highly anticipated book, Lean In, finally hit shelves this week. The book’s message is clear: women in the workplace need to be their own best advocate and greet success with open arms. She has a book, a nonprofit, and is COO of one of the largest and most powerful tech companies in the world—not to mention the mother of two. So I mean, I guess her advice is kinda legit. Read the book.

There’s A First Time For Everything…
…Like having a woman Senator from Kentucky—namely Ashley Judd. The key to making this happen? Women voters, of course. And calling out the sexist coverage of her in the media, which seems to be appearing on the reg.

Levin’s a Leavin’
U.S. Senator from Michigan Carl Levin won’t be seeking reelection in 2014, leaving a seat open in the state. Out with the old (as in dude incumbents, ok?), in with the women. Except some have to actually run first—can you help us out?

Is There A Third Option Here?
Two options: get your mammogram or put a roof over your kids’ heads. Yeah, not exactly easy decisions that women in Texas are being asked to make. The 24-hour waiting period on abortions is inhibiting women from making their own health decisions AND paying their bills (due to extra medical expenses and time taken off from work). Thank goodness for State Representative Jessica Farrar for introducing a bill to squash this nonsense.

Toto, We’re Not In The 21st Century Anymore
Sorry if you were all excited about the new Wizard of Oz prequel, Oz the Great and Powerful. Apparently it’s super sexist and backwards—some critics are calling it much less progressive than the original version. For reals? The version from nineteen-thirty-freakin-nine is MORE progressive than the new version? I can’t even…I just can’t.

“But Equality Can Also Be Equality In Misery”
Because that’s not a depressing quote. At the very bottom of the labor market, men and women earn basically the same wages—but, it turns out that during the recession, the wage gap between men and women has actually increased for higher paying jobs. “Equality in misery” isn’t exactly the women’s movement campaign slogan we were hoping for…

It’s On Like Donkey Kong
Elizabeth Colbert-Busch and Mark Sanford are neck-and-neck in campaign funds in South Carolina’s special Congressional election to replace Tim Scott. Does the Sanford-obsessed media know there are like 20 other people in this race? Or maybe that’s not juicy enough since she doesn’t lie to constituents

Quinn For The Win
It’s about time. New York City officially has the best candidate to become its first-EVER female mayor. Did we mention she’s a 13-year veteran of the NYC City Council? Nope, we can’t think of anyone better-suited, either. 

Wanna ticket? Get your ticket! Some of the Big Apple’s most generous philanthropists are letting YOU eat dinner with them (in their homes, with meals prepared by famous chefs). April 22, 2013. New York City. Parties of Your Choice Gala. Be there. 

Freakin’ Love What You’re Reading?
Of course you do. If you’ve read this far, we’re guessing it’s not ‘cause you hate it. So how ‘bout throwing some donations our way? MsRep stays employed—and you still get your weekly dose of essench women-in-politics updates. Everybody wins.


Weekly Brief:
March 6
, 2013

Snow Time To Waste

Through rain or snow, through sequester day or furlough, MsRep is bringing you everything you missed this week in the world of women and politics. Because there’s snow time like the present!

It’s A Tough Job, But A Woman’s Gotta Do It
Looking to extend his recent appointing-qualified-women streak, President Obama has named Gina McCarthy (aka Obama’s “green quarterback”) as the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency. He’s also named Sylvia Mathews Burwell to become Director of the Office Management and Budget. Now the real issue is deciding who’s gonna wake up the budget guys in Congress from the nap they’ve clearly been taking.

Battle for the ‘Burgh
The Pittsburgh Mayoral race is lookin’ pretty empty right now. Incumbent Luke Ravenstahl will not seek another term in office, leaving his seat open for someone else. *cough* A WOMAN PLEASE *cough* May 21st is the big deadline if you’re interested in running or know someone who would be. Remember, of the 1,248 mayors of the largest cities in the U.S., only 17.4% are women. That’s right, there’s something worse than our dismal 18% of Congress.

Big Apple Of Our Eye
Hey, NYC, what’s the deal with never having elected a woman mayor? Not to worry, though. With City Council Speaker Christine Quinn running such a strong race, this could be your big chance. Don’t blow it.

Big Shoes to Fill
It’s a fact: the women’s suffragists who marched for the right to vote 100 years ago were hella bold. But the 22 African-American founders of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority? Despite racism and sexism, these women came out to fight for their right to vote. That was seriously brave.

Fortune Cookies
Half the time they don’t even make sense, am I right? Instead, why not look for inspiration in human form with quotes from these amazing women in honor of National Women’s History Month.

Could These Air Quotes Be Any More Sarcastic?
Check out the most “interesting” votes on the Violence Against Women Act. But there’s really nothing interesting about voting against VAWA...we have another word for that: disgraceful.

Slow and Gross Wins the Race
There’s no quick fix for ending violence against women. But hey, there has been progress! Just really, really slow progress. More proof that we needs TONS more women in office, in case you were undergoing a proof-shortage.

In a press release in honor of Women’s History Month, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius urged more women to enter the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). But why, oh why, would we need more women in science when we have so many men in office who are clearly experts on female anatomy?

As if women didn’t have enough to deal with, a new study is showing that women’s life expectancies are shortening while men’s life expectancies are…remaining steady. Just perfect.

Leave It to the Bay Area
To be all forward-thinking and stuff. Ignite, a Cali-based non-profit that encourages young low-income women to engage in politics and their communities, hosted a workshop on Saturday to get young women to do just that.

Iowa legislators apparently proposed a bill that would make it more difficult for couples to get divorced. But wait until you hear why

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Weekly Brief:
February 27
, 2013

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year
Y’know how we’re always blabbing about how women only hold 18% of Congress and it's outrageous and unfair, and other silly things like that? Well, like every year, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. Without further ado, say hello to these insanely qualified women...

This Land Is Our Land, This Land Is Kurland
We couldn’t be more pumped to endorse Yetta Kurland—awesome attorney and LGBTQ rights activist—in her race for New York City Council.

Nadeau For Sho’!
D.C. may have an ugly political past, but we’re looking forward to Brianne Nadeau’s D.C. City Council bid in Ward 1 (Greater Ben’s Chili Bowl Area) to clean things up! Corruption and scandal are never a good look, guys.

Katz Outa the Bag!
We’re stoked to announce our endorsement for Melinda Katz, community leader extraordinaire, in her race for the Queens Borough Presidency.

IL-02’s #1
After Jesse Jackson had to disgracefully dip out of Congress (it's never a good sign when you have to write a memoir to “clear up your legacy”), Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District was pretty fed up with all the greedy-man-shenanigans and made sure former State Rep. Robin Kelly breezed through the special primary last night. General election, you ain’t ready for this.

Silly Lesbians, Rights Are For People
The LGBT community was less-than-thrilled with the version of VAWA that the House GOP released last Friday (could it have something to do with the Act completely stripping them of any protections?) and there were some bonus loopholes thrown in for Native American victims too, just for funsies. But it looks like all the backlash is moving the House to take up the Senate bill instead. Golly, how generous.

The minimum wage is a women’s issue. Why? According to research from Think Progress, two-thirds of minimum wage earners are women, 60 percent of families have a woman breadwinner, and more than 17 million women would benefit from a minimum wage increase.

Fancy More Women In Your Cabinet?
The Prime Minister’s cabinet across the pond is looking a lot like the Brobama cabinet. At least David Cameron is acknowledging the lack of women in his cabinet, though. Kinda weird to criticize the man-heavy cabinet when he appointed them, though, right?

I Thought We Were On The Same Team Here
What’s the deal, Park Geun-hye? South Korea’s first female president hasn’t hired many women to fill seats in her cabinet, even though her country has the highest income gap between genders in the developed world. Park Geun-hye, Obama, and David Cameron really need to sit down and have a little chat about this whole cabinet inequality thing.

10% Of Governors, 18% Of Congress, 51% Of The Population
See what Sam Bennett—President/CEO of She Should Run—has to say about this nonsense.

Run, Ashley, Run!
Ashley Judd is keeping us on our toes. Is she gonna run or what? Looks like we might be getting an answer soon

Women LEAD
But you already knew that. But I bet you didn’t know that “Women LEAD” is the name of a new DCCC campaign to get more women to run for office. But the best part is that Congresswomen Lois Frankel and Chellie Pingree will be heading the operation. Women politicians running a program for more women politicians? Maybe the House GOP should take a hint.

May The Schwartz Be With You
It’s official. Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz will run for Governor of Pennsylvania.  Which means we could have a grand total of at least...6 women governors. Yippee.

Ready For Hillary
But is she ready for us? It looks like she might not have much choice. The “Ready For Hillary” PAC is kicking into gear and some campaign heavy-hitters are starting to rally around her possible candidacy. So much for that “break”...admit it, Hill. You’d miss us too much!

Makers, Not Takers
Women are Makers in America. OK, so we didn’t coin that phrase, the PBS Documentary, MAKERS: Women Who Make America, did. Couldn’t catch it when it aired? No worries, watch it here!

Yahoo? More Like Yaboo!
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has apparently banned employees from working from home. The policy even applies to employees who were working at home one or two days a week to, y'know, care for their kids or whatever (which is annoyingly still overwhelmingly the woman’s responsibility). So much for that whole “gender-blind” thing, Marissa.

Freakin’ Love What You’re Reading?
Of course you do. If you’ve read this far, we’re guessing it’s not ‘cause you hate it. So how ‘bout throwing some donations our way? MsRep stays employed—and you still get your weekly dose of essench women-in-politics updates. Everybody wins.

Weekly Brief: February 20, 2013

I Got 99 Problems
With this map representing global paid maternity leave. AND THE U.S. IS ONE.

What Do Iran, Somalia, And The U.S. Have In Common?
Was your guess the refusal to ratify the 30-year-old United Nations Convention to Eliminate Discrimination Against Women? U-S-A! U-S-A!

Pro-Violence Against Women
That’s apparently a thing now. Let me know when you find an explanation for this absurd tomfoolery.

Oh Me Of Little Faith
We’re really trying to not give up all faith in the House, and thanks to Senator Gillibrand and Congresswoman Grace Meng, we might not have to. The two women are pushing for the safe passage of the Violence Against Women Act on the House side. May the odds be ever in their favor. 

Awesomeness, Thy Name is Elizabeth
Of course it’d take a woman (Elizabeth freakin’ Warren) to give bank regulators a very thorough—and very public—verbal spanking. When they say money can’t buy everything, I guess that includes “your dignity back.”

Two Can Play That Game
Ilyse Hogue is sick of playing defense on women’s reproductive rights. Her strategy for NARAL? Go on the offense: stop letting ultra-conservative dudes pass all these crazy anti-choice bills and push for more reproductive freedom legislation in states already open to it. Boom. See ya on the field, suckas.

She Ain’t Never Scared
Now that opponents of Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) have launched their first TV attack ad for the 2014 election, Carol is totally freaking out and running home LOL JK. She was actually like, “Bring it.”

Meanwhile, In Arizona...
Marc Victor thinks that planning a year in advance might help him take Kyrsten Sinema’s seat in Congress. Haha, that’s cute.

Thanks, Betty!
But we still have a lot of work to do. Classic second-wave manifesto The Feminine Mystique turned 50 on Tuesday. Friedan’s analysis of sexism and the women’s movement has been criticized as being too white- and hetero-centric but she later campaigned for inclusion of all marginalized groups. The women of the 113th Congress certainly took that advice and ran with it...Ha! Get it? Because they...ran. Like, for office.

Where Are The Ladies of L.A.?
Candidates for L.A. City Council are arguing over who is the most authentic Angelino—but it looks more like they should be wondering why there aren’t more women on the ticket, amiright?

Worth Reading
Check out Tammy Duckworth's interview where she recalls what it was like to run for Congress against that one scary guy. She also gives us insight on how one becomes a bonafide war hero.

And Then There Were Two
Toi Hutchinson has backed out of the race for a seat in Illinois' 2nd Congressional District and is now publicly endorsing Robin Kelly—who was already leading polls, but hey, an endorsement from another woman candidate never hurts! Plus, after so many other candidates stepped aside, the race is now Kelly vs. Debbie Halverson. This is the kind of lady-centric race we usually only dream of over here. 

What’s This U-ter-us You Speak Of?
Cleary, women can’t be trusted to understand their own bodies. Michigan legislators (dude ones, obviously) are supporting a mandatory ultrasound bill because women need to prove they are “mentally capable” two hours before getting an abortion. One legislator defended the proposal with this juicy nugget of sexist gold: "It requires that things get explained to them and in my opinion this is another situation where people aren't making a decision they won't be happy with down the road." Gee, thanks guy. I’m learning so much today.

15 Years And Counting
Just give up, Paul Coyne. Congresswoman Lois Capps in California’s 24th District won’t be capping her 15-year career in politics anytime soon if she has anything to say about it.

Utah, U-Slackin’!
Fewer than 1 in 5 legislators in Utah are women, which is the lowest number of women legislators in Utah since the 90's. Wait—aren't we supposed to be progressing—not regressing??

Senator Kay Leads the Way
North Carolina candidates can’t touch this.

Wait—Is It Too Late Redo College…
…At an all-women’s college? Apparently, graduates from women’s colleges have a stronger “sense of competence, more self-confidence, and more self-esteem, and [more women who pursue] nontraditional careers.” Nontraditional careers, you say? Would, I dunno, politics fit in that category? 

Everything’s Bigger In Texas
Including a 10,000 man rally to end domestic violence in Dallas, Texas. Whose big idea was this? Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings. Yup, a dude. Quote of the day: “In the past this has been viewed as a women’s issue, but it ain’t. It’s our problem.” Well, it’s about time, boys!

Can You Help Us Out?
Are you one of She Should Run’s nearly 200,000+ members (if not, uh, get on it)? ‘Cause we’d love for you to win a $50 Amazon gift card. All you gotta do is take five minutes to tell She Should Run a little bit about yourself.

April 22, 2013.
Have something to do that evening? CANCEL IT. The Women’s Campaign Fund’s 33rd Annual Parties of Your Choice Gala in New York City is happening. Be there or miss out on the year’s biggest opportunity to change the (manly) face of politics in the U.S. of A. 

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Weekly Brief:
February 13
, 2013

Word, Prez
Did you catch Obama giving all kinds of awesome shout outs to women (pay equity, Violence Against Women Act, and women in combat, to name a few) during the State of the Union last night? House Speaker John Boehner had a pretty good seat—we’re hoping he was listening during the VAWA part.

Marco Rubio Opposes VAWA
Approves agua.

Here We Go Again
We’ve seen the game of hot potato that’s been played with the VAWA this year and it’s NOT COOL. The Senate passed the Act on Tuesday night and passed it off to the House of Representatives—where as of late, bills have gone to die. But we have a good feeling about this one—fingers crossed!

Great Expectations
Think the U.S. isn’t “ready” for a female president? Well you probably don’t (since you read MsRep and have a brain). But there are people out there (25 percent of the U.S. population to be exact) who don’t think that there will be a female president in their lifetime. Guess who the huge majority of that 25 percent are? Ding, ding, ding! You got it: Men.

Not-So-Shattered Glass Ceiling
Looks like the California State Legislature’s ceiling is still very much intact; despite making up 50% of the state’s population, women only make up 26% of the state legislature right now. Don’t feel like your state has enough women running for office? Well, it’s almost Valentine’s Day—send a Valentine asking a woman in your community to run!

Illinois Knows What’s Up
Illinois’ 2nd Congressional District is about to head into a February 26th special election to replace former Congressman Jesse Jackson. So far Robin Kelly—the only African-American candidate—is rounding up quite a few supporters. Not only are we diggin’ the diversity, but one of her opponents will be former Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson. Great to see both women stepping up!

Show-Me Some Women
Missouri State Rep. Jason Smith will take over Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson’s seat in the state’s 8th Congressional District. Uhh, that awkward moment when your state is moving the needle in the wrong direction...

Credit Where Credit is Overdue
Okay, so we poke fun sometimes (we kid because we care!), but the GOP is definitely doing something right: there are more prominent minority lawmakers in the GOP than any other party. So why are they still doing so poorly among minority voters?

Trying To Break Up The New Girls Club
Seems like dudes are a little thrown off by New Hampshire’s all-women congressional delegation: two men have already vowed to challenge Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster’s seat in New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District. Hm, how about let’s not and say we didn’t?

Next Stop: PA Governor
Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz is seriously considering running for Governor of Pennsylvania. This is awesome news since the country is definitely jonesin’ for some women governors, but it’d be bittersweet since she’s currently the only woman in the entire Pennsylvania delegation.

“Are Women The Real Makers In America?”
We’ve been saying that for years, but it’s pretty sweet that PBS made a documentary highlighting super influential women in America. And it’s narrated by Meryl Streep, so basically it’s the best thing ever.

A Piece Of The Recovery Pie
…actually, it’s more of a morsel. Of the 5.3 million jobs that have been added to the economy since 2009, a measly 30 percent of them went to women. Um, we’re kind of hungry for equality and whatnot over here.

Take A Hint, Bro
Looks like Elizabeth Colbert Busch’s opponent in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District bowed out of the race…and then proceeded to endorse her. And now that sexism is pretty much off limits in her race (for now)—we’d say things are lookin' real good for Elizabeth!

BRB, Gotta Go to the White House
Not a big deal or anything, but Sam Bennett—the President of Women’s Campaign Fund—will be going to the President of the United States’ pad today to chat about getting more women appointed in office (check out the groundbreaking research for yourself!).

April 22nd. New York. Be There.
Brace yourself: Parties of Your Choice Gala is coming. This is the kinda thing where you’ll wanna get your tickets early.

Freakin’ Love What You’re Reading?
Of course you do. If you’ve read this far, we’re guessing it’s not ‘cause you hate it. So how ‘bout throwing some donations our way? MsRep stays employed—and you still get your weekly dose of essench women-in-politics updates. Everybody wins.


Weekly Brief:
February 6
, 2013

Extremely Quiet and Incredibly Irritating
The House GOP hasn’t exactly been a quiet bunch this year when it comes to all things woman. So it’s super frustrating that they’re just not saying anything now regarding their plans to pass or block the Violence Against Women Act. This would have been frustrating enough, but eight male Senators blocked the Bill on the Senate side on Monday night. Thanks a lot, Senate dudes!

I Don’t Volunteer As Tribute
The GOP is currently trying to “solve the party’s primary problem.” Well, if by “problem,” you mean your primaries are like the Hunger Games for Republican women, then yeah. I’d say you’ve got quite a problem.

It’s My Birthday And I’ll Sit Here If I Want To
Rosa Parks would’ve been 100-years-old this Monday. While she’s known for refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a segregated Montgomery bus, that wasn’t Parks’ only contribution to the Civil Rights Movement. She dedicated her entire life to fighting for equality for African Americans. We’re feelin’ pretty inspired over here!

All Men Are Created Equal
...And maybe women too? Washington state seems to think so! They’re taking the steps to use more gender-neutral language in their state laws...except for one official who said they don’t feel the need to “do gender neutrality.” Um, it’s not the Hustle.

Everybody Chill
Tammy Duckworth’s got this.

Pins And Earrings And Bracelets, Oh My!
New York Post just can’t quit! After posting a ridiculously sexist cover of an “enraged” Hillary Clinton, the newspaper printed a story on just how lucky Speaker of New York City Council Christine Quinn feels to be a woman in politics because…she gets to play dress up. Yep. Who cares about her position on issues? I want to hear about her earrings.

The Sun Never Sets On Hillary
Hillary used her last days as Secretary of State wisely, watching over Obama as he signed a Presidential Memorandum to expand gender equality across all U.S. agencies and programs. Also to commemorate her last days, the newest issue of Newsweek magazine featured Hillary beaming on its cover, declaring her “The Most Powerful Woman in American History.” Good luck filling Hillary’s shoes, Kerry! Now the big question: what will she do next?

From Beverly Hills To Capitol Hill
Arnold, Ronald, and Al aren’t the only ones that can switch from careers in Hollywood to careers on the Hill. More and more women celebrities are becoming heavy hitters in politics (or at least contemplating it—cough, Ashley Judd). Eva Longoria, Roseanne Barr, and Fran Drescher have expressed interest in running (or actually did run) for office or participating in politics at some level. Stay tuned!

Annie (Don’t) Get Your Gun
Ya know who would ACTUALLY do something about gun control? Women. Two-thirds of women (compared to fewer than half of men) said they’d support a ban on semiautomatic weapons. In another poll, another third went so far as to say they’d ban handguns altogether. So why are the country’s gun-loving politicians controlling the conversation? Because we haven’t elected enough of these women!

Raising The Bar
Malala Yousafzai, a 15-year-old Pakistani women’s education advocate, released a video today while recovering from surgery in the UK, months after being shot by Taliban forces. Aside from her pretty amazing recovery, Malala announces in the video that she has started a foundation with Vital Voices to raise money to broaden education rights for girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I think this girl was born without a genetic code for fear.

Taking Center Stage
If the whole only-18%-of-Congress-is-made-up-of-women thing is more than you can really handle today, perhaps you can take solace in the fact that the scales of New York theatre have recently tipped in the right direction. Could this be because, as Pulitzer Prize winner Bruce Norris said, “Female directors...are less territorial...and tend to accommodate writers better than male directors do.” Women? Being more collaborative and historically better at resolving issues? Nahh.

The Brobama Cabinet Gets Diverse
Sally Jewell is set to be nominated to lead the Interior Department, which would make her the first woman in Obama's crop of second-term Cabinet nominees. Luckily, Sally’s the President/CEO of a $2 billion-a-year company and has also worked as an engineer for Mobil Oil—so dealing with a little testosterone ain’t no thang.

Bye Bye, Baby
Need paid leave to take care of your newborn? Well, TOO BAD! Compared to 16 other highly developed countries, the U.S. has the fewest benefits available to single parents. In fact, we’re the only country without any paid leave required by law. While the Family and Medical Leave Act (which turned 20 on Tuesday) has helped millions of Americans by guaranteeing unpaid leave for new parents, it needs a serious update. As the policy stands, it doesn’t apply to part-time workers or those who can’t afford to take unpaid leave.

How To Get Rich
Florida could have its first woman governor ever in 2014 if they elect former State Senator Nan Rich. That's a get-Rich-quick scheme we can get behind.

Freakin’ Love What You’re Reading?
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Weekly Brief:
January 30, 2013

“When I Splurge, It’s On a Ravens T-Shirt.”
No, that’s not a quote from a super thrifty Baltimore fan. That was U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski referring to the “No Budget, No Pay” bill that would withhold Senators’ salaries if a debt ceiling deal isn’t reached. Believe it or not, there are many Senators and Congresspersons who are not millionaires, Mikulski and many female members of Congress being the majority of them. So the wage gap exists in Congress too, huh? Wonder why.

Yo Mama Wears Combat Boots
No, really though. Women can now serve in combat positions in the U.S. military. The decision breaks down one of the last barriers in the military’s strict gender hierarchy. Onward march!

Budget Plan?? Well, I Never.
It’s been so long since Congress passed a Budget Plan that we lost hope that it’d ever happen again. But that’s all about to change because the chairwoman of the Budget Committee (Senator Patty Murray) GETS THINGS DONE AND WHEN SHE SAYS THE SENATE WILL PASS A BUDGET, THE SENATE WILL PASS A BUDGET (emphasis my own). Jeez, can’t we always have more women like Senator Murray in Congress? Oh, wait…we can if we elect them.

Close, But No Cigar
The GOP was close with their attempt at an image revamp. Grassroots fundraising? Roger that. Minority inclusion? On it.  Hm, missing anything? YES, acknowledging that the GOP men need to stop saying weird, creepy (and completely unscientific) things about women’s bodies and get more women on board with representing their party. Or just keep it up and let the Democrats win 58 percent of the female vote again. Solid strategy.

Yup, I’d Say She’s Qualified
When we thought Obama had all but forgotten women when making appointments, he chose Mary Jo White to head the Securities and Exchange Commission. ‘Bout time! White was the U.S. Attorney who prosecuted the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the U.S. embassies in Africa and was also the director of the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. Geez, is that all, Mary Jo? I mean, is that your resume or the Next Great American Novel?

A Force To Be Reckoned With
More and more companies are starting to recognize women’s economic spending power. Yes, despite all our setbacks, women make over 80 percent of global purchasing decisions and tend to invest more of their money in things like education and health care. Hm, investing in the well-being of their communities sounds like something female politicians would do.

Get the Heck Out
Great news in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District: Erin Bilbray-Kohn has publically confirmed that she’s interested in running against sophomore Congressman Joe Heck!

No, No, the Other Middleton
She may not be royalty, but State Senator ain’t too shabby either. Karen Middleton, President of Emerge America (a group that encourages more women to run for elected office—fist bump!), has announced that she’s eyeing the seat to represent Colorado’s 6th Congressional District. Practicing what you preach, Karen Middleton. Diggin’ it.

Back in Black
Missouri State Representative Linda Black has announced that she ‘s running for Missouri’s 8th Congressional District (currently held by Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson, who will be resigning this year)—making her the only woman in the race. At least there’s ONE woman in the running—that’s more than we can say for some other races. Ahem.

Georgia On My Mind
Out with the old, in with the new. U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss for Georgia announced that he will not be running for re-election in 2014, leaving an open seat for a new (hopefully female!) candidate. Hm, maybe someone should ask a female community leader to run…where my Georgians at?

We’re Gonna Need Your Uterus For Evidence, Ma’am
Ever sat down and tried to think of new ways to criminalize victims of rape and incest? Bet you didn’t think of this one. A bill has been introduced in the New Mexico House of Representatives that would require pregnant rape survivors to carry their pregnancies to term so that the fetus can be used as evidence in trial. A for creativity; F for basic human decency.

Sorry, Philly
The passing of Philadelphia mayoral candidate Happy Fernandez was a huge loss for the Philadelphia community. She was the only female candidate in her race in 1999 and was a ridiculously qualified, super-achieving, all-around awesome woman (she was a teacher, mother, founder and director of the Parents Union for Public Schools, professor at Temple, City Councilmember, and president of Moore College of Art). Our deepest condolences go to Happy’s family and the Philadelphia community.

Hill Is His Hero
The BFF vibe was flowing pretty hard between Hillary Clinton and President Obama on Sunday night’s episode of 60 Minutes. The two may have started off as opponents in 2008 but it looks like they’ve made amends just in time for…Hillary 2016, perhaps? A girl can dream, right? President Obama was sure acting like he’d be her biggest cheerleader.

Quanto è Buono!
That means “How Great!” Yeah, we speak Italian now. It’s looking more and more like New Jersey State Senator Barbara Buono is going to be the Democratic frontrunner for the Governor of New Jersey! Buona fortuna, State Senator Buono! (“Good luck,” but of course).

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Weekly Brief:
January 23, 2013

Take That, Mayans!
MsRep is back, thanks in no small part to your generous support. Seriously, we owe y’all big time (as long as payment can come in the form of weekly political updates with a dash of irreverence). So much has happened since we last talked...the 2012 elections brought us a bunch of amazing new women in office (who are wasting no time getting to work). Several women have already announced plans to run in 2014 (and even more in 2013!). Are we excited? Hell yeah! Are we prepared for the hard work ahead? You bet. Are we asking ourselves rhetorical questions? APPARENTLY.

Well, anyway, just sit back, relax, and enjoy your first MsRep of 2013:

Diversity: An Old, Old Wooden Ship…
Until Tulsi, Mazie, Kyrsten, and Tammy showed us what diversity really means. Gabbard will be the first Hindu American in Congress, Hirono will be the first Japanese woman and the first Buddhist in the U.S. Senate, and Sinema will be the first person in Congress to identify with no religion, as well as the first openly bisexual member of Congress. Hmm, what else? Tammy Baldwin will be the first openly gay individual elected to the upper chamber. Oh, and white men will no longer be the majority in the House Democratic Caucus. Sorry, bros.

Chief of Dudes...I Mean Staff
Do you think Obama woke up one morning and decided, “Y’know what my inner circle needs more of? DUDES.” Yup—he’ll be appointing a man as the White House Chief of Staff, which, PS, has never been a woman.  Geez, if I had a nickel for every man Obama appoints...I’d probably still only make 3/4ths of the nickels my male counterpart does.

All Paychecks Are Not Created Equal
The President still gets props for his shout-out to pay equity during his Inaugural Address, though. I mean, geez, it’s almost like Congress needs to pass a Paycheck Fairness Act or something, am I right?

Sweet Fourteen
When some of us were 14, we were, perhaps, memorizing the words to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and trying to not let Pythagorean’s Theorem get in the way of our social life. When Emily Spangler was 14, she was creating a hugely successful Twitter account that connects more than 3,000 women—those who are already elected as well as those running as candidates. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has taken notice and Representative Stacey Newman has decided to team up with Spangler. Dang, just think of the things this girl’s gonna accomplish once she gets her driver’s license. Follow her @ProgressWomenUS!

But, Cheri, Do We Have To?
Or at least that’s how I imagine the response to Congresswoman Cheri Bustos’s bipartisan retreat idea playing out. It’s not every day that you get a politician willing to reach across the aisle—let alone a politician who SUGGESTS spending time with the “others.”  And imagine that, it’s a woman suggesting common sense bipartisanship on the Hill. Go figure.

Pop Quiz
South Carolina, who do you want representing you in Congress: the guy who lied to his staff and said he was “hiking the Appalachian trail,” (aka ignoring his civic duty and chillin’ with his mistress), the son of multi-millionaire media mogul, or Elizabeth Colbert-Busch (Stephen Colbert’s tough-as-nails sister)? Looks like bipartisan collaboration and fixing her District’s problems would be a walk in the park for this Iron Lady.

New York Kept Us On Our Toes
‘Til the very last moment! We appreciate the build-up, though. It keeps things spicy. Huge congrats to WCF-endorsed candidate Cecilia Tkaczyk who was finally declared the winner in the race for New York State Senate (oh, y’know, just like 3 months after the big deal). Cecilia beat out her opponent even after he took legal action to try to block paper ballots cast in her favor, which she challenged and won, on account of: she’s a total boss. Afterwards, her opponent didn’t even acknowledge her victory or congratulate her. Uh, rude?

You’ll Be Missed, Nancy
As Nancy Keenan steps down from eight strong years of serving as an exemplary President of NARAL Pro-Choice America, we welcome with open arms: Ilyse Hogue! Keenan said of the new leadership: “It’s time for a new leader to come in the person for the next 40 years of protecting reproductive choice.” True dat, ‘cause everyone knows it needs some serious protecting.

Don’t Leave Governor Hassan Lonely
Of 22 gubernatorial candidates across the country in the 2012 elections, New Hampshire’s Maggie Hassan was the only woman. Crikey. The bright side? With 36 gubernatorial seats up for grabs, 2014 could be a banner year for women governors. Speaking of which…

Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
There are women all across the country who are expressing interest in gubernatorial runs. Among them? Minnesota State Senator Julie Rosen (word on the street is that she is currently “pondering” the idea), Attorney General of Illinois Lisa Madigan, and Texas State Senator Wendy Davis. Makin’ progress here, people! Meanwhile, in Illinois...

Prairie State Full of Women
We’re pretty pumped to see hella women running in Illinois’ special election to succeed Congressman Jesse Jackson, who announced his resignation last November.

Paper Chasin’
FYI: New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has been raising money for her NYC mayoral bid like it’s her…job.

Where the Ladies At?
Apparently not in Seattle, where not one of the seven candidates for Mayor is a woman. Annoyed yet? Well, how ‘bout this statistic: Of the 1,248 mayors of the largest cities in the U.S., only 17.4% are women (c’mon, Philly...we know you can do it). Where’s that binder full of women when you need it?

The Omen
We’re talkin’ the good kind, not the scary-devil-child kind. Could the plethora of women candidates in the Illinois race be a sign of good things to come in the 2016 Presidential elections? Well, you may say that I’m a dreamer...BUT I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE.

Go, Roe. It’s Your Birthday!
Roe v. Wade turned 40 this week. How should we celebrate? How ‘bout we toast to the fact that making decisions about what’s best for you, your body, and your family is your constitutional right? 63% of America says “cheers!”

Moving Up the Ranks
Hawaii’s Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard sure doesn’t waste any time. The first Hindu American and American Samoan has been unanimously elected to serve as Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee. And the good news keeps on comin’: Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is set to serve another two years as chairwoman of the DNC. ‘Bout time someone did. Looks like the DNC is gonna be run by some competent, awesome, and diverse women. Maybe the GOP should take note...

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